March 24, 2023

My experience with clonazepam, hope some of you out there can relate!

Hi guys um just making a quick video about klonopin and how it’s helped me with my anxiety and not only anxiety depression too i also take effexor for depression um so i’m going to get right into it so i started taking klonopin probably in february or march of 2013 so it’s been over two years now and i take one milligram it hasn’t changed since i started it and i

Was worried about that because people get a tolerance to it for me it’s weird i haven’t so i had seen no reason to get off of it and but i mean days that i haven’t had it are rough and i have my panic attacks come back but it keeps my panic attacks very well controlled um now as for side effects i feel like sometimes it makes me less filtered when i’m talking to

People and have less manners which is really bad um i just think it’s it’s the way that it like triggers the i don’t know the scientifical terms of it but not even a word scientifical um i just think that it kind of lowers your inhibitions almost like alcohol does but not to that level however that being said if i take too much i always know it as if i as in like

I take half a pill and if half a pill doesn’t feel like it’s working good enough for me that day i’ll take the full pill so i always like want to start out with half a pill because like i need to sometimes be professional and like not just say things that i’m not thinking now that might be a weird side effect but the positives consistently outweigh the negatives

For me i started on one milligram and then i told my doctor maybe i’ll just take half half of one two times a day because of the side effects i was having but i’ve just gone back to taking a half and then if i need another half now it is addictive you know it doesn’t get you high like i used to be on xanax and of course that’s heavily abused and my doctor didn’t

Want me to be on xanax anymore and recommend and klonopin because my panic attacks are so bad you know if i didn’t have it god knows what i would do and just like go into a shell or something so it’s really really good for anxiety and maybe it can make me a little bit um unmotivated at times like just lazy but and another thing i’ve noticed like it just gives you

A relaxing vibe and feeling in your muscles and which is another great benefit it’s almost like as if i didn’t have anxiety and you know like caffeine doesn’t affect me as much when i take it which is strange but you know i drink a lot of coffee which for anxiety you know it’s not a good thing but i’ve tried cutting out coffee before in the past didn’t work so um i

Usually drink a cup of coffee anyways just to wake me up but um either way my anxiety is going to be there um but i really enjoy taking this medication i feel like it’s helped me tremendously and i recommend anyone to take it that has horrible like debilitating anxiety point where you don’t want to leave your house because like everything just is like a blur and

I don’t know how to explain it when i’m having a panic attack but those of you that have know how it feels um now i’m not promoting the drug but i say if you need it like ask your doctor for it but you know if you’re just looking to abuse pills that’s going to be it’s one of the harder ones to get off of and when i’m ready to get off it i’m more than willing to

Hopefully that won’t be anytime soon but i know that it’s going to have to happen you know so um those are my thoughts and opinions on klonopin and if you have any questions for me or any comments anything at all leave me a comment down below and i’ll do my best to respond to you and i hope you all guys all have a great night or day where whatever it is wherever

You are and thank you for watching this video

Transcribed from video
Klonopin (clonazepam) Review By Dustin