February 1, 2023

This is our group project on the Levothyroxine medication. All information regarding the side effects, nursing considerations, and use is not owned by us. We did our research and have found the info off the internet. All song/sound effects is not owned by us.

Levothyroxine prescribed for underactive thyroid this is jasdeep she’s on her way to her car to go meet up with her friends a couple steps out her door and she decides to stop she is exhausting so taking a break helps her catch her breath and contains her energy as she approaches her car she notices that she had misplaced her keys and she doesn’t remember

Where she had left it or if she even brought it with her at all upon entering her car on a hot summer day jazz deep is still cold so she decides to turn on the heater to keep herself warm approaching the stop sign she contemplates on turning left or turning right she doesn’t remember which turn to make will she make the right one to get to her destination

What’s up what are you guys doing so we were gonna go grab food go get tanked after how do you think do you want to go do you want to go okay all right let’s go do you want to get something to eat i don’t think so you guys done bad it’s too cold and i’m sorry so honestly cheney’s been acting kind of weird this is the second time she’s flaked out on our plans

And honestly i don’t think i care anymore but i hope she sees that doctor soon i didn’t want to do that this is when chesty decides it’s time to see a doctor hey my name is faye i be a nurse today i’m so tell me what’s going on today what i really tired i always feel calm even though when the heat is on i just wanna come on do you ever have any perhaps know what

I’m gonna do is something to check your vitals so i’m gonna go ahead and talk to the doctor and we’ll see what he wants to you and perhaps order some bloodwork okay so i’ll be back thank you good my name is andrew and i’m gonna be your doctor today so i went in and i reviewed your chart and i’m going to request some blood work to be done to test your tsh levels

What is that so your tsh levels is to test the thyroid the thyroid stimulating hormone it’s a blood test that measures the amount of thyroxine that your thyroid is for you see do you have any concerns about that nurse is gonna come in and draw your blood in a little bit and then we’ll give you a call back once the results are in and see what’s going on is there

Any other concerns that you have okay what’s a pleasure meeting because ii thank you you hi is this just steep this is nasty hey can you come into the doctor’s office for your results whenever you’re available hey i’ll be there thank you ells later how are you doing today okay so i went over your blood results and is showing me that you have hypothyroidism so

I’m going to prescribe you with a medication called levothyroxine this medication is going to be taken orally once a day on an empty stomach before you consume a b common side effects include anxiety headaches mood swings diarrhea vomiting tremors tyrannous and heat sensitivity adverse side effects include severe dizziness extreme trouble breathing chest pain

Irregular or fast heartbeat and seizures the use and action of this medication is to treat hypothyroidism which replaces thyroid hormone that is insufficiently produced by the thyroid gland there are several ways to take this medication tablet or liquid form and through iv it’s best to take this medication thirty minutes to an hour before breakfast on empty

Stomach with a full glass of water three weeks later haven’t seen you guys yeah i’m more happy and energetic like um you know i went to the doctor thank you so much guys you know forcing me to go yeah i went there gave me the medication they will hire oxen and that’s really awesome like i felt so good so energetic i’m like my world has changed you guys

Wanna go grab some food i’m hungry this medication is taken in a whole form with a focus of watercress donkeys for the tremec opc before we lost people to cardiovascular disease you didn’t look to us one fiscal cause and general fitness if introduces medication as the overson because it can lead to brain maturation in special developing veniero’s monitored i

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Transcribed from video
Levothyroxine Commercial By Alissa Vang