March 22, 2023

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Hey guys it is angela chase episode we are decorating my bathroom i honestly can’t even believe it’s taken me this long to do this cuz i actually do spend a lot of time in here at night i like to pour lots of wine and then come in here and do my dry brushing do my essential oils and all my diy masks i will show you what it look like before it’s kind of embarrassing

And no i did not mess it up for the video that is how i was living um anyway i’m absolutely loving the final design i hope you guys like it as well and i have a few tips to throw in there so hopefully they’ll be helpful for you let’s go ahead get started i’ll see you in video so this is my very unorganized messy bathroom as you can see i just have my brushes

Laying on top of towels i kind of have makeup everywhere um i have my hair extensions everywhere i have my makeup sponge just sitting on top of a kleenex box and just it’s really really unorganized in here because i’m always on the go but it gives me anxiety so i thought that i would use this week to attack all my messy bathroom are you the first thing first is

To use a shower curtain to dress up the shower area one thing i like to do is i like to use drapery panels because for one they’re a little bit longer than the average shower curtain and sometimes they’re a little bit more elegant and dressy looking obviously if i didn’t have this type of glass enclosure i could not do that because you don’t want water getting on

A curtain that isn’t supposed to be used for the shower but the fact that i do have these glass cutting the glass doors it does allow me to use a drapery panels and these are the two colors i have picked right now i’m kind of going for a zen slash glam look so i’m going to see which one of these i like better this is coming a silvery and then this is just like a

White i don’t know kinda like textured window panel all right so i’m going to start our guys now i have decided to choose one bug for decor purposes and then one run that’s actually going to be used as a shower mat but it is still a shag rug and now i have used a basket and i rolled up decor like decorative towels they’re not really going to be used this is one

Of them they’re nicole miller they’re super super cute so i rolled these up and i’m just going to stick them out of the basket and i have one kind of hanging out to kind of bring in the color palette that i have going on okay so that’s going to happen there are you guys so one more thing i got another basket that coordinates with this one is holding the towels i’m

Just going to put two rolls of toilet paper in here and always make sure that it is full so if i take one out you want always make sure that you put another one back in if you want to maintain the decor of your bathroom so this is going to stay on the back of the toilet and then i’ll probably end up with some floating shelves above it and then more towels it’ll

Actually use for the shower since these ones are for decor purposes only one more decor tip for around the toilet area is to always have a liner inside your trash basket this is a decorative one that i chose but today i usually do have a liner in it but of course today i don’t and it ends up looking just junky like this so another good thing about having a liner

In it is that you’ll always change it and then it always looks fresh it always looks clean you never end up getting this type of look because that will definitely take away from your decor really fast and i’ll say you can grab these at the dollar store so it’s not like can you spin a doll i’m spending time money on trash bags for your wastebasket in the bathroom so

My countertop has become just pretty much embarrassing at this point i’m going to start by cleaning it and i’ve picked a few things because i’m trying to keep it very very minimal up here so you want to go ahead and put those out and then we’ll see where we’re at okay so there’s a few things i need to hang and i need to fix because actually bought them damaged so

I’m going to fix them so i thought i would move down to underneath my sink this is how now completely discussing i’ve made myself buy two of these just so that the design aesthetic flows all the way underneath the sink if someone does happen to open the single looking for something and then i bought myself two of these so i have to downsize and rid of everything

And put everything into these and that way it forces me to declutter which is a big part of design so now the bathroom is coming together i have finished the countertop i did buy some art pieces for the bathroom and they’re usually affirmations this one says think big you see that it’s in gold and when i also got this which says love it’s missing too so i got a

Discount so i’m just going to unscrew this one and move it over here and then i’m going to use it to hang three towels on i’m going to hang it over here and i got one more that says elegance is the only beauty that never fades by audrey hepburn that’s also in gold so i’m going to go ahead and hang these up i’m going to use the commando strips for most of them because

I don’t to put too many holes in the bathroom because i’m run saying obviously and we know how that goes when you move out they want to charge you for doing all the repairs all right so i want to go ahead and hang those and we are almost ready to reveal the bathroom but i do have a few more tips that you’re in love you now i’m over by the toilet area again that

Side of the bathroom is done i’m going to reveal everything in just a moment so what i’m going to do now is i’m going to put a floating shelf above the shower i’m sorry about the toilet and i’m going to put towels on here and they’re going to be actually used for the shower the ones in the basket i want them to remain decor towels so i don’t those touched so i want

To make sure that i always have towels on top of this floating shelf for myself or for guests i have one more storage to show you and i’m going to do the whole reveal of the whole bathroom but this is how i’m going to store my hair extensions i have a velcro roller and i’m simply wrapping the hair around it and then clipping it into place and setting it in this box

I’m doing the same thing for every single track i’m using bigger rollers for some i always end up curling my hair extensions anyway so this is a great way to store them when you’re done you just close the box up and then if you just bend the ends most likely the hair will already be styled so you won’t even have to deal with curling it and it’s a great efficient

Way to store your hair extensions as you can see i place the floating shelf at the top of the shower doors that way nobody hits their head when they get in and out i use the balancer to make sure it was even and now i’m just putting this last piece of art into place i’m putting it in the center under the shelf above the toilet i’m going to add some towels and

We are done this is the before and this is the after everything has a place and a place for everything not too much clutter this is embarrassing this is the after now my hair extensions are organized in the box i have one spa robe and i have taken the curtain to the ceiling so it camouflages any shampoos i have on the ledge and then combining two different rugs

Really adds a great decor aesthetic and as you can see bringing in green plants and different types of finishes really adds dimension to decor the towels are out of the way and in their place and then just positive affirmations and different spots in the bathroom now i have created the perfect spa like atmosphere for me to do my facials at night and for guests to

Enjoy when they’re visiting i hope you all enjoyed my bathroom makeover i will see you next week

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