January 26, 2023


I thought he was above that beyond that if he’s such a smart intelligent guy why is he resorting to drama for views why does he think he needs to be superman flying in to save the day to save derrick derrick’s doing great on his own if derek has a problem with me selling terkestrom let derek talk about it coach gregg and what happens when you put three smart men

In a room they start talking about coach greg have you watched the latest clip between derek leo and longevity and vigorous steve well how could i not watch this video so i watched a video and what i noticed was a bunch of lies and a reason i think that this is happening is because leo is a smart intelligent man and he knows how to get views i’ve watched some of

His more recent videos in particular on vitamin d and he knows what he’s talking about has some quality information however he wants to get more popular he sees how many followers i have derek has and he wants to be like us he wants to be more popular but he knows if he causes drama talks about other people i’ve done it before that you can get a lot of views and

So leo is doing exactly what i’ve done in the past however he lies about it he goes a little too far spreads lies when i talk about other famous people i’m giving you my honest opinion and i’m not lying about what they’re saying and so he pinned his comment and i read it and it is full of lies anyone and i do mean anyone who’s watched my videos knows it’s bold

Face lies but i don’t think leo cares i think he’s just playing a character to get views so we’re gonna watch some of his comments see what they’ve said and i’m gonna squash some of the lies spread about coach greg the only reason i started liking doucet in the first place because of derek and then this guy like anyway it’s just shameless i i hope he sees this by

The you’re a punk so apparently i’m a punk he liked me didn’t like me like me he’s like oprah winfrey’s weight it goes up and down leo just pick one and stick with it i normally notice this because of doucet i i don’t watch his videos because he really annoys the hell out of me but i’ve seen recently on youtube he has like a drilled on his head and so he doesn’t

Watch my videos so he doesn’t know that i had hair transplant surgery but notice there’s something different going on so he asked eric did he get one derek yeah he got one dude like yeah yeah dude cause that’s what i noticed about dussette i’ve been watching this thing and i’m like wait a minute i didn’t watch the video but i could see from the thing that it’s like

It’s a little off so he hasn’t been watching my videos but has studied my hairline enough to know whether it’s good or bad there is nothing wrong with my hairline i’m 100 satisfied with it so he doesn’t watch my videos but he watches my videos which is it and so in the comment section he says greg ducette is my antithesis in every way so apparently we’re like

Polar opposites like superman and lex lewis or batman and the joker really he writes he lacks curiosity for learning really i have a master’s degree in kinesiology i’ve been studying my entire life i was 100 natural learn all about pd’s enough to make videos of it where millions of people have seen them but i lack curiosity for learning really he lacks interest

In health my entire channel is devoted about teaching health i constantly promote cardio how to lose weight to be healthy lift weights and so on he seems to conflate low body fat percentage with healthy yet i have probably promoted being at a healthy body fat 15 percent for men 25 for women more than any youtuber in the world i have specifically made several

Videos saying the dangers of having low body fat levels recently the tristan lee videos and alpha destiny among others and so what do i tell people close your eyes imagine your dream physique open them you’re not getting it i preach getting halfway there and having realistic expectations so what leo’s saying is the exact opposite what i’m actually seeing which to

Me proves he does not watch any of my videos if he did there is no way he would have this belief and then and i’m paraphrasing that i didn’t do well early in my career because of distractions such as cheerleading early in my career at age 22 i was a full-time school teacher i was also setting records winning national championships in bodybuilding and powerlifting

And was very happy and successful and so i have no idea what his idea of success actually is i felt i was very successful at an early age i was winning shows triathlon champion i was very good at sports everything was great in my life so i don’t know what he’s talking about then he says with me what you see is what you get but do set i’m the exact opposite what

I quite literally just talk i just talk off the top my head telling you what i think what i am is what i am yeah i yell and scream a little bit in videos but what i think is what i think i’ve always been this way and remember this is the guy that in the past has stated that i do not have a twin brother that i lied about it that there is no alan ducette twin brother

Teaches chemistry at dalhousie university made it up he said that i ratted out my friends and put them in prison another lie he’s also said i have a cancer cookbook he said i had a cancer book book you’ve probably seen the video and he’s also stated that i must be lying about being on growth hormone and that by hrt dose can’t be what i say all lies but hey anything

For use anything to get popular but that’s all right but this time he’s going too far he says he’ll sell a product his friend basically invented the same friend that is the only reason i stopped talking about him so apparently leo actually hates me so much that derek had to go and convince him leo leave greg alone and he’s not such a bad guy did derek actually have

To say this to leo leo hated me this much in the real world he despises me that much and so has derek actually invented terkestrom well from what i’ve seen terkestron was around years ago but it wasn’t made popular and derek more recently started talking about it and then andrew huberman went on the joe rogan podcast saying hey it’s kind of been as comparable to

Deca and d-ball in mice and it got people really excited about it i started researching it people wrote me every day saying what’s this with terkestron do a video on tercestron can you start making tercestron and in case you’re wondering we’ve actually contacted one of the leading researchers on tercestrone said you could increase its bioavailability through three

