January 27, 2023

Hey everyone, I hope all is well. This is Justin B Terry-Smith and I will have to go on Rosuvastatin AKA Crestor. My cholesterol is high and family genetics for me plays a big role. Through the years I’ve always had an issue with it since the age of 10. Well, now that I’m older it has gotten harder to get it down to a safe level. My doctor has prescribed on Rosuvastatin AKA Crestor in November of this year. My cholesterol levels have gone up and down throughout the years, but recently it’s been harder to get control over. I personally was a little uncomfortable to take new medication because one never knows how new medication will affect one’s body. I have only had one side effect and that was a little bit of dizziness but that was the only one. Here are some side effects that some of you may feel headache, muscle pain, abdominal, pain, weakness, nausea, dizziness, hypersensitivity reactions (including rash, pruritus, hives, and swelling), and. pancreatitis. I’ll be going to my doctor in a month to see if the on Rosuvastatin AKA Crestor has worked, please wish me luck. Here is more information on Rosuvastatin AKA Crestor.

Hey guys it’s justin from justin’s hiv journal and here we are today it’s ember 2019 i’ll be 40 this year so things that come along at the age of 40 well in my family it’s called high cholesterol and it’s unfortunately a genetic issue that we have and so now after going to my doctor my cholesterol has been kind of up and down up and down up and down and so i have

Tried to change my diet i’ve been a good boy by changing my dad as best as i possibly can i actually have a chart here for my doctor it’s kind of interesting it shows my cholesterol levels all the way from 2006 to 2009 2006 my ranges for cholesterol were one six one 21 fit i went from 151 to 126 which was good because i you know changed my diet and i was able to

Control it then in 2017 i went from 131 to 168 so i kind of kind of cheated a little bit on my diet but i was i kind of decided that okay now i need to kind of focus again so in 2008 i went from 143 – 145 i was pretty level pretty good and then 2009 happened when i turned 39 and uh you know about to be 40 so i my cholesterol went from 179 to 188 which is that high

It’s it’s ever been my doctor said okay we’re done so rosy fustat rose ooh the statin is a cholesterol medicine but a lot of you know it has crest door and i had to be put on it so my doctor has put me on and this is what it looks like it’s a really small till pink really small tiny pill so i take this pill every day i’m my life in another pill that i have to

Take every day so not a big issue for me just another pill but honestly let’s talk about pressed or so side effects are really really not that bad i mean as far as i concerned personally i can say that i’ve never suffered a lot of the consequences i mean a lot of the side effects because i don’t know my body is kind of saying that it’s gotten used to it and it’s

Perfectly fine i’ve been on press tour for now about couple weeks so it’s been good it’s been good i think the side effects really weakness and tire being tired like pain headache muscle pain abdominal pain as well nausea dizziness hypersensitivity reactions like hives swelling and pancreatitis as well so they gotta watch out for those side effects been taking my

Store i haven’t really had any of those i haven’t felt any of those except for maybe the dizziness part i just kind of feel a little bit but perfectly fried it went away and i have my next appointment next month with my doctor’s so we’ll see if this is actually working for me and hopefully my cholesterol 188 will go down and you know people say oh i don’t go on that

Medication blah blah blah blah you know that’s bad that’s not that’s bad i don’t think it’s bad at all in my family we haven’t really had heart attacks based on a high cholesterol kind of like it’s a genetic thing for us we just haven’t had it but yet i have hiv so on top of that taking cholesterol medicine but also some of the meds do heighten your cholesterol

Levels so it’s like oh you know i’m actually in a population that probably needs this more you know it brings down your cholesterol and triglycerides level so to me it’s it’s a good thing and i hope that it brings my cholesterol down so it’s just it is what it is and you know the hdl is the good cholesterol ldl is the bad cholesterol and my ldl looks pretty bad

So we’re gonna try to fix this and i hope that all of you are gonna be here with me to help me through this because i know it’s gonna be a little bit of a trial a little bit you know um a little bit of trial for me i i like eating what i like but you know i i know how to watch my diet and i have been actually pretty good with it since i became an hiv positive and

Since i hit my 30s and i’ll be 40 in on december 27th everyone i will be 40 years old so also look for some news for how i’m gonna celebrate my 40th so that’ll be coming up soon anyway um here it is another one was for statment rosuvastatin i think we’re just gonna clog crestor alright guys have a good one and thank you for joining me and um affair for an upcoming

Video cuz i have some still some news to share so i’ll talk to you guys soon hopefully

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Justin goes on Rosuvastatin AKA Crestor By Dr. Justin B. Terry-Smith