November 29, 2022

Kodak Black was arrested Friday after he was allegedly in possession of dozens of oxycodone pills during a Florida traffic stop.

Oh big yackton got pulled over yes they got them 30. per no 30 oxycat 30 oxycatin beat the bands 50 bands a legal team cost metal like crush you see yeah gotta slow down bro he just got pardoned by trump just got out of jail you already know man these people is on you you know so when i say free yet man understand free yeah till it’s backwards but i also

Understand the actual have to free to change off of his mind first man yeah gotta remove himself from the lifestyle that he act is indulging him and the thing about it is man i get it i get it i get it my brothers when you get into this game especially when you get to the industry and you get your name and you got just some fame and you got you some clout paying

Y’all i already know what that’s about you speak about this the black culture conversations you know it’s hard to leave the streets it’s hard to leave your partners it’s hard to leave what you glorify and what you had been in and what you were born into understood you can’t just up and go don’t let these people tell you on youtube that you can’t just go this real

Homie is tied in is locked in you know what i’m saying is tied in like a knack you hear what i’m saying but our prayers be to thee to the that these young begin to open their eyes and begin to realize man it’s better to be alive and free man than just be on a living spree man live in the topic living the best life that you can live now man you ain’t gonna have

To gonna have to answer to this man you know um we can do the conspiracy thing and say he got to go through though number one though number two though number three you know i’m saying it to be free but this is the reality team they are locking up rappers rappers we are seeing this every single day we blog about this man a lot of bloggers ain’t blogging about this

Man just to tell you oh this dude got locked up oh that person got locked up you can go to the white people going to say that you can go news for that we’re coming over here to speak to you so real live black thanks black coach conversation youngsters they even choose they want to be rappers in the future i mean you got to realize man say um this thing of oils

Lacosta nostra man this has been completely infiltrated you know what i’m saying you got the hip-hop police man you got hip-hop feeds you got hip hop industry plants and people that’s picked up bro if you as a regular black individual and you got to realize boy you ain’t got that mind you ain’t got that mind you got this man you can go check out certain songs but

Yet where he’s speaking intelligence we is going to not as understanding like i know what’s going on i know i know completely what’s going on i’m not a fool this is what i get from here girl you know this got street scenes got common sense got bullshits got or a sense of history knowledge of self but at the end of the day we fall short man chasing this american

Dream you got to realize yeah oh god did this for you man uh the most high man yeah a lot whatever you pray too my brother because i know that you’re a spiritual individual young man young king paid in full king you heard me what i hope and pray is man then i only yet but other individuals realize the facts man yeah you get out bro people speak on you they end

Up dying then man you going in jack boy i’m not in none of that home but that’s y’all business my homie but at the end of the day man y’all zoes know y’all got to stick together this is a miracle like y’all got to figure it out as well man you know man salute to what y’all do and how y’all do what y’all doing how y’all move but yeah man you are raising up your

Love is homer to the point where you can really save and really maneuver some things and do it for your peoples you heard me so you gotta do it for yourself family you gotta do it for you gotta do it for what it is that you believe in homie when you get a chance to get out this time man you’re gonna have to go at least straight narrow or at least move a little

Bit smarter than different if you’re gonna take your pills okay man you got people man gonna get you can be at the studio at the house at the crib you don’t have to be out here like that you don’t have to be at you like that man you know what i’m saying keep dropping that good music man hey man prayers for you at all times man free auto parts we need more none

Of these people locked up man jealous for nobody it’s jealous for some people but it ain’t for our people man not the ones that have sense man and have some hustle to themselves and then really have some sense to themselves you know you know really man get yourself together brother because we are to a man praying for you and we are out here praying for the young

Culture and we love with y’all our brothers is doing but we praying that y’all brothers do it in a better way man all right man one time for your mind two time for the ground three times six to five man y’all already know what to do like comment and subscribe share if you care if you don’t hey man life ain’t felt i ain’t tripping

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Kodak Black arrested in Florida for alleged oxycodone pills possession, The 74 Band Gremlin| Big Yak By New Age Black King