Methods derek has one of those methods and i have another bioperine and in case you’re wondering derek is saying over a hundred people have come up with tercastrone since he’s popularized it if a certain channel introduced something basically and popularized it almost single-handedly i would feel a little bit disingenuous to a month or two later make the exact

Same product and so leo lying again saying i would feel a little disingenuous making the exact same product do you think he’s even looked at my product has he tried it has he read the ingredients no be like saying that me and derek have the exact same pre-workout formula mine has the beta alanine one of the most popular ingredients in the world derek doesn’t

Even have it and does derrick own the rights to all pre-workouts once somebody makes a pre-workout can no one else make a pre-workout i sell an anabolic cookbook remington james then made an anabolic cookbook should i be mad at remington james for making an anabolic cookbook hey i started it i don’t own the rights to the world of anabolic cookbooks and then his

Cookbook hurt my sales of course not made it better why because it makes it more popular becomes a thing if only derek has tercastrone and every other youtuber says it doesn’t work it’s a scam it’s snake oil like jeff nippert’s video how would that do for sales if coach rather than selling trochestrone made videos like jeff nippert say oh it doesn’t work it can’t

Work what would that do to sales of trochester in comparison derek’s making it says it works look at the thousands of people saying it works the repeat buyers as they talk about in this video at this point do you think people would continue recurring buying it if it didn’t work like you would try it you would see no translation in effect and you would stop buying

It if you buy it and it doesn’t work you’re not buying it again if it was steak oil would you continue to buy the snake oil of course not like i notice all the companies copying but and when they don’t mention me at all and they act like discovered it or something but i mean that’s but that’s a fitness industry you know nobody gives each other recognition i have

Mentioned derek more than any other youtuber on this world did you start selling tercastrone because of derek when i first heard about tercastrone from watching derek i’ve been aware of tercastrone ever since derrick first spoke about it and more recently derek was researching it and said wow that’s pretty impressive this stuff is good you can support whoever

You want i’m not twisting your arms i’m buying it for me or derek buy the one that you want yes yes definitely if you look at every channel in the world and say who has mentioned derek the most i have even on will tennyson’s channel did you start selling tercastrone because of derrick for more plays more dates yes yes definitely so if you want to buy derek’s

Tercestron you can go to gorilla mine and buy derrick’s tercastrone it’s made different than mine it’s not even the same product in the same way i’ve said if you don’t want to use my pre-workout which has betadine you can go and buy derricks i promote other people if you’ve watched my videos you would know this but when people start saying that i’ve stolen derek’s

Tercastro and copied his formula and never given him any credit that is a lie you can say in opinion i think he did this i think coach greg is probably on girls hormone that’s your opinion that’s fine but when you say things like greg has ratted out his friends and put them in prison and they have families and that’s a lie that is going too far actually to be honest

With you that’s how i started disliking uh do set again did i say i invented terkestrom have i ever said that when i saw that product with the torches one i know you guys like them you guys like them but i saw this product and i said what the f the only reason i started liking doucet in the first was because of derek and so i’m trying to understand leo a little

Bit deeper here so he’s only going to be friends with other people based on their recommendations he can’t decide who he likes or who he doesn’t like on his own so if derek says greg’s a good guy then he’ll start watching me start liking me if derek says i don’t like him then it’s like i don’t like him like how does that make sense and so i comment on his wallet

Watch a few of his videos see i’m telling you i still watch his videos and i made a comment and i said just like my cancer cookbook pretty much everything causes cancer if you look hard enough because he’s always talking about cancer this and cancer that and his comment responds with please stick to commenting on women’s bodies and stealing supplement ideas from

Others i mean there you have it how can i win this argument this is from a guy who doesn’t watch my videos but comments on my hairline talks about if i’m pretty or not talks about the redness in my chest says that proves that i’m on growth hormone doesn’t believe my hrt doses because how could you have this physique on only hrt is he jealous envious i mean he’s

Approaching a hundred thousand followers he’s doing pretty freaking good if you ask me 100 000 followers is a lot he’s a smart guy i don’t know why he’s resorting to doing these things he says he’s my anti-thesis if he’s truly my antithesis why is he causing drama talking about other men with other men in a podcast why would he stoop to this level i thought he

Was above that beyond that if he’s such a smart intelligent guy why is he resorting to drama for views why does he think he needs to be superman flying in to save the day to save derek derrick’s doing great on his own if derek has a problem with me selling trochestrone let derek talk about it and i gotta admit derek is deflecting here he’s not very comfortable in

This conversation you can see him scratching the head when they’re talking about he doesn’t want to talk about this derek doesn’t want to drag me in the mud here he doesn’t want to talk negative about me why would he and when you’re a group of people with your friends and somebody starts dissing somebody else that you know it’s not comfortable and you don’t want

To step in and say how dare you talk about that person that’s your friend it’s very hard to confront someone and be a confrontational person derek is non-confrontational i’m shocked how many people write like make videos about the lack of understanding the mechanism of action and so derek doesn’t like the conversation he’s not comfortable and quickly hoping the

Topic will change of which he switches to explaining the potential mechanisms of action for terrestrial ending it here gregoryset.com for coaching greg do said ib pro please watch the bloops and of course if you want to get the tercastron that we just talked about the video you can get it from me or you can get it from derek subscribe and click the bell button

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