February 1, 2023

We’re in the thick of cold and flu season, and it can be hard to tell what exactly is going on. Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors is here to identify five types of coughs and explain what could be causing them.

The first pattern i think of is it a wet cough where as i coughed let’s listen to this one that’s hostess move my seat please that you know that is a productive cough if you listen closely to that cough he is there’s a rattling in the chest that’s a phlegm sound it’s a flemmi sound it’s it there’s literally a wetness to it now what’s interesting is that a wet cough

Can be caused by a lot of different things pneumonia which is obviously something that can be very severe a cold if you get all that what we call post nasal drip and it drips back in your airway by the post nasal drip irritates your airway you’re coughing all day sometimes chronic allergies same thing happens it happens to me in the summer didn’t happen till i was

40 years old where else am i got allergies and so if you’re someone like that you know let’s open up little medicine cabinet here one of the things i like to use in the winter i’ve talked about this on your show before but if you have that that kind of wet cough and you store just from cold or allergies using a fairly loose angel saline spray you always have this in

Our medicine cabinet cuz it’s been a tip of yours for years yeah because it can help drive things out move things along clear out congestion which is actually causing all of that now here’s the big thing with a productive cough if you’re also experiencing things like fever shortness of breath you need to go to your dog that’s when you take it to the doctor because

You get a drippy nose in the winter that tried to safely try some of these things and see if it doesn’t improve and also remember that a coffee after just a regular run-of-the-mill cold can last for weeks and that’s just cuz your airway is so irritated right so you got to give it time to catch up you got to give it time to catch up now the other big de linnaean

Factor with a cough and i’m gonna share it with this audio so the first was a wet cough did you hear how dry that was yeah this was more like clearing your throat almost like a well got like a tickle or something like that yeah and so you didn’t really hear any that rattling now a dry cough like that is much more common with things like influenza dry cough can be

Asthmatics can have a dry cough like that and so when i hear dry cough fever body aches my mind during this time you’re instantly going to flu and so if you have those types of symptoms with a dry cough really be thinking could this be the flu obviously again there is no such thing as a guarantee with the cough right but that’s one of the key differentiators that

Weight you something i think cold dry you tend to think flu not that simple but like a deep wet cough with fever i’m thinking boy this could very likely be a pneumonia gotcha you know a dry cough with fever and some of the other flu-like symptoms you’re thinking more wow could this be the world of the flesh it’s not always that simple but that’s one of the ways i

Delenn general guideline but there are two types of coffin this next one where the coffee itself helps me as a doctor and can help anyone out there is a parent figure out what’s going on in particular with their children so listen to this next one have you heard that coughed before when i was little i had croup a lot mime is more like a seal barking but um so hold

That thought was what was that croup ii that was actually whooping cough whooping cough the reason it’s so scary is that and why i’m i’m pro vaccinations for pertussis which is what causes whooping cough is a young child like that will go into such fits of coughing these proximal coughing fits what you’re actually hearing that on that whoop is the child is so out

Of breath they’re coughing so that’s their breath they can and so that that sad sound you hear which i hear that in the er and of course i’m thinking i’m literally gone before yes they’re just they’re desperate for air so that’s actually an inspiratory sound that you’re hearing they’re they’re not getting enough air exactly so that is that is i have to plug this

As a doctor you know that is why there that parents anyone who takes care of young kids should be vaccinated because the concern isn’t with us adults it’s those kids are small airways when it comes to whooping cough

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Learn How to Identify Different Types of Coughs By Rachael Ray Show