February 1, 2023

One lawyer’s traumatic journey through hypothyroidism.

Schedule schedule schedule lunch with russell brand that today molly molly what are my files i have court oh i him at one o’clock versus his mom i think i waianae where his money oh you filed molly because she wasn’t wearing what she wanted her to wear you’re lucky you’re related we went over this i don’t wear heels okay okay well what do you mean i have a client

Till 12 what do we need where we have where’s my files do you see why i have it what about you know when versus yeah let me finish my client here within about 30 minutes video files together we’ll skip lunch we’ll get it done okay what about my starbucks coffee i’ll get your starbucks coffee and tea for a tow if you don’t mind you try not to fire this one okay oh

That phone julie what are you doing here it’s a sunday night a week the whatever whatever whatever oh you don’t even eat hard what is going on i told you i’m depressed hmm i thought you said you had the flu that’s what i thought okay well i’m thinking we’re going to need to take you to the doctor there you go you’re not even wearing your heels there is something

Wrong i’m going to call the doctor we’re going to make an appointment for you you haven’t had cases for two weeks like what i we’re full whatever okay well i’m gonna make an appointment okay you free tomorrow whatever you gave you something with your hair first though we’re going around or what i could do what up okay i’m getting always waiters dr. jenkins office

How may i help you hi yes actually i am busy at the moment i’ve got a patient here but i can forward you too mike owners put me on hold here doctor the patient is ready for you okay phone call for you on line two ended up there waiting but you can use let’s go okay and he’ll hit you this way okay hold on some food and i’m sorry um i’m colored you my ass her name is

Judy shelby tech and she’s been having some weird septums lately we thought it was a cold or flu she’s had like extreme um how would you say it she just she’s really cold all the time she’s always with a lot of stuff and i’m before she is yeah she’s been really depressed lately she’s eating crying i’m just nothing like she has been ever before she’s gaining weight

Her hair is falling out and i don’t know what’s going on there well from sins that you’ve told me it sounds like some possible evidence of hypothyroidism i think it’d be a good decision he descended to come to the doctor today hey both irate ism ok but so we should go on today she’s probably had these symptoms for about two weeks now it’s affecting her from doing

Work and everything yes you should come in as soon as you can okay what times do you have open today um we are opening from eight to five they don’t have a for tonight yes i’ll let him know okay so hmm she’s cancelled everything so she doesn’t open schedule how about we come in around like 930 will that work for you that sounds perfect okay we’ll see you then he’ll

Say goodbye hi judy oh my name is dr. giken hello how you doing today i’m not doing so good that’s why i’m here doctor yeah we got back the test results here of the blood work and it looks like you have a decrease in your thyroid his hormones and it’s pointing more towards hypothyroidism so a move gaining weight hey in weight yes and the way that it sounds i’m going

To put you on a drug called level thyroxine and level oh i remember uncle ben has that it takes that for hypothyroidism is always bad yeah and you can with your signs and symptoms that you’ve had fatigue weakness your way crane waking your dry rough skin hair loss you also mentioned a little bit of depression yes you’d make me depressed okay and so for this drug

You’re going to want to watch out for there might be a slight weight loss on this drug but it’s normal adverse effects for this drug also you might have some weakness some hair loss that’s kind of experience in their own right and you know you and you should see improvement in about a week or two and then we will schedule to about two or three weeks we’ll schedule

A follow-up appointment you did chance we’ll all my schedule pompous did you cancel them very nicely and hopefully we’ll get you back into your job as a lawyer and i appreciate you coming in you have any questions here is your prescription i’ll take her prescription okay i get a card to just yes just in case too here you go and thank you again for coming in i hope

That this week here in la cha a week or two thank you judy you have a good day all right you ready to go get your prescription filled i’d never want to be thanks level roxanne

Transcribed from video
Levothyroxine By Stacey Schleich