December 8, 2022

This video looks at the Levothyroxine uses and side effects.The brand name is Synthroid.This video answers questions such as :Can thyroid medication cause bone loss? Can levothyroxine help you lose weight? What are the side effects of Levothyroxine? TIMESTAMPS ARE LISTED BELOW!

Levothyroxine and some common side effects.   seven hacks to reduce side effects. coming up!  what is levothyroxine?levothyroxine is used to   body is not making enough thyroid hormone   your body. this condition is also known as   hypothyroidism. levothyroxine is a prescription  what is levothyroxine used for? levothyroxine

Is  used to treat your underactive thyroid. normally   that gland is underactive it is unable to make   a synthetic version of the thyroid hormone   made by the thyroid gland. this medication can  be used in other types of thyroid disorders   of goiter. what is an underactive thyroid   and why is my thyroid

Underactive? an underactive  thyroid is also called hypothyroidism. this   condition will make you feel tired and fatigued  you may have other symptoms such as constipation,   difficulty concentrating, feeling too cold, even a  lack of energy, some people complain about feeling   it will affect other organs in particular

Your   heart. this is because your thyroid has an effect  on your body’s metabolism. your metabolism is how   your body cells uses energy from what you eat.  your metabolism affects many important functions   how your heart beast and how your cells burn   calories. it goes without saying if you have too  little thyroid

Hormone because your thyroid gland   is underactive different body processes slow down  as i mentioned before your heart can be affected,   it can slow down and even become weaker. in fact  if your thyroid is not treated for some time your   blood pressure can go up as well and affect your  cholesterol! you may be asking why is

My thyroid   gland underactive? a common reason for this is a  disease called hashimoto’s disease. this disease   is an autoimmune disease. this is when your body’s  own immune system attacks and damages the thyroid   underactive thyroid. an example of that would be   lithium. hypothyroidism can also be caused after 

Surgery and radiation treatment especially when   used to treat head and neck cancers. there are  other reasons which can cause hypothyroidism such   as iodine deficiency as this mineral is essential  for the production of thyroid hormone. another   rare cause is when your pituitary gland produces  less tsh also known as thyroid

Stimulating   hormone. levothyroxine and synthroid doses. so  there are plenty of doses and you can see a list   medications should be taken on an empty stomach   and i’ll speak about timing later in this video.  what are the side effects of levothyroxine? all   drugs may cause side effects. the goal of this  channel

Is to educate you. if you’re on a drug,   how it works and what you might expect in terms  of common side effects. there will be always some   people who have no or mild side effects and if you  do have side effects call your healthcare provider   as soon as possible to get advice accordingly  here are some of the more common

Side effects,   shortness of breath, headache, leg cramps  or muscle spasms, nervousness, palpitations,   anxiety, gi side effects such as diarrhea,   constipation and abdominal pain, ankle and leg  swelling, skin rash, partial hair loss, seizures,   impaired fertility. can levothyroxine affect your  heart? iif too

Much of this medication is taken   or the dose is too high it can affect your heart?  it can cause chest pain, anxiety, palpitations,   and irregular heart rates. the patients who   are most vulnerable are older patients, especially  after the age of 70 and other people who might be   vulnerable are individuals who have a

Pre-existing  heart disease. if you do have heart disease your   healthcare provider will keep you at the lowest  dose of this medication for maximum benefit and   to minimize side effects. can levothyroxine help  you lose weight? if your thyroid is underactive   you gain weight, once you start this medication  you may lose

Weight as your body’s metabolism   medication for weight loss and double up or   triple up the dose of this medication as this  can cause fatal cardiovascular complications.   can levothyroxine affect my blood glucose levels?  once you’re on this medication for some time,   especially as a diabetic and your thyroid gland

Is  under better control your blood sugar levels may   be increased and your healthcare provider may need  to adjust your dose of your diabetic medications   your healthcare provider and especially you should  be monitoring your blood sugar levels closely.   if you’re interested in learning about diabetic  medications click

On this link above. can thyroid   medications cause bone loss? if you’re on too high  of a dose of levothyroxine this affects the rate   which bone is lost. this will make you more   susceptible to osteoporosis and bone fractures  and because of this your bones are frailer.   can levothyroxine cause increased side effects

In  older adults? yes, especially above the age of 65   these side effects are dose dependent. the higher  the dose of levothyroxine the higher the chance   of side effects? is levothyroxine safe during  pregnancy? levothyroxine is usually safe during   doctor as each case is specific and unique.   do not suddenly stop

Taking levothyroxine!   symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, anxiety   nausea and vomiting and muscle weakness. how long  does it take for thyroid medications to start   working? you should start feeling better in a  couple weeks, this medication takes it full effect   in four to six weeks. seven hacks to avoid any 

Morning, 30 to 60 minutes before your first meal   if this is not convenient or you’re not a morning  person you can take levothyroxine late evening or   at night time, three hours after your last meal of  the day always try to take this medication whether   in the morning or at night time around the same  time to avoid any

Metabolic fluctuations of this   on this medication ask your healthcare provider to   get blood tests in this way. your provider can see  if you’re on the right dose of this medication.   medication. you will then experience symptoms of   underactive thyroid gland such as fatigue, low  fiber such as fruits, beans, lentils,

Nuts   make sure these food items are adequately spaced  out when you’re taking thyroid medications by   the dose of your thyroid medication if you’re on a   stomach medication such as omeprazole or antacids  as these medications can interfere with the   if you take your thyroid medication in the morning   drink your

Coffee at least 60 minutes after  taking your medication and i hope you’re not   do not take calcium supplements, iron tablets   or multivitamins with your thyroid medication.  take these medications at least one hour or even   longer after taking in your thyroid medication.  all these medications can interfere with the  

And the different brands of this medication,   although quite subtle, the body absorbs these  different brands and generic medications   differently. stick with the same brand or stick  with the same generic form and do not switch up   from a brand to a generic or vice versa. go ahead  and check some of these videos out and click

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