May 29, 2023

What can you do about Hypothyroidism? The standard treatment for symptoms of low thyroid is levothyroxine (Synthroid®) also known as T4, but that doesn’t always help with the symptoms of low thyroid – fatigue, low libido, itchy dry skin, depression, brain fog.

Hypothyroidism it just means a low thyroid level as we get older especially over 50 we tend to start losing some of our hormones for women it can be pretty dramatic after about 45 or so women start getting hot flashes night sweats they have trouble sleeping they gain weight get depressed anxious they have brain fog and maybe a bunch of other very obvious

Symptoms that loss of hormones is all about menopause after 45 or 50 men start to feel sluggish gain weight have very little energy get a lot of muscle weakness that’s exactly what happened to me like many men in our 50s it was all about my low testosterone for both men and women there’s another factor besides menopause and low t that’s contributing to the

Way we feel after 50. low thyroid sometimes called hypothyroid is extremely common especially in women and especially after age 50. it’s also not something that most people think of right away when they start feeling like crap and they aren’t sure what to do about it i’m steve goldring from i help patients and health care practitioners with

Easy-to-understand patient education resources mostly about hormones and hormone optimization if you stay to the end of this video i’ll tell you how i just might be able to help you find what i call a hormone optimization specialist in your area that’s somebody who knows all about thyroid issues as well as menopause and low testosterone somebody who knows exactly

What to do about hypothyroid situations so you can feel your best maybe you’ve been diagnosed with either low thyroid or hypothyroidism maybe you’re just feeling kind of terrible and you’re not really sure why it could be that you felt terrible suspected your thyroid and you went to your doctor but your lab results come back normal so i guess you’ll just have to

Learn to live with that right another common scenario is that your thyroid hormones are actually low and your labs say so your doctor puts you on something called synthroid or also called levothyroxine to treat your diagnosed hypothyroidism that’s the standard treatment for low thyroid it’s one of the most frequently prescribed drugs in the whole world but it’s

Not uncommon that levothyroxine doesn’t seem to make any difference in any of your symptoms even after you start taking it you’re still feeling exhausted all the time you still feel like taking a nap you can’t get enough sleep at all and you feel like napping in the middle of the day while you’re at work your energy to do just about anything is completely zapped

You get kind of thinning hair you’ve gained weight from what seems like out of nowhere you’re feeling kind of weak and listless you may have noticed a decrease in your sex drive that can happen in both men and women low thyroid affects almost every system of our bodies so what are the seven things that you need to know about thyroid hormones well this is a very

Basic introduction to thyroid hormones i have a simple framework that probably won’t be surprising at all i use the acronym thyroid t-h-y-r-o-i-d the t in our thyroid acronym stands for thyroid physiology first of all there’s a gland that’s at the base of your brain right in the middle of your head underneath your brain it’s called the hypothalamus it makes a

Hormone called thyrotropin releasing hormone or trh trh is a message that gets delivered to a gland that’s also right next door to your hypothalamus at the bottom of your brain that gland is called the pituitary the pituitary releases a separate hormone called thyroid stimulating hormone or tsh goes through the bloodstream down to the thyroid gland which is in

Your neck right underneath your adam’s apple tsh tells your thyroid gland to produce two different thyroid hormones they’re called t3 and t4 t3 is the active hormone t4 doesn’t really do all that much but it kind of can be converted into t3 if you need to the h in our framework is about health risks even more important than low thyroid symptoms are the long-term

Health risks that you’re likely to experience if your thyroid stays low things like heart disease and brain disease reproductive problems pcos infertility even some cancers metabolic problems that tend to lead to type 2 diabetes osteoporosis the why in our framework is your systems all run on thyroid it has an impact on your heart your bones your muscles your

Brain your temperature regulation system without adequate thyroid you’ll feel cold all the time your metabolism slows down if you don’t have enough thyroid thyroid’s designed to speed up your metabolism and without it you’ll gain weight and not be able to get it off your reproductive system won’t work right low sex drive infertility menstrual problems erectile

Dysfunction you’ll have dry itchy skin your hair will get thin your heart will tend to be weak and you’ll feel tired all the time your bones get brittle and you could be at risk for osteoporosis your brain gets foggy or you could even lose your memory your muscles can get weak the r in our framework is the risks of thyroid replacement some physicians can be so

Conservative worrying about those risks that patients really have to suffer needlessly with low thyroid the two most feared risks of thyroid are osteoporosis which is a loss of bone due to high thyroid levels and then heart problems like a fast heart rate that’s due to thyroid replacement but the evidence isn’t very strong that these are all that common more

Common are the health risks that come with not treating low thyroid this is where it’s really important to have somebody who really knows about thyroid treating your thyroid issues the o in our framework is that optimal is not normal when it comes to thyroid levels if you’ve been told that your thyroid level is normal that may not be the whole picture people tend

To feel and function best when their thyroid levels are optimal rather than just barely squeaking into the normal range the eye in our framework is iodine along with selenium and protein not enough of those nutrients means that you could have low thyroid nutrition has a lot to do with optimal thyroid levels iodine has been added to table salt since the 1920s and

A lot of us frankly eat too little salt yeah that’s a thing and because of that we get too little iodine low protein diets like vegetarian and vegan diets might deprive you of the essential amino acid tyrosine and that’s a really important part of thyroid hormones you’ll also want to make sure you get enough selenium that’s a mineral that’s involved in thyroid

Production the d in our thyroid framework is desiccated thyroid or t3 and t4 combinations the standard of care treatment of low thyroid usually involves levothyroxine as i mentioned because not everybody can convert levothyroxine to t3 many people still feel terrible on levothyroxine alone it’s often helpful to include t3 or lyothyronine as it’s also called

Several thyroid medications include both t4 or levothyroxine and t3 hormones one of them is called desiccated thyroid it’s a drug that’s derived from dried pig thyroid glands the brand names include armor thyroid naturethroid and np thyroid among others there’s also synthetic t3 or lyothyronine it’s called cytomel and it can be given along with levothyroxine and

Then you can also from a compounding pharmacy get a combination of t4 and t3 hormones as i mentioned if you have thyroid problems or you think you might it’s a great idea to talk with a hormone optimization specialist somebody who really knows what they’re doing with thyroid if you click the link of this page and let me know your city your zip code and your email

Address i’ll check and see if i know a specialist in your area i won’t guarantee anything but i just might be able to point you in the right direction be sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel to get updates whenever i post a new one thanks so much for watching and we’ll look forward to talking to you again soon you

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Levothyroxine or Armour Thyroid for Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid Symptoms) By Simple Hormones