March 22, 2023

Le méthylphénidate (RITALINE – CONCERTA – QUASYM…etc) a enfin reçu une Autorisation de Mise sur le Marché (AMM) du médicament) dans le cadre du traitement du TDAH chez l’adulte!!!!!

Hi to you listen to little v little improvised video at larache usually i always put three weights to create scripts and i always have a little ball is well placed i take two the opportunity because today is a special day we created with with a scientific committee and other other collections and dh we created in 2016 the association agitates halls h for adults france

And i just saw the video of crazy people from normandy whose i will put you the link below which itself had there an info by alger complexion of hyper super saying that the methyl end of stage was finally finally had us are in themselves therefore its marketing authorization in france so we are finally joined the other countries in the normality i would say but that one

Is a fan of the drug or not a fan anyway it red rat people for my part me i took may 10 the drug prices during i took methylphenidate in different forms for a few years the sai turns out that i no longer take it but it helped me a lot during this period and it will help others so we are still not at the time of the reimbursement because the reimbursement still needs to be

Done. associations which have it which fight for the recognition of the disorder of the attention it is necessary that one makes a referral of the hunt and that the hs precisely authorizes this reimbursement what makes me laugh is that the doctor jean baptiste alex to nothing who laughs about it we said a canard in about fifteen twenty years or not seriously two years but

Really it would be really good if it happens sooner because there are a lot of patients who are not treated because they are not reimbursed but it is already a first it is already a first step because methylphenidate we know that it is the best the best alternative to treat adhd in a global treatment that is -to say that it is simply necessary to take a drug for a medical

Drug it will also be useless which is behind a psycho education is also the psychological support to therapies or behavioral therapy or other let’s say a support by the doctors a doctor my psychologist beret so that to have the keys because it’s all well and good to look everywhere on the internet i did like that good i had also had the treatment so the adhd has not yet

Been said and dh attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity and methylphenidate it is still a drug that there is a better benefit risk of doliprane therefore for those who are afraid by saying an amphetamine cd no no that’s it same target but it’s not at all the same it’s not at all the same process so big victory indeed a big big victory because it is a first

Step we have not yet finished i hope that our association like the others to save o nt made sure that it happens as quickly as possible it makes me really happy because i myself was diagnosed about ten years ago and in 2016 we created the association so the dh dh summers for adults france is good it is an association that is offered to a larger part of tdh so it was quite

Programmed he was president of this association for several years and it was not easy because good between but personal problem the work and the problems of all of our members and members of the administration committee has not made much progress there i know that there is a new president paschal i passed the hand this year who is super talented and we are in the process of

Redoing our website requires our entire interface is really really really it’s a nice day and chance or not i ‘m in normandy i’m in normandy and it’s the one on the chain fools from normandy who taught me that i was in the process of to go for a hike with the family and i have a pop-up telling me i will put you in the video below but saying victory the methylphenidate is at

Usson of the same so really thank you thank you for the doctor alex to nothing all job that does because there really is me for years i follow this channel and i am a fan of it i have not yet had the opportunity to exchange with him but i spoke with albane who knows very well that they had proposed to me that we could meet and it will be with pleasure as soon as possible as

Soon as i have a little more time but thank you thank you to him thank you to all those who work for for the recognition of holes in this complex disorder and i hope that i hope that we will all join forces in the same direction so that now it is reimbursed that drugs are reimbursed so that the most people can benefit from this treatment and for those who do not like this

Treatment at all who do not like the medication they’re going very well that they continue as is good but in any case i still have this this goal should for the good of all so that we can go and get it right it’s really a very good thing here well listen can listen listen listen and i put the maximum of links under the video i tell you very soon long live the rest it ends

Date even if i take more because that we will help full and ciao

Transcribed from video
La RITALINE – médicament pour le TDAH (méthylphénidate) a enfin été autorisé en France By TDAH Adulte