May 29, 2023


Hello we’re on an adventure i painted my nails last night cute so this is day one of prednisone withdrawal how fun i have the headache from hell aka the prednisone withdrawal headache what i hope all your people that might know anything about medicine come on here and yell at you we’re not keeping them you know what okay i tapered down a little bit and last

Time i tried to get off prednisone i tapered down and i still got a horrible horrible headache so i think i’m gonna get no matter what and everything on the internet was like oh just taper down to and then you can go off you know i was already at 10 this whole time and i tapered down to half and i’m still having this horrible horrible headache so you can all

Shut it i have no patience for anything because my head just hurts really bad and it’s been hurting for like the past five days just because i have a sinus headache and i think i’m allergic to this necklace chain and it’s like making my neck really itchy we googled like prednisone withdrawal help stuff and basically what is going on is i sound so stuffy is i

Don’t have the correct amount of cortisol now and that’s why everything is wonky and your adrenal glands have to catch up to making the right amount so we were like how do you get is are there things you can eat that have cortisol in it or that make you make more cortisol or something and it was like basically eat the worst things you possibly can because you want

Low cortisol you don’t want to make more cortisol unless but right now you do because you’re going through prednisone withdrawal this is all bad and wrong kylie don’t listen to my advice i’m just vlogging what i’m doing okay don’t take my advice i’m just this is my life and here’s the internet so we’re going to mcdonald’s to get the worst food you possibly can to

Hopefully try to help myself and christine arrived at the camp today so we’re gonna go drive past the camp and see if there’s like commotion because i think this is the day that like all the camp counselors arrive for like training so that’s super exciting oh there’s golf carts there’s like nobody out i bet they’re all sleeping i bet everybody’s tired and i bet

They’re all sleeping nothing’s going on literally nothing what do you think about that well there were two um golf cart like things and this last one i can see his shirt said staff on the back so there is stuff going on but not much a lot of sleeping yeah i think they’re all sleeping so to my knowledge they hired like half american staff and half international

Staff i don’t know why but that’s like a thing that they like always do so christine traveled like in the middle of the night she’s like international stuff but she’s just from canada so like she didn’t have like a crazy long trip in the sense of like traveling like across an ocean or anything or like flying but i know that a lot of other people are from other

Countries where they had to like fly in or something so i think they’re like letting them have a day to like rest and sleep would have to they probably are all coveted too oh yeah probably you need to stop is that even like hardly anyone down there either they got their boats in though they’re all sleeping they’re tired i know okay just look what we bought

A coconut because i had a dream where i had a coconut and i like opened it so then i was like hey let’s get a coconut so now we have a coconut hi so it’s us we had a very tiring day we washed all the floors and did some extra shenanigans now we’re very tired so i wanted to tell you a little story to end this vlog because i feel like it’s a very satisfying thing

For me at least so and she has more details so she is here to provide you with the details so when i was younger and i was in high school i hated high school and i told everyone around me how much i hated high school and i felt like everybody around me was like oh you’re just a stupid teenager who’s complaining about high school poor you not really but now my

High school has gone so downhill it’s not even funny and now i feel so validated because everybody thinks my high school sucks and i’m like yes i was telling you this so many years ago so to just like tell you guys how much my high school sucks there was a student that murdered another student in the parking lot this year and we just found out that they like

Really really badly messed up the yearbook and my school is like really big so it’s like a really expensive yearbook like probably around like 90 dollars if not more so do you want to give some examples of how they messed up the yearbook oh well they put some of the wrong quotes with the wrong student and they left out some students they forgot to put mr and

Mrs in front of the teachers like last names um switched up sports pictures like put the wrong picture with the wrong like varsity team or whatever but they also just had a altercation where teachers had to get involved and they got hurt yeah and they’re like pressing charges and it’s really sad so to everybody who thought i was stupid and just complaining

That my high school sucked because i was dumb teach dumb teenager no actually does really suck that’s why i don’t like where i live because it’s a lot of bad people where i live some of it is the administration there for sure but it just seems like some of these kids are just i don’t know is there any parental like guidance or supervision or consequences for

Their actions it’s like some of these kids are like animals and there’s a really like popular i think it’s a catholic high school right it’s catholic and a lot of people would rather pay to send their kids to a private catholic high school than to go to the public high school that i went to because it’s that bad and her high school used to have a fantastic

Reputation a really great reputation but i think just something about society as time has gone on and then i guess the pandemic just exacerbated things and these kids are just out of control and the parents i guess send these kids to school and expect that the school is gonna i don’t know raise them deal with them i don’t know but these kids are not being

Raised to be decent human beings so i feel very validated now that now like the parents are outraged about my old high school and like the teachers i’m sure are not happy i’m sure like some of the teachers are probably like scared like literally i’m sure so because these kids they’re just like don’t have any like moral decency about how to like behave and

When i went there there were at least two cops there just all the time who their job was to just be at my high school like i’m sure there’s probably more there now because of how people are behaving and stuff but it’s bad we actually heard what are you there for that conversation i forget who was telling us this that now um there are people coming up from new

York city that are like recruiting kids for gangs what i guess you weren’t there i can’t remember who i was talking to and they were telling us at my high school yeah well and the other local high schools and that maybe that’s part of the horizon violence and problems that the gangs are coming up here big yikes yeah i can’t remember who’s telling us that i

Was surprised by that as well but it makes a lot of sense i mean more and more people are coming up from the city and thereabouts and we used to live in such a quiet little neighborhood and at least two of our neighbors have really loud vehicles now and it’s like you ruined the nice quietness of our little neighborhood and it sucks the end so i hope you enjoyed

This video this random vlog if you have any tips on how to open a coconut comment down below like random no because i showed the coconut i’m assuming you just like drill into there and then like drain the coconut milk stuff i think daddy knows how to open it and then like i don’t know crack it open or something but if you are like a professional coconut opener

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