February 8, 2023


All right man let’s talk about kodak black he back in jail again seeing this late last night in the morning um you know you know remember you save your little baby all right when you say all that you know wrestling wrestling in florida you know probably like the rest of the florida legend he had 31 oxycodone pills in the car all right this is the kodak’s

Lawyer brad for calling until cng quote never judge the case based on an arrest there are facts and circumstances that give rise to the defense specially in this case we negotiated by 75 000 we move forward with resolving the matter quickly since collab black has been booked on two charged possession of patrol substances without prescription and trafficking

Oxycodone right codex weekends out to unfortunate start the super gremlin was arrested after pops found a bunch of ice and caught on pills in his car law enforcement sources tell tmz kodak was traveling the dodge durango friday in fort lauderdale with what cost believe was an illegal window team there you go why are you already gone looking like that bro and

No jumper is the one that posted picture and looking like that after pulling over the rapper over cop said they smelled a strong order of marijuana i actually searched the car officers claimed they found 31 oxycodone peels uh seven for 74 four thousand dollars in cash 975 and uh cash during the search our associate codex licensing tax were also inspired kodak

Was then arrested and hauled off to broward county jail so you know remember he said that you know he don’t go until you become a target and on the ghetto boys reloaded podcast willie being scarface scarface said that he said a lot a lot of our issues are self-inflicted in the black community he said why are you riding around with that tent and you know it’s

Illegal while you riding around smoking and you know it’s illegal you giving them probable cause to pull you over your taxi legal you’re a rapper you got 75 000 in your pocket bruh and your tags are inspired how how you got seventy four thousand dollars your licensing tags was inspired how how houseway how how hard is it to go down there you know your

License renewing tags if you you know you know how why you got all that attention though you know it’s illegal people and i see people in court all the time i go to court oh 10 on the window you know is it legal come on and this is one of the reasons why you don’t stay close to home anyway you will become a target you become a target you become a target

And that’s what you don’t understand you become a target they start talking for little everything they gonna come back and get their time back out of kodak and if you find a way about this situation they’re gonna find a way here this time back out of him because he’s stupid you know cause he’s stupid because he’s stupid that’s all it is makes you want to

Take over the show so you know you’re riding with all that 10 on your car and all that type of stuff what you expecting you smell like weed from the car they’re gonna pull you over despite what y’all believe about marijuana and being you know legal in a lot of different states now i mean uh colorado california michigan a few other states legalizing it’s not

Legal everywhere a marijuana vape pen for vermont oil got britney brenner fighting for our life in russia don’t matter you know you can’t you might pose a smoking drive anyway that’s probably just as is that’s probably just as bad on your own on your license and all that as that’s a dui so why do we you know you can’t get high before you get in the car i

Need another smoking dry hell why are you like smoking driving my car you crazy come on and then they charge you with a pyramid even they charge you with a pyramid for that so you hit somebody just as bad as a b-w-i-d-y so let me at the end of the day self-inflicted dude you’re self-inflicted anyone targeting you target yourself with all the tent why you

Got the tin on the windows why why do you have a tent on the windows dog oh so they can’t see me man come on why are you smoking and driving why your license is fine why are your tags inspired you’re right on 75 that that ain’t the most you gonna see or hear all day it’s riding around 75 000 tags and license inspired let that sit let that sit on uh sit

On your mental for a minute come on just ignore it bruh nah evening that’s what it is ignorant that’s what it is eating it’s not eating this ignorant no figure crazy but as far as we’re seeing a lot of this self-afflicted man we want to uh you know you want to spring police brutality you know you want to screen police brutality you know we want to stream

That you want to screen that so i mean i said before we see the reasoning that is uh let me see the reason that uh this team come up for a week for the reason he was uh hold on you see the reason why i come out he was pulled up but uh but uh dummy these me bro dummy dummy dummy come on dummy dummy but it is what it is man we’ll see what happens maybe

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KODAK BLACK Arrested in Florida | Allegedly Had 31 Oxycodone Pills In Car!!! By Goodfella TV