May 29, 2023

A protocol for those in need.

Hello friends i come to you today with a protocol leo’s protocol for rock hard erections before i say anything else you’ll notice my voice is a little abnormal i’ve been a bit sick recently first time i got sick in so many years but it’s just affecting my voice so i may have to drink a little bit during the video now i want to let you guys know ahead of time i have

Not you guys if you go to my playlist section you guys will realize that i do really comprehensive series about certain topics i have not done a series on male sexual drive neither physically at the penile tissue nor in the psychology however across my research and my life experiences i’ve come across things which in the protocol for sex drive i mentioned to you

There and here in the protocol for erectile function i will mention to you also some of these compounds have never been discussed in the fitness bodybuilding longevity uh biohacking communities before so some of them will be completely new new to you guys and i’m happy to introduce it to you guys and some of them will be things you know about already but anyway

This protocol if done for about a week will produce very strong erections almost too strong really you may not have to use all of these things in a healthy person what i mean by a healthy person is someone that doesn’t have severe problems in their cardiovascular system specifically or severe problems in their hormonal system which can be addressed with other

Protocols i will do a series though on men’s sexual health and when i do that series i’ll probably regret making this video and making the video on sex drive because i’ll probably have even more ideas so be sure to look forward to that in the future the final thing i want to mention consult a doctor before using any of these things some of them could be dangerous

For you to begin stay this is what the protocol is this is a protocol for myself i’m not telling you to do it but what i would do is take cialis at three to five milligrams a day i would use the lowest dose that i needed which for me is three milligrams you i could take this all year long long without serious problems i would not take it if i was hypertensive or

Hypotensive because it could cause complications which is one of the reasons i got upset with fuad when he was advising people to use cialis short term to deal with their blood pressure anyway but you can take three milligrams uh long term or i can take it long term in the year in fact it could be kidney protective cialis and those kind of things are usually given

For lung hypertension though just so you know so what that does is it’s a pde5 inhibitor another pde5 inhibitor is coffee actually by the way but this one actually works to enhance blood flow to the penile tissue so three milligrams taken every day now let’s say this protocol is for one week so three milligrams every day for one week the next thing rosuvastatin

Rosuvastatin is a statin that is not lipophilic which means it doesn’t cross across to the blood-brain barrier for some reason statins enhance the activity of pde5 inhibitors including viagra and cialis so rosuvastatin does that pitavastatin does that too i like reservostatin and petavastatin those are my two favorites pitavastatin has less effects on diabetes

And it seems more safe but it crosses the blood-brain barrier and seems to cause more brain fog than resuvastatin rosuvastatin is generally more powerful 10 milligrams taken every day for a week for that synergy with the pde5 inhibitor now i have to drink again i apologize guys the next one is something you guys haven’t heard about it’s called doxazosin or i

Can’t pronounce it because of the z and the s and all that i’m going to spell it for you guys though it’s d o x a z o s ion doxazosin is an a non-selective alpha uh alpha adrenergic block antagonist what that means is that remember beta blockers they block the beta receptors of adrenaline the this drug blocks the alpha receptors for some reason blocking alpha

Receptors enhances penile tissue blood flow and smooth muscle contraction so that’s a completely different approach now adding another synergy to to the pde5 inhibitor now some people do know about the alpha adrenergic blocking i’ve seen it on reddit before so some people have talked about that but not in the fitness industry uh by the way if you can what is

The dose for that that’s one milligram every day for that week however if you can’t get your hands on doxazosin because you don’t use all day chemistry uh all the farm all-day chemist or clearsky or one of those stupid things or you don’t use one of those guys in turkey that sends you things you could probably get trazodone prescribed very easily

And you can also find triazodone trisolone is an antidepressant but it also antagonizes those alpha 1 and alpha 2 receptors and that’s why tracidorm has actually produced preappositions the preapposition by the way is when too much blood is in the penis and it can’t get out causing cellular damage to the penis in fact sometimes there are some clinical reports

Of people taking tracidor getting such a significant preapposition that they had to have their genitalia um whatever it’s called like taken cut off you know amputated and this is a little interesting story i’ll get into it a little bit more later in this video but there were a group of people online back in 2008 and 2009 i was one of them that thought that

Preappositions inducing preappositions could cause permanent growth in penile tissue and actually it has done so before but unfortunately sometimes it causes the amputation of the penile tissue so not the best option but anyway i wanted to give you that other option there for the alpha one alpha two antagonism tracidone is is a bit selective for the alpha one

Uh receptor now the fourth thing is something people use all the time and bodybuilders know about which is melanotant two melanotant ii will make you darker but it’ll also give you uncontrollable well not uncontrollable but it’ll give you erections similar to cialis but through a different mechanism melanotant ii agonizes what are called the melanocortin mc

Receptors it is unclear which of the five or so mc receptors is responsible for this increase in smooth muscle contraction and p and blood flow to the penis it was thought to be mc4 in some studies but later they there are studies that conflict so we’re not sure but melanotant ii does that now i have a separate video on melanotan too and in that video i mentioned

That melanotant ii is associated with cancers the sun is more associated with cancers than melanotant ii so many people on that video left comments asking hey leo you said that milan tattoo is associated with cancers and it certainly is we saw the studies but isn’t the sun more associated with it such that if we wanted to get darker instead of going in the sun

And sunbathing shouldn’t we take milano town too and in that case i actually think that’s probably a bit safer but taking milano town too for a week is probably very safe and the dose we’re looking at is 0.2 phillip 0.25 milligrams a day even lower if you’re using a bunch of things if you’re using a bunch of things you may want to lower all the doses so you

