March 22, 2023

uggghhhhh life changes.

Hmm got what the face here continuing my adventures in trent telex and you know major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder if you’re just starting out and catching up with me the long and short term is is i have major anxiety issues and i’ve been trying to deal with it with my doctor and there were some events in my life that i happened recently where i broke up

With my boyfriend and i moved into my own place and since then things have happened so my last update was about my new apartment and the apartment is actually going really well it’s i like it here you know i could use some decoration i could use some cleaning but i mean you know i’m on my own and i’m dealing with it so what has happened since the last update and

I i gotta be honest with you is i i don’t like posting about personal details of my life and that has changed since the last time i posted because i broke up with my boyfriend in my last my last video i i told you about that and what happen he’s still kind of being an and i don’t tell you stalking me but like you know i’m really hesitant to provide details of my

Personal life and and that’s because he doesn’t deserve to know and i’m being really public about it he knew my blog before i broke up with him right and i don’t want to tell him that i’m not doing well but at the same time i’m not so you know i hesitated posting this video for awhile but him he’s an and i’m not doing well chantix is still doing his job but my

Major problem right now is that sleep so i was on zip alone it didn’t do much for me you know i make me tired but they didn’t help me sleep so um i’ve been on zip alone for two months i guess and you know i take it and i feel like uh but i still lie in bed and i scared the ceiling and think of all should this happen to me and there’s a lot of it i i can’t really

Go into details but you know i mean i’ve had my go i guess and you know and i don’t sleep so because i’m only getting probably maybe four hours is optimistic but you know two to four hours a sleep at night i’m sort of unable to function so last night was the first night in a while where i actually had like a good sleep like a full eight hours so you know before

That i couldn’t make this video like you know i mean i shaved my hair and everything again and the reason that i did that is because my bed head was so apparent the other thing that’s happened is that my doctor told me because i’m not getting enough sleep i’m well i mean i saw like bugs and my periphery vision and and and just you know black spots in anxiety off

The roof and that sort of thing and i told him all those things like you need to take time off work right you can’t be thinking about work and trying to deal with this so he gave me a month off which i’ve been working since i was 17 maybe 16 actually i’m not even sure um but i really you know even my vacation days i haven’t actually took a like a block of time

Off for a very very long time so this is my first block of time off where i’m sort of dealing with my issues and he gave me a referral for a psychoanalyst i’m looking for one that fits the bill i’m also anxious to call anyone i’m probably going to be going on to short-term disability until i get you know like a solid night’s sleep for like i don’t i don’t think a

Week is unreasonable but you know what i’m seeing my doctor every week anyways and when he says i’m ready to go back to work i’m ready to go back to work it’s it’s i trust him it’s in his hands so continuing where i left off i wasn’t simple clone zippo clone it’s it’s addictive and it didn’t really work for me so my doctor today just prescribed me traz no don’t

I i don’t know how to say it really i have i haven’t experienced it yet i wanted to make this video because i’m in a same frame of iying right now and i wanted to update everybody on our progress so almost let me say it anyways so yeah that that’s where i am right now zip alone sucks hopefully this will work better i’d refuse any benzodiazepines because you know i

Was on them before and gather effective short-term and then you get stuck on them and it sucks so that’s where i am right now i’m sorry about not updating sooner but like i said my ex is a prick so i was really hesitant to do it yeah you know once once i have some more experience with the transmittal and i’m going to make another update and get away as krasnodon

And such everybody’s gonna have different experiences but this is a book on really really didn’t help me and it’s habit-forming as well so you know i was kind of really happy to say goodbye that’s that’s enough let’s let’s work on something else i guess and as soon as they start seeing my psychoanalyst i’ll let you know how that goes too you know i’m hoping that

We can sort of dissect the stuff that happened in my past and maybe you’ll feel a little bit more open about talking about it – i know i’m just talking to the internet but i mean people are looking at my videos so i mean it must be somewhat helpful i’m sure i’m not the only person in this boat so we’ll we’ll cross a bridge when i come to it yeah look i’ve gotten

A lot of support on my channel and i actually truly appreciate it if you have any questions or if you just want to vent that’s okay do it on my channel though it’s a safe place people can talk to me and i may not have all the answers but at least i listen and you know you’re not alone at the very least so with that i sign off thank you everyone bye

Transcribed from video
Leaving zipoclone, arriving trazodone (sorry about the late update) By Guy WithaFace