March 24, 2023

i am having some weird issues yall! correction:i meant to say cd16 not 16dpo!!!

Hi everyone so um i wanted to give a quick update it’s late and i’m tired and already in my jammies but i haven’t had a whole lot of time to give you you guys an update so i kind of wanted to uh tell you what’s been going on and some stuff that’s been happening with me um so today is the 30th and i am on cycle day 16. um i had to see my doctor on oh it was

Like on friday or something i had to go see my doctor um it was just to be like kind of a checkup see how i was reacting to the levothyroxine yada yada whatever so i went in and i had been having some pretty weird things happening to me and i had called my nurse and let them know hey you know i’m having heart palpitations and my arms felt tight and sore and

Just a bunch of weird things um so she called me back and she told me that my doctor did not think it was the medicine that something else was going on and before that i had been put on um provera for 10 days and then like a week later after i had gotten off of that is when i got on the level thyroxine so i went into the doctors and just kind of let them know

What was going on like um my hair is falling out it’s not super bad or anything but it is falling out and uh my skin is really itchy when i itched my legs my legs actually bruised where i had itched and um i’m really puffy and full of water i have like i am retaining water like it ain’t nobody’s business um just headaches and really my biggest complaint is like

The tightness i’ve been feeling and the swelling um stuff like that the itchiness i cannot take itchiness so i was talking to my doctor and letting her know everything that had been going on and she was like i don’t know why you’re having this reaction and um like i said i’m on the 25 micrograms so she called or texted an endocrinologist like it’s a friend

Of hers or something and she got me on the scale and stuff especially when i told her like i had been bruising and like i was barely like breaking my fingers across my skin and it was leaving lines um because i was retaining water so bad so um she got me on the scale just to make sure i wasn’t retaining a butt ton of water which i was only up about two and a

Half pounds which i mean it sucks but it wasn’t like it was a huge jurassic amount of water um so she ordered more blood work i’m not exactly sure what she was looking i know she rechecked my tsh levels um and i haven’t heard back from her on that but um i don’t know what else she was checking but her friend the endocrinologist or whatever texted her back and

Said that there is red dye in the um 25 microgram levothyroxine and that i could be having an allergic reaction now i’m almost 27 years old and i don’t think i’ve ever had an allergy um in my life so it’s just kind of weird to me can that happen can you just like randomly pop up some allergies um like it’s to the point that what they ended up doing is um they

Took me off the 25 microgram level thyroxine i actually i’m going to start tomorrow they prescribe me the 50 micrograms but i’m to break them in half so it’s 25 um but the 50 micrograms don’t have any red dye in them so um as for oh and my blood pressure was elevated too it was like 140 over 80 something um so yeah just really weird things happening um after

Actually after i stopped taking the level thyroxine my symptoms are supposed to go away they have intensified um i have had really bad headaches the last couple days i am super excuse my language but holy freaking moley i am wicked ornery um i don’t know if it’s just because i’m so tired or what but um but my itching is out of control like it was to the point

Day one after being off of them like i was like scratching my face off all right here all down my throat all at my arms and then like on my outer thighs i was just scratching to the point i actually had to go get benadryl and i’ve been taking that um today has has been three days without it and um i had to go to the hospital with a friend of mine and while we

Were in the hospital like it was getting hard for me to swallow and um my eyes were really itchy and my skin like in all my creases so like right here and in the back so my knees were starting to itch really bad i need to take benadryl today so i don’t know what’s going on i don’t know so if any of you guys have had any reactions or anything like this let me

Know because honestly i have no flipping clue hoping that my blood work will show something um because i don’t know so what else so my doctor prescribed me also more profera for this month i actually have to start on the 5th and i don’t want to i just hope i start my period soon because i don’t want to have to go back on that stuff stuff is crazy and i just

Cannot stand it um but i actually started this is tmi for like if if you don’t want to hear this it’s gross tmi tmi alert but ladies like i’m 16 dpo and last night and today i have had like blood a little bit of blood down there and it’s not bright red either so that’s kind of random don’t know so i don’t know hopefully like something happens without having

To take provera i don’t want to take it but anyways i think that’s about it i just kind of wanted to update you guys let you know what was going on while i had a second so if you haven’t subscribed go ahead and subscribe to all my new subscribers thank you for subscribing um if you have any questions comment down below and i think that’s about it for right now

So i will see you guys in my next video and um everybody have a great week and i will see you soon

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levothyroxine-allergic reaction? provera updates and rambling By Miss.Kymberlee