June 9, 2023

I’ve been taking klonopin (clonazepam) for several years now and wanted to give my two cents on it’s side effects and how it worked for me. Let me know what your experience has been like with it!

Hey what’s up guys i’m ari and today i wanted to talk about klonopin now if you’re like me and you struggle with anxiety you have probably taken or heard of klonopin before it also goes by the name of clonazepam so i’ve taken klonopin for several years now and i’ve had some pretty positive effects with the medication and i’ve had some not so positive effects as

Well so i wanted to talk a little bit about those and so let’s just get right into the video so right off the bat i think klonopin has done more positive for me than negative several years ago i was prescribed klonopin because i was dealing a lot with panic attacks and just general anxiety and social anxiety so they prescribed this medication as basically like a

Sedative to kind of calm me down and relax me i would take it in the middle of panic attack and it would calm me down almost immediately along with that i would take it any time i was having just an overly anxious day or if i was worried about an event or a project or something that was coming up and i was just having an overload of thoughts going through my head

I would take it it would calm me down another positive for klonopin is that it can help you sleep a lot better so if you’re one of those people who struggles going to bed at night and you have an overwhelming amount of thoughts and you just can’t fall asleep you struggle with insomnia this is a good medication to kind of relax you and help you go to bed at night

Because it makes you drowsy and the drowsiness aspect is what brings me to the first negative thing that i have to say about this medication which is that it makes you drowsy and sometimes you don’t want to be sleepy you just want to be able to relax a little bit and klonopin does that but at times it can make you a little bit drowsy depending on how much you take

And sometimes it’s not what you want so for me i basically switched around the medicine a dosage to take it just that night to help me sleep when i was struggling with that and as needed so if i was having something like a big event coming up that i was nervous about i know i’d take it before that or if i was just having a no really anxious day i would take my

Medicine so i was taking it as needed but i tried to take as little as possible especially if i was at work i didn’t want to become drowsy because i’m there to work so definitely be aware of how your body responds to the medication and see how drazi you can get and again for some people this is a good thing i would take it at night as sort of like a sleep aid and

Other times i would take it for anxiety so it depends on how you want to use it it has a multitude of purposes so think about that so the second negative thing that i have to say about this medication is the fact that it is addicting or it has a possibility to be addicting i know i didn’t get addicted to it and i didn’t have any negative withdrawal symptoms but

For some people that might be a thing or they might go through those negative withdrawal symptoms the reason that it could be addicting is because it gives you like this sense of calmness and for people with anxiety who all they really know is their thoughts running and the physical rush that their body is feeling all the time when they take this medication and

They feel like relaxed that can be an addicting thing that you might want to feel like more often and i know for me personally when i was in high school and taking this medication i would take it more than i really needed to sort of give myself like this numbing effect or to just calm down even when i was already calm so at that point it was like a little bit of

A gray area where i felt like i was abusing it but i didn’t really click that i might be addicted to it and luckily i didn’t have any negative withdrawal symptoms but that is something to consider if you’re someone who’s prone to addiction or overall just something that you might want to consider overall though i think my experience with klonopin has been pretty

Positive and i think it could help other people so if you’re somebody who struggles with anxiety or insomnia social anxiety the this is a medication that you might want to maybe talk to your psychiatrist about and consider taking i actually stopped taking the medication about a year ago because i didn’t really feel like i needed it anymore and then shortly after

I actually discovered cbd which has helped me out tremendously and if you haven’t done your research on that yet do it or try it out if you if you think it’s something that you might want to consider because it’s helped a lot of people with anxiety and i’m living proof of one of those people the reason i prefer cbd over klonopin is that it doesn’t make me drowsy

The way klonopin used to do i could take cbd and it would relax me without that drowsy effect and it’s basically marijuana without the high so it just calms you down doesn’t get you high you’re not sleepy it just relaxes you it also has more like positive benefits to it but you do your research on that i did a more elaborate video on it which i’ll leave a link to

Somewhere in this video or in the description so check that out if you’re interested anyways thanks for watching i really appreciate it if you have any questions about klonopin drop a comment or any comments about your experience with it i’d love to hear what you think hit the like button if you enjoyed this video and subscribe if you’re into a mental health or

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Klonopin (Clonazepam) Positive and Negative Side Effects By Ari – Invest Yourself