November 29, 2022

explanation of 3 commonly discussed issues in the kenneka Jenkins case.

Hello this is gray hues today i’ll be discussing the kanika jenkins case again this time will be about to appear make the thymus and the nefarious chip tooth okay i think there are reasonable explanations for all of them okay i the chip tooth is not a chip tooth that one i can prove vac factually the the thymus can easily be explained okay and the to appear mate i

Thought i would discuss some you know what i see and i think it’s you know interesting actually alright so if you look at the autopsy kaneko’s topiramate level is 3000 nanograms per milliliter all right and then if you read down here a description of topiramate that was also included in the autopsy it says to appear mate is an anticonvulsant drug with central nervous

System depressant effects the majority of epileptic patients taking 200 to 400 milligrams of topiramate daily so they take it every day had the average you know through serum to pyramid concentrations so meaning that in there basically in their blood the topiramate concentration between 2400 and 8000 nanograms per milliliter so if you look up here she had 3,000 so

She fits right inside that range you know a little bit above the low end of that range and if you look at that that this actually means that people who take it regularly daily so 200 to 400 milligrams of topiramate daily had an average concentration of topiramate in their blood of 2,400 to 8000 nanograms per milliliter so the amount that she had is consistent with

Somebody who takes it daily over time creating that concentration now i don’t know yeah by you know if she took it a one took it one time and hypothermia or whatever created a higher level but it appears that you would only get that level if you took it over time okay now if you look here it says topiramate may also be used as a treatment for migraines 25 to 100

Milligrams daily which is far less than what an epileptic patient would take of 200 to 400 so you can assume that if you only took 25 to 100 for migraines it would be far less than 2,400 to 8,000 nanograms per milliliter and let’s see and if you’re using it for weight loss it’s 23 to 92 milligrams daily is what you would take and that again is a lot smaller than

200 to 400 but you know i guess since if you took 200 it’s possibly higher and maybe if you took a hundred here you might possibly be at 2,400 you can still get a reading around that you know but hers was 3,000 so that sort of suggests that she took it regularly but that’s just the way i’m interpreting this it says you know again if you took 200 to 400 milligrams

Of topiramate daily your average blood you know serum concentration would be 2,400 to 8,000 nanograms per milliliter and she fits within that range okay now if you combine that with alcohol because she had a full dose in her system and it wasn’t early on i did the math and said 3,000 nanogram that’s point zero zero three milligrams and it seemed like that’s such a

Small amount but in reality her concentration is that of an epileptic patient she had three thousand and 2,400 is to eight thousand is what the concentration typically is now if you combine that with alcohol i would imagine you would get some of the sort of side effects of like almost like an overdose side effects and if you can look right here you see dizziness

Poor coordination those are things you all see in those her walk through on the surveillance okay now let’s see what dr. oz said about the same thing one one two let me show this video again of her stumbling through the hall i hope you’ve had a little too much alcohol 20112 does not do this to you that’s not what point one one two alcohol looks like if compared

Mate was mixed alcohol but changes it is compared mate without vomiting called see penis dizziness slow motor skills you lure visually can pass that life the thing is going to happen then most folks would never know they never suppose put them together so we also found it can be used off-label for weight loss there’s not a little very trend did she ever take weight

Loss it doesn’t seem like she would actually be trying to gain weight i was just looking at thinking about that for a second she weighs a hundred and fifty nine pounds in his five six and i think sort of like the average female at five six would weigh between you know maybe 125 and 145 okay i am i don’t know if 159 makes sense to say that if anything she’s trying

To gain weight alright but you know i guess it’s possible you don’t i mean alright so let’s talk about the famous all right i i see on the autopsy where it says the thymus is not identified all right well does that mean it’s missing i mean that’s what people seem to think is that somehow it was surgically removed while koneko was lying in the freezer okay do you

See any evidence of that at all when you look at her she looks to me when they found her that she was sort of in a burrowing mode you know almost in fetal position your hands kind of clutched underneath their chin and she was lying there and eventually she you know basically died of hypothermia okay but her face to me looks peaceful i know some people say oh she

Looks really angry but i just don’t see that at all okay and it’s not because of a bias i just don’t see that in her face when i look at it all right so the thymus is not identified but if you just look up on google as a matter of fact on here’s one endocrine website or web it says the thymus gland located behind your sternum and between your lungs is only active

Until puberty okay now puberty lasts between two and five years for some people maybe between so i think female sometimes between 10 or 11 12 to 16 years old something like that okay but you know it’s two to five years so you know puberty could be over for some by the age of thirteen or fourteen and then after after puberty the thymus starts to slowly shrink and

Become replaced by fat okay so in this case he probably just didn’t see it yeah covered by fat all right so it doesn’t mean it was gone or taken out it just means he wasn’t able to see it because after the puberty it starts to go away and you don’t see it anymore it’s actually an immune system when you’re younger it starts building up your immune system and then

Your body switches over to a different source of it at some point using your i think your lymph nodes at some point but i’m not a doctor so don’t quote me on any of this stuff okay i’m just saying i’m reading what it says on a respected website right here and it’s not something i just invented i actually know doctors i asked them that question and they said well in

The autopsy they said they couldn’t find the the thymus and then the doctor asked me well how old is she and i said 19 he goes oh well yeah because that only it after puberty it starts disintegrating and being covered with fat just kind of eventually sort of is absorbed into your system all right so that explains the thymus that’s an explanation now if you want to

Believe it was somehow removed as some sort of elaborate plot of organ harvesting feel free to do so but i think this has a much better explanation all right so let’s now move on to the chip tooth okay now i use poser pro a lot here’s a some creatures that i used for just goofing around making animations and so forth see he looks like a i don’t know some sort of

A cave troll and here’s a skeleton figure and so forth kind of a crazy-looking character right there but let’s you go back to the i’m not even sure how to get back to the others okay so here is the face we’re gonna use for this now i have this magnet set up here because i’m gonna shift over her lips and if you look at the image that people think they see a chipped

Tooth in her lips are actually shifted over to her left so and on screen to the right okay so if i’m gonna i’m gonna grab the magnet here that i’ve already set up just to do this and if you move it over about like this that’s about how kaneko’s lips are now if he just were to look at that straight on you’d say wow look at her left front tooth is chipped okay and

That’s exactly what people are saying so you rotated a little bit like this like the image and they see that and they see that little gap in there and they say her tooth is chipped when in reality her right front tooth is right there and her left front tooth is right here okay i mean i could even zoom in further let’s do this all right so this is her right front

Tooth and this is her left front tooth and we were just to move back that magnet that would be what it would normally look like okay then it would be pretty obvious you know straight down from the nose center of the lip and you can see it all right but instead her lips are like this they were moved over they were in that position when you know because she died on

Her side and the gravity of her mouth and lips sort of you know hung down there a little bit and that’s the you know the way that they were the way she was found okay and her nose was even a little bit over to my magnet pulls it over a little bit okay i think she was about about like this okay so again if you looked at that you might think okay here’s a center of

Her lip okay this must be the center and that’s the left front tooth and wow look at it’s chipped but in reality it’s not chipped okay it just isn’t and i’ve seen this over and over and over again and people use it almost as their their one factual piece of information that proves that this was a murder okay but in reality her tooth isn’t chipped her thymus isn’t

Missing and she did have a high concentration of topiramate in her system equivalent to someone who’s epileptic and who regularly takes either a 200 to 400 milligram tablet okay so i hope this helped explain some things to people and until next time i will talk to you later

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Kenneka Jenkins thymus, topiramate, chipped tooth By Gray Hughes Investigates