January 26, 2023

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Hey guys how are you welcome to my channel this is just a quick video to go over some side effects of levothyroxine or synthroid or levi’s roid or whatever kind of thyroid medication that you’re on that was not prescribed by a naturopath my name is brittney and i’m a medic metastatic thyroid cancer survivor and this video just will be quick and informative i do want

You to know that as an individual person not all people handle medication the same so even though these side effects are likely you might not specifically have these things occur so disclaimer there i just wanted you to make sure that you knew so that we could all be friends and hopefully get along and not have any misunderstanding so the first one and there’s

Only gonna be three side effects i’m going to talk about today this is going to be a very short and informative video um the very first side effect that you might know once starting levothyroxine is weight loss i was actually quite worried that i would gain a bunch of weight when starting the medication and that can happen a little bit when you actually have your

Thyroid removed people’s weight can fluctuate for quite some time i usually does normalize once your medication is where it needs to be but libra thyroxine all actually causes weight loss it really speeds up your metabolism it gets your body into doing something that it’s never done before correctly so once you’re you know more normalized your weight should go

Back to normal but in a lot of patients in a lot of cases you actually will a lot lose weight i lost some weight after having my thyroid removed because my cancerous tumor was not letting me metabolize food correctly so i did end up losing weight after that surgery but once i started levothyroxine i lost about five more pounds so i completely went back to my normal

Weight that does not happen for everybody but please don’t worry that taking levothyroxine will make you gain weight it actually will move more than likely to the quite opposite effect so there’s that um the next one i want to touch on is honestly not very comfortable or good but it’s insomnia you will likely notice that once you start birthday rocks and especially

If you’re on a very high dose or people with metastatic thyroid cancer or people have lost their thyroid tend to be on higher doses of levothyroxine and those higher doses are the ones that tend to make you lose a little bit more weight than normal or lose a little more sleep than normal unfortunately so whether you have lost your thyroid due to a disease or have

Lost your thyroid due to cancer like me or just have one that’s generally a piece of crap levothyroxine will might keep you up it is something that you can talk to your doctor about just like with the weight loss side effect it’s only temporary it doesn’t tend to usually always last so keep that in mind as well it’s not something that you really need to worry about

It should level out but just talking to your doctor to see what options there are for you usually natural things like magnesium and a melatonin supplement that i take right before bed tends to help me on the days where i have a really fast heart rate due to the insomnia of the drug but i also have a fast heart rate and have insomnia due to other things so it’s not

Necessarily levothyroxine its fault the last thing i want to touch on is you know something that i don’t want you to be alarmed about but it is a very fairly common side effect and that’s hair loss now when i was losing my hair initially a lot of people thought that it tend tended to be more because of chemo people i’m unfortunately usually associate cancer with

Chemo or chemo with cancer and i did not lose as much hair as you know your typical cancer patient would lose it did come out and the chunk foles when my medication was rising every couple of months i was getting a stronger dose so it was not completely falling out i do want you to keep that in mind and i don’t want to put out the idea that you’re gonna lose all

Your hair like a chemo patient would or somebody using that treatment levothyroxine just you know like i said speeds up your metabolism things are trying to get me normalized and level out and hair loss does happen to be a side effect for people on very high doses even people who are on smaller doses but i promise you this will level out just like the other two i

Was a little self conscious about this initially but once you know my body started getting news to the drug once my medication was you know that i take 112 micro micrograms have synthroid i’ve been on that medication and that dosage for over a year once that stabilized and my meds weren’t rising any further my hair loss stopped the weight loss stopped and so did

The insomnia so all of these things are very temporary please do not worry please talk to your doctor if you have any reason to think that you know what you’re experiencing isn’t normal or you feel like it’s just been a really long time and something’s not right always communicate with your doctor always tell them what your worries are and everything will be okay

You have to communicate with your doctor you have to advocate for yourself that is the number one thing that i stress to all of you and it saved my my butt a couple of times so thank you guys so much for watching this video if you are a thyroid person like i am a thyroid advocate or cancer patient or for whatever reason i would really appreciate a like or a thumbs

Up i’m not gonna beg for subscriptions because i’ve tried doing that just makes me really uncomfortable so i hope you have a blessed day i hope that you’re staying safe in warrington quarantine and i will see you guys in my next light-hearted video thank you many blessings to you guys

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Levothyroxine/Synthroid Side Effects By Sirendipity Britt