March 28, 2023

Treatment of hypothyroidism etc

So next we would like to talk about fire cracks so this is under endocrinology and we have thyroid hormones and so first we will begin with talking about this drug called the botox in sodium they also do an asterick seen in short erickson so basically vaccine is just this drug is just synthetic that oxy so index like how the rocks in ex the indications are firstly

Hypothyroidism hyperthyroidism so we have low thyroid level putinism secondly diffuse non-toxic pointer and thirdly is thyroid carcinoma so when you have hypothyroidism so we need to top up we need to add more of the of the vaccine to the patient so we give em synthetic toxin and then you have non-toxic odor and thyroid carcinoma or cancer of the thyroid so

Preparations and dosage this can be it’s available in the they are only available in the tablet tablet form you so what are the side effects of um health arcsin only vote eric seems with you and this adverse effects usually will occur when home there is an excessive dose or an overdose and so what you can have as many adverse effects that are related to the

Cardiovascular systems you have arrhythmia palpitations so abnormal rhythm of the heart so it’s not the rhythm does it is not normal anymore you have computations your heart goes very fast um and then we have skeletal muscle cramps and also weakness so we have weakness men cramps of the skeletal muscle and then you can have vomiting diarrhea okay tremors and

Also some patients that will breathlessness they become restless so might develop headache some develop fever goes up some will have flushing sweating and then excessive lost of weight and some also develop and channel being gay so you know the pain that looks like angina so um pain that is related to the heart and also so we develop some pain um sometimes okay

Where there is latent myocardial ischemia so maybe you have problems with the heart okay potentially arrhythmias populations in jail pain and then you have some cns symptoms such as farmers restlessness headache okay and fever and then you have some systemic symptoms also like loss of weight um you’d have a fleshie flushing in you sweats and some gi symptoms such

As vomiting in the area so it is healthy gi symptoms and also you have some muscle issues like cramps and weakness of the muscle so these are what happens when you have them and overdose on a high dose of um levothyroxine sodium or tyrosine so contraindications include how many patients have an hype or a twitter ism so meaning that we have and here means across

All okay so it revolves all the pituitary hormones so they are all hypo it’s all low okay so when you have the low secretion or discharge of the pituitary hormones so then you shouldn’t give lymphotoxin sodium and also when also to be cautious when patients have tendency to develop tennessee or adrenal insufficiency you to an efficient develops tendency for

Arrogance efficiency then we might to have to be careful with i’m giving patients um taksim you i’m sorry this disaster contraindications perceive it also cautions ok questions whom we are mainly talking about questions actually okay now and another question is try to have to start low okay start low in d all patients with cardiovascular disease so pshh patients

With cardiovascular disease and also the elderly the aged middle-aged population you have to start the toast glow you also be cautious in patience and diabetes and you might need to increase the dose of anti-diabetic drugs including insulin so if patients are diabetic we might need to increase your insulin levels okay so contraindication it’s contraindicated in

Thyrotoxicosis obviously so someone has you you you so when as someone has quite um thyroid aqsa kosis so we have excessive in the taiwan hormones so obviously i don’t want to give tyrosine which is going to make it make things worse so it’s contraindicated in patients with their toxic c toxicosis unless the patients are on unless the patients are also given

Combi muscle which is sober drug commonly useful um para toxicosis we’ll talk about tammy muscle in the probably the next series of of lecture mini lecture mini lectures on on the drugs for thyroid problems you people in the next presentation

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Levothyroxine By Pharmacology RCMP