February 1, 2023

I enjoyed filming this video and sharing what is currently on my mind. How are you all holding up this holiday season?

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel uh in today’s video i am going to be getting ready while i talk because that just feels like the move because i haven’t been posting as much and this is gonna make my life easier while i’m also not just disappearing on you all so here we go um yeah this is not a makeup video i’m not a makeup professional i just

Want to get ready so i can hopefully film another video and then also do this kind of video which i enjoy doing i’ve done it in the past um one of my favorite videos is one that i did like this talking about prednisone and confidence and right now i’m on prednisone so perfect a lot of big things are changing in my life um dave and i we moved out we sold our

House and we are currently living with my parents um and we are very lucky and that we were able to get into a new build so we are currently waiting on our house to be built our new house and very exciting um so we’ll be we’ll be here for nine months but that is you know i can’t complain get to spend more time with my parents and um just yeah we get to

Save so how can you complain about that lupus-wise i’ve been in a bit of a flair shogun’s wise everything chronic illness wise obviously my hemolytic anemia has been a thing so that’s why i’m on the prednisone um if you saw my more recent videos i have hemolytic anemia which means that my red blood cells are attacking or they’re being attacked before i could

Produce enough um and i had this three years ago that’s when i first got diagnosed with it and now it’s back um but my blood work is looking much better my levels are normal with my um regular count and yeah so i’m hoping it stays like that please stay like that because it it keeps going kind of away and then doesn’t really go away and this time it actually did

Go away um and if you don’t know one of the biggest signs tmi uh is that your pee or your urine will be orange and right now it is not so very thankful for that uh that means that we’re doing good and i hope it stays like that so yeah that’s that’s that’s that okay i’m gonna finish this part of my face and then i’ll get back because i feel like seeing me use a

Sponge is kind of boring be back so how has it been with the um primizone um my most noticeable symptom right now with the prednisone is honestly the shakiness i’m really shaky this time around uh and usually that does happen i did make cocoa one night and then i dropped it all over the carpet so that was fun um so things like that do happen i would say that’s

My most noticeable symptom other than obviously in the beginning on the higher doses i wasn’t sleeping as well it was keeping me up at night um some hormonal things it makes you a little crazy sometimes but overall i think i’m handling it pretty well um and then obviously there’s a little bit of there’s there’s the swelling i definitely have some kind of moon

Face but it’s not too bad and i think that i’m at a point in my life where it’s like obviously i don’t want to be bloated in my face if i don’t need to be um but i’ve grown to that age where it’s like what’s it matter you know uh it’ll go away eventually and i know that and it’s not something that i need to stress about so that’s where i’m at with that um but

Here’s me trying to make it a little less noticeable but honestly again two we wear masks so what do i care what people think like i can’t even see my face anyway let’s make my face a little pink um yeah this is not makeup for perfection this is just makeup to make me presentable because i did get the wedding uh video footage back and i would like to share some

Of that with you all so wedding video coming soon um and then i might do like a wedding budget video i don’t know i just feel like that’s really helpful and something i wish i was able to find so um yeah but yeah so um in the comments don’t want to forget about y’all let me know how you’re doing i know it’s been a minute um i’d love to hear your updates and uh

How you’re holding up this holiday season for those of you at least who are in the holiday season i know some of you around the world are not but let me know just how you’re doing okay i think my base is done so we’re gonna move along just do some light some light brows okay moving along so in regards to flaring and all that too i have been in a little flare

And i’m not used to it i’m really tired lately um my lips are always dried out from showgrounds it’s getting really annoying i have to put chapstick on all the time and i know chapstick makes it worse but when you have sjogren’s you you gotta use it um at least in my opinion but if you have sjogren’s let me know what you you use for your lips because everything

That i’m using right now is not cutting it i think the best currently is probably the vaseline um that’s the one that does the best job but other than that i’m just kind of doing what i can you know flares are not the business and unfortunately wintertime is not the best time for me i don’t know about y’all but it’s just not my time it’s not my season i love it

For the holiday spirit i love it for other things but i don’t love it for my body so off topic i made a salad today i mean similar to the one i posted on my last video my little short i’m sorry if i keep looking at myself but i am doing my makeup um but yeah so i made that today so i can eat it before work um still working this week so that’s fun but i’m very

Lucky to work from home as i know a lot of people experience this year luckily i worked from home before the pandemic and the place that i work for they are letting us work from home still for the most part um but i am definitely home all the time i’ve been trying to think of what i can film because i i don’t want to let the channel go but i know i haven’t made

It a priority there my mom gave an idea of maybe i talk about a cold verse covid um and just what they say of the cdc to look for um i had a cold about four weeks ago if you follow me on uh instagram you would have seen that that was not that was not fun uh it was definitely cold i got cova tested multiple times to make sure um and even with the cold i stayed

Away from all my family but luckily no one got sick so i think i did my job you know um but that was the first time i have been sick since before kovid so i don’t know if anyone else experienced that but we’ve been so careful um in my family have you all been able to go anywhere do anything are you still laying low what what’s how you feel about that because

I feel like it’s important to be safe and to pay attention to the trends like right now there’s a surge i ain’t going nowhere i’ll tell you that um and then when it’s calmer like luckily we went to atlanta before this whole surge started um that’s the times when i feel it’s okay to live your life a little bit i’m fully vaccinated and i have my booster shot so

I just you can’t hold back completely even though you need to be safe but i don’t know let me know your thoughts and please be nice in the comments because everyone has their own opinions and that’s what makes life interesting especially during these times but don’t be mean to each other that’s all i ask don’t be new to me either please um i’m just telling you

My opinions doesn’t mean it’s right doesn’t mean it’s wrong all right quite literally that is everything that i do for just an everyday makeup this was not a makeup tutorial just a reminder um i just wanted to get something out and i felt that this was an easy way for me to do it um and i feel like we talked about some good things and it was therapeutic for

Me and i hope that you all enjoyed this as well and um yeah don’t forget to comment like the video and subscribe and i’ll see you next time wedding video coming soon i promise i’ll see you all soon bye

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Let's Talk: Prednisone, Lupus Flares, and Going Out By Heal With Samantha