June 4, 2023

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This is the rumor report with angela yeah on the breakfast club all right well france montana says that labels take out life insurance policies artists on a wrappers he told dj academics on off the record podcast about the beef the times when people were beefing in at first people wouldn’t touch you labeled and messed with you but here’s what he said has happened

Sounds like we need a life insurance policy on your phone or you won’t because you just sounded i think but now it’s even crazier because really they’re getting life insurance on artists at least back then when you have that somebody told me that yeah is the label signing an artist in good faith if you’re taking a life insurance at all no you’re preying on you

Praying on his death you’re praying on making millions on his daughter or are they being realistic though both they’re being realistic and then you know you’re supposed to have life you know i’m saying life insurance anyway but when the label does it if you don’t have one that’s crazy that that’s not new when i was assigned to uh epic sony to do my dj comp

Compilation they definitely tried to get me to sign one there and their whole their excuse for it is if we give you all this money up front to record this album and something happens to you how do we get our money back so they want you know artists to sign you know to get a life insurance policy that they are controlling of so i didn’t do it though but they

Don’t care if you promote uh death in your music then you can talk about as killing as many people as you want you can talk about you know getting killed not want to live not wanting to live long you can celebrate as much drug use as you want because if you do overdose or get killed they get paid right but think about it it’s a business so if i give you let’s

Say you’re a artist and i give you 350 thousand dollars to record an album you know or to you know i sign you for 350 000 and you die i lose that money i don’t care i can’t get that back i can’t go in your account and get it back so i mean i’d rather your family i don’t even think about labels that’s the only places that do that i think other employers do that

Too it’s not just record labels yeah i didn’t sign it though but well let me check the fine print here at iheart make sure they ain’t got no idea i didn’t know that i didn’t know that you had to sign for that to happen though but yeah you got to sign off for this contract i didn’t know that was real i thought that was the rule of these years yeah that was real

I took it on my contract definitely with mine all right and kodak black’s lawyer has told tmz that when kodak got arrested for those 31 oxycodone pills in his car they were actually prescription and he uses those to deal with chronic pain he’s been suffering since he got shot in february so that is the explanation for that he innocent all right now let’s talk

About kim burrell she’s facing backlash she’s innocent in church and here’s what she said in church you know sometimes before we get friends we have to do an interview how long have you been broke how many are your bills in your little cousin’s name do you live in a trailer home or a house it’s not about status or material things it’s just about choices i like

Coming here because the ground is already tilled with great personality like dr khan and he tells the type of truth that makes most uncomfortable cause who likes to be told you’re just ugly no one likes to be told most don’t get offended until they know the bad thing about themselves and then somebody else recognizes and said oh i saw the ugly too i just wanted

To let you know so anyway y’all get that later god it’s great all of you are beautiful i haven’t chosen anyone to be ugly yet most of you have on hats covering most of that anyway here’s to you dropping a clues bomb for kimberle let me tell you something i have watched that video three to five times yeah and laughed each time okay because i love older people who

Don’t give a damn about what comes out their mouth she’s only in her late 40s by the way okay but hey she’s in church all right tell your true shame the devil if you can’t shame the devil shame people who live in trailers shame people who are broke shame people who are ugly somebody gets somebody got to get shamed whatever works well after this she did release

A statement apologizing she said as a kingdom citizen and a woman of integrity i can acknowledge that some of my words even if said in jest can be offensive my intention is never to hurt anyone but spread love laughter and more importantly the gift which god has given me in song if anyone was offended i can sincerely say i apologize but that being said the irony

Is that is that those who are criticizing my state are displaying the very thing they have accused me of however it is not being humorous or in death image has been used in multiple and false statements and narratives have been created yeah i would have loved it if she had just doubled down you’re black you’re poor you’re ugly you’re nothing all right she said

It was just humor that is your room in church i’m gonna do a stand up in church and y’all gonna get these jokes damn it okay all right well that is your room report up next the people’s choice mix you’re stupid it’s the breakfast club come on you

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