June 1, 2023

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Working what’s going on just trying to study but i’ve been so tired lately so cold i’ve been trying to just stay awake studying in i’ve been taken pre-workout because i need to go to the gym but because i’ve been gaining weight like crazy and i’m trying to stay awake and that doesn’t even give me enough energy to go to the gym or warm me up or anything like i

Thought i would because i’m just freezing cold and i’m just so sick and tired of this being so moody all the time have you seen it back there no i was trying to read up in my book if i need to but haven’t been able to stay awake to find the answer i think you should make an appointment gosh i guess so so the doctor says that you have hyperthyroidism hypothyroidism

Is a low activity the fibroid basically it is a low hormone secretion of a thyroid obviously what we’re going to do about it is we’re going to prescribe you love of thyroxine i mean all coming song a little scary but it’ll warm me up on fun don’t love their excellent can be taken different ways it can be taken orally or through iv in your case as a college game

We’re going to do orally because it’d be more efficient let’s see i’m going to ask you are you take muni cholestyramine calcium or aluminum continuing antacids sucralfate or iron supplements i just drink milk okay good deal because all those may decrease the metabolism of levothyroxine what about our gym a carbamazepine phenobarbital our search relief nope alright

Because those will increase the metabolism of the level therapist should i take them no we want to keep it at a good dose also if your team any calcium or iron supplements just wait four hours to take those after you taking the level that oxy and if you’re eating any soybeans flowers cottonseed meals walnut or dietary fibers and interactive levothyroxine do you

Have any questions no not that i can think of all right let’s go get you that prescription man now that i’m on level thyroxine i feel so great that i can work out and do homework at the same time so glad that my friend morgan told me to go see the doctor i feel like a queen now i’m on level of thyroxine levothyroxine is most commonly known brand name is synthroid

And is a thyroid hormone at high doses treatment can cause tremors headaches nervousness or insomnia cardiovascular adverse effects include palpations tachycardia and china or cardiac arrest contraindications occur if the patient is sensitive to the drug and is experiencing hypothyroidism has severe cardio conditions or myocardial infarction should be given with

Caution and patience with cardiac diseases angina pectoris cardiac dysrhythmias hypertension impaired kidney function and in older adults use of love with iraq seen specifically for weight loss or obesity is contraindication also note that taking levothyroxine with warfare increases effects with warfarin and may thin the blood and interactions with digoxin can

Decrease with the effects of levothyroxine in comparison the adverse effects are very rare and contraindications are relatively minimal get your doctor to prescribe you level thyroxine so you too can feel like a queen

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Levothyroxine Commercial-DWU NUR 324 By Liz Paul