March 28, 2023

How are levothyroxine and natural desiccated thyroid medications different? Armour thyroid is a brand name of natural desiccated thyroid medication and Synthroid is also a brand name for levothyroxine. What are the top ways in which these medication are different and what is the best way to speak to the doctor to prescribe the best thyroid medication for you? Watch the video to find out.

And i’m the creator of nourished and renewed, a 30-day in the pinned comments down below so i get a lot of questions about naturethroid you can check that one out as well natural desiccated thyroid medication i think the biggest question that most taking like levothyroxine levothyroxine has some of its issues in going to share with you some of the top ways in which these

Two medications about which which medication might be right for you all right let’s get is that synthroid is actually synthetic okay and so call it poor chinese so basically what it is is pieces of again because it’s synthetic and it’s made in a laboratory is animal derived and it’s purified in a laboratory and then it’s dosed in how they are manufactured and i think this

Is really important think that going with a natural desiccated thyroid product human hormones and it is also ultimately produced in a manufacturing know testing standards so okay there you have it so and it is derived from pigs but it is also purified in the lab that synthroid or levothyroxine the generic name of the drug contains only thinking about possibly utilizing a

Medication such as an ndt conversion issues in your body when you take t4 medication who utilize ndt medications for their thyroid including armor that little boost of t3 now there are other ways to get t3 and i’ll cover that may take a few hours before it is absorbed through the digestive system meaning that you actually feel the action of t4 working whereas many um which

May be positive and it may also have some side effects meaning that for if you do take armor thyroid or another ndt medication what you should you’re taking your medication in the morning that you are cold and you may also feel that mental clarity that is really nice if you are your heart rate if it’s increasing in a negative way meaning that you feel faster you want to

Speak to your doctor and make sure that the dose is right for next difference between the two medications and i’m going to try to be there is research and there is evidence and there are a lot of or worsen your autoimmunity because of the medication now again these are controversial statements because this is not true experience and again i do not diagnose treat or cure

Disease i am a i have hashimoto’s myself and i’ve walked on this journey but what about with armor is the same thing true well this poor chine or pig derived thyroid hormone from tissue the thyroid so it doesn’t happen all the time but i do believe that there is a and their body has really been confused and they have the if this is you i’d actually would suggest that you

Don’t try thyroid and have the best success they’ve been on this journey with because their immune system has started to calm down that makes it a little bit easier to introduce a foreign substance but in both cases whether you’re taking synthroid or you’re taking because the health of your digestive system is really the most important i have some other videos that talk

About these types of things and the next thing which is really important which is that or another autoimmune disease like celiac like i have also in your medication is really important because you don’t to other substances or creates a worsening leaky gut situation confectioners sugar which is like corn starch and found in a lot of povidone and talc now i can’t say for

Sure that any of these are really great microcrystalline cellulose sodium starch glycolate and opadry white excipients right so excipients are the added ingredients brands and i really believe that it’s not just the medication medications in terms of how their body will respond future on another type of medication that is very pure like subscribe or share on my channel

So different drugs and how they compare to one another so typically if you change your medication or you start a new medication to have your blood work redrawn to see if the medication is having also checking for is to make sure it’s not having a negative impact on your so that the doctor can you know assess okay we’re moving in the right direction effects or the improper

Dose for longer than is necessary so it is medication that you work with your doctor on a testing schedule okay so the other thing i think that is confusing for some people is that taking and i don’t know why they do this i don’t i’m not sure many micrograms a grain consists of both t4 and t3 and manufacturer’s websites so just go to armor and look up you know how many but

I think it’s difficult sometimes especially if you’re switching between to milligrams or micrograms so this is often even troubling for some doctors look it up on the internet right in front of me and i didn’t have a lot of um provider maybe like a do or an integrative doctor who’s really to be better so it also depends on who you’re working without having to take a natural

Desiccated thyroid medication you can or levothyroxine which is the generic between the two i actually prefer medication called cytomel and this is actually the t3 and i currently am taking t4 and t3 in two forms that are both synthetic and go through trial and error and be educated and research and have great so if you were taking levothyroxine when just diagnosed and that

Seemed to work okay but maybe changes and you’ve progressed through some of the phases experiment a little bit more maybe for working with other situations taking a look at some of the options that are available to you from kind of your standard levothyroxine or synthroid i know what’s right for me and i know that there are pros and cons to both and information to take with

You to your next doctor’s appointment you should go there and sign up for it because it gives you some top things to ask you today well i’ve done the hard work for you and created this thank you so much for watching my channel and thank you so much for and i’m really glad that you found my channel see you soon

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Levothyroxine Vs Armour Thyroid Medication – How Are They Different and Which Is Better? By Sara Peternell – Everything Hashimoto’s!