March 24, 2023

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Hey what’s up everybody robbie j here i’m just coming at you with another thing with awareness suicide awareness mental health awareness anything like that for you today i am going through you it’s the title of pram lexapro fora it’s brand name and i want to go over this because this actually helped me now and it could have all somebody else too if you were thinking

About going this route and astrid doctor of his opinion or her opinion on a maintenance medication doesn’t have to be less a probe but something along those lines because now you’re realizing that you do have an issue and you want to fix it and fixing that and to accept it first you need to accept that you have an issue and it’s not a bad issue it’s just something

That needs to be tweaked a little bit you’re not crazy you’re not going insane you’re just thinking too much something in your brain is like you know it’s not letting you fully just be like anything’s good and smooth smooth move there’s a skipping and jump and with a lexapro or another ssri which is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor which actually you just put

Certain serotonin through your brainwaves to make you feel like everything’s back to normal everything is okay you can wean off with this you can go off and work on yourself start beginning again and be fresh but it needs to have your initial take on it in your initial take is to be like i need help other than psychologists or anything like that and you need to go

With it my experience on this was i took it for the first week the first week on it it was like dry super dry it’s not working and this drug stupid i don’t know why you need to take a pill and it takes two to four weeks to kick in but it’s what it does i don’t know i’m gonna doctor i