June 4, 2023

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Youtube what’s going on welcome back to another video with the afro nurse today we are going to be discussing levothyroxine level thyroxine all right so let’s get started so we’re going to talk about the action first so what exactly is it what does it do it is the synthetic form of thyroxine which is t4 it can be it can be used uh in this form as a supplement it

Increases the metabolic rate of body tissues it promotes gluconeogenesis it increases the utilization of glycogen stores it stimulates protein synthesis it promotes cell growth and differentiation and it aids in the development of the brain and the central nervous system so when we talk about is therapeutic use basically is used for the replacement of or sorry

The replacement in hypo to restore normal hormonal balance and it can also be therapeutic in the fact that it can suppress thyroid cancer so we’ll talk about the complications next the side effects the adverse effects it’s usually the side effects and adverse effects are usually only seen when excessive doses cause hyperthyroidism or specifically iotrogenic

Hyperthyroidism um these side effects include headaches irritability angina tachycardia sweating again hyperthyroidism they can cause menstrual issues diarrhea uh i don’t know why i said it like that diarrhea abdominal cramps vomiting weight loss and heat intolerance so moving on now to medication administration i’m just going to have it up on the screen so

Pause the video so you can kind of go through it and then we’ll move on to the next slide so we’re going to talk about contraindications uh levodioxide is contraindicated if you are obviously allergic to it or if you have hypersensitivity to it uh the patient has had a recent mi myocardial infarction or again hyperthyroidism because of the fact that it is used

To treat hypothyroidism want to use this with caution in patients with cardiovascular disease if they have severe renal insufficiency or uncorrected adrenal cortical disorders we also want to monitor neonates and infants for cardiac overload arrhythmias and aspiration during their about first two weeks of therapy and for older patients at geriatrics they can be

Really sensitive to the drugs so the initial dose should be low moving on to interactions there are quite a few drugs to drug interactions uh the absorption of levodirect sign may be limited if it is combined with any of these drugs so uh cholestyramine celestopol sodium uh poly polytyrine antacids things like that um absorption can be limited uh in addition

It may increase the effect of warfarin it can increase the need for insulin or other oral hypoglycemic agents if the patient is a diabetic and concurrent estrogen therapy may increase thyroid replacement requirements and in regards to drug to food combinations foods or supplements containing calcium iron magnesium or zinc may bind to levodioxide and prevent

Absorption so with nursing and nursing intervention we want to assess the applicable pulse and the blood pressure before and during the therapy we want to assess for chest pain and those irregular heartbeats obviously we’re going to look at thyroid levels we are going to monitor the blood and the urine glucose and diabetic patients and we’re going to observe for

Signs of overdose so that’s tachycardia chest pain nervousness insomnia diaphoresis tremor or weight loss uh in that scenario we want to with we want to withhold the dose so we want to stop giving it for about two to six days and then we’re going to resume at a lower dose acute overdose is treated by induction of emesis so getting them to vomit i guess in that

Case or gastric lavage followed by activated charcoal and also sympathetic over stimulation may be controlled by anti-adrenergic drugs like beta blockers client education we want them to take the meds as directed and do not stop without talking to the healthcare professional we want to explain that it does not cure hypothyroidism so it is important for them to

Maintain compliance with this drug advise the patient to notify the healthcare professional if adverse effects occur and we can go back to the complication slide to see what those adverse effects would be we want to get them to avoid taking other meds at the same time unless it is specified by their health care professional if they’re planning to get pregnant or

If they are pregnant they should notify the health care professional due to the fact that pregnancy may increase the thyroid requirement and we also want to emphasize the importance of follow-up exams because that is obviously very very important so a couple of extra notes that i have here you want to give this way full glass of water on an empty stomach about

30 to 60 minutes before breakfast to prevent insomnia if the patients can’t swallow the pills it can be crushed and placed in about five to ten millions of water and given via a spoon but we don’t want to store it after we do all this it can be given iv push and we want to administer immediately after we prep it for iv push and we want to administer it at a rate

Of about 100 micrograms over one minute if given push or given iv push and overall what are we evaluating we’re looking for a resolution of symptoms of hypothyroidism and normalization of hormone levels and that is the end of this one please like comment and subscribe for more thank you so much for watching this afro nurse and i will see you guys later peace

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