Get a nice synergistic effect without any uh strong side effects from one drug the fifth drug is something that i know has not been mentioned it’s called apomorphine it is approved in europe not approved in the u.s april morphine taken at 0.2 0.2 milligram or milliliter three times a day it has a short acting effect it is a dopamine 1 and dopamine 2 agonist

That has been shown to produce erections within 15 minutes of taking it injecting it within 15 minutes and 50 of people now if you don’t want to take april morphine and there are reasons you might not want to you could take something else that will agonize the dopamine receptors so for example you could take an amphetamine amphetamine will cause transmission

Of dopamine dopamine affects all the dopamine receptors and it’ll also inhibit the reuptake of dopamine at those receptors while butyrin will just inhibit the reuptake of dopamine at those receptors without causing a transmission of dopamine dopamine in general will lower prolactin but will also cause a release of allopregnatalone which may aid in sexual drive

But also may end in erectile function anyway that’s something to think about not entirely necessary if it was me i wouldn’t even touch the dopamine side of it the next thing is something you certainly haven’t heard of and it’s something i can’t even pronounce so i’m going to spell it for you guys it’s r i o c i g u t that’s rio siguwat produced by buyer at 0.5

Milligrams three times a day this is something that works on a totally different mechanism enhancing the effects of cialis and something that i haven’t heard anyone using before i came across through the academic literature what it does and by the way i’ll get much more into the science of this when i do my series on sexual function of course and i don’t want to

Bog you guys down here but basically what it does is it increases up regulates something called soluble guamalate cyclase which is very involved in the downstream effects of pde5 inhibition so this will enhance that as well there’s another drug called fasodil that’s f-a-s-u-d-i-l 20 milligrams taken three times a day what this does is inhibit raw kinase which

Again exaggerates or sorry synergistically affects the effects of cialis uh up which was earlier in the program the final thing i want to mention all that actually there’s two more things if the person is on hcg or if the person is on testosterone and if the person does not get glandular development i would take 50 milligrams of oral micronized progesterone

Twice a day that also enhances erectile quality finally i wanted to mention water pumping and this is where i’ll mention a little bit of history so there is a device called a pump it is actually recommended in the academic literature for people with erectile dysfunction what it is basically is a cylinder connected to a cable connected to some kind of like machine

Handheld machine this machine removes air from the cylinder causing a vacuum what people do is inside insert their p their uh penises into this cylinder and pump it up while the penis is erect if it is not a wreck this won’t work it’ll just cause edema but if it is already erect it’ll cause a stretching of the uh smooth of the of the um connective of the sorry

The vascular system in the penis and it’ll cause a stretching of the corpus cavernosum and generally will cause sort of an elasticity in the tissue in the long term as well as much better blood flow to the area what people usually do is they do this 20 minutes a day for some people do it four or five days a week and they get results now there are a lot of scam

Artists on the internet saying that you can grow your penis doing this and doing various other methods including clamping and hanging and jelking and all these kind of things some of these things can produce very minor long-term permanent gains most of them do not everybody who has claimed three inches or more of gains gains like bib for example or other famous

People from the forums back in the day big girtha those are liars those are those are people with psychological problems that used to lie on forums to get attention this also used to happen in the bodybuilding forums people used to not show their pictures and pretend they’re huge and they know what they’re doing now water but pumping is still useful even though

I should get into that size issue with with this stuff in a different on a different video but pumping is useful for erectile quality so what i want to tell you guys is this originally it was air pumping i need to take a drink of water originally it was air pumping in around 2008 2009 there there was a big internet forum called thunder’s place it was the main

Penile enhancement form me being a person that’s interested in all forms of biology anything i can change in my body you know i even used to put minoxidil on on my beard i used to do all kinds of things even though i didn’t want to think beard so i was on those forums i was very active on them and i recall the day that someone tried to water pump water pumping

Basically is the exact same thing but instead of using a handheld device to create a vacuum you actually take this the tube and you suck on it to create a vacuum and then just remove the tube at the end so the vacuum stays but you actually fill the cylinder with water instead of air beforehand this is really hard to explain you have to go to thunder’s place find

The water pumping threads from around that time and you’ll get good instructions and figure it out for yourself why is water pumping superior to air pumping it’s because air pumping can cause blisters and damage to the penile tissue with the water there you don’t get those kind of blisters you don’t get the side effects what you do get is a totally different

Ability to get blood flow to your penis than you could get from cialis what you should do is water pump four times a week or so this won’t work i mean it will work immediately the first week but you’ll get better results in the long term so if you do it four times a week for about six months or so you’ll get quite a bit of results in terms of the reactivity of

Your penis to events in your life by the way guys there’s a product called bath meat i don’t recommend this product i never used it myself i like la pumps cylinder pumping devices which are the same ones i used over 10 years ago bathmate was actually created by i think somebody on thunder’s place who was reading our water pumping thread stole the idea and went

And made this uh you know easy to use device that you can use in the shower or whatever you don’t need to use that device you can use the la pump regular devices so that is my protocol for creating rock hard extreme erections it will work you will not you need to use all of those things the only scenario it may not work in is if you have serious fibrosis in your

In your penis which can occur due to various issues including by the way those things people do on thunders place the forms serious fibrosis or you have serious cardiovascular issues which may happen to people over the age of 50 where they have blockages okay and it still may work in the long term if you continue doing it and may be able to repair you or if you

Have serious psychological problems which can be resolved with neurosteroids other than that this protocol will probably work i hope it does work for you guys please come back and post if you’ve tried the things here and figure it out for yourselves and i just want to mention something to everybody who’s going to post down in the comments and ask for sources this

Is not a sourcing board if you can’t find sources for this you’ve not been looking hard enough that’s just that’s just it anyway guys thank you so much for listening i’ll see you guys next time you

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