February 1, 2023

In this old-style western, we discuss in detail the differences between Lantus and Toujeo. Although these two products contain the same type of insulin molecule, there are important differences between them. We set these two gunslingers side by side and discuss the strengths and disadvantages each one has and set them up to compete with each other in an old-style brawl. We review the history of the two products, differences in concentration, mode of application, and what is expected when using these two types of insulin glargine. Written by endocrinologist Christopher Palmeiro D.O. M.Sc, and produced by Doctablet®

In this old-fashioned western showdown we’ll review the differences between lantis and tajeo despite their misleading names in varying ages both lantis and tejo’s solo star pants actually contain the same insulin molecule inside insulin glargine as a quick review insulin glargine was introduced commercially as lantis in the year 2000 lantis was the first long act

In basil or background insulin in order to better understand the major differences between lantis and dugeo you must first know that for decades insulin was traditionally delivered at a u100 concentration u is short for units the 100 means there are 100 units of insulin in one milliliter lantis is glargine insulin at the original u100 concentration approved by

The fda in february of 2015 tegeo is also insulin largine but at a higher concentration of u-300 at the molecular level tejeo is not actually stronger than lantis a three times higher concentration means that the same amount of liquid contains three times the amount of insulin since tejeo’s more concentrated the amount or volume injected must be three times less

Than that atlantis to achieve the same effect by increasing the concentration of glargine its absorption is prolonged allowing dijo to last a little longer under the skin the half-life of tejo’s 19 hours and it lasts for a little more than 24 hours in the body digeo’s higher concentration also means that it needs more time to build up in your system it takes

At least five days for it to reach a steady level in the blood if you are changing insolence from lantis to tegeo keep your gun in its holster and relax there’s no need to do any fancy calculations while using the tejeo solo star pen it was designed to take into account the higher concentration and does the math by giving smaller volumes per click lantis is

Converted to digeo on a one-to-one basis meaning if you’re on 22 units of lantis your dose of tegeo will be 22 units to start you might start at the same dose but studies show that over time you’re likely to need 10 to 15 percent more togeo to achieve the same fast and blood sugar control as compared to lantis in a series of studies called addition researchers

Found that the hemoglobin a1c drop on tejeo is similar to its less concentrated relative while the three-month average blood sugar drop might be similar some studies suggest up to a forty five percent reduction in the amount of hypoglycemia that occurs in those on digeo now hold on to your hats the insulin inside these pens might be the same but there are some

More physical differences between their delivery devices the tejeo solostar pen contains 450 units and the newer tejeo max solostar holds 900 units of insulin lantis has 300 units in a single pen is there a winner in this old-fashioned gunslinger match-up as compared to lantis tejeo’s higher concentration prolongs its absorption and leads to a decrease in the

Amount of hypoglycemia however using tejeo imparts no additional a1c benefit beyond what is seen with its older twin while there is a similar per unit cost between these two pans dose integer requires a 10 to 15 percent increase to get the same fast and sugar control because of its improved length of action with decrease in hypoglycemia risk and no associated

Increase in per unit cost tageo is the last pen standing you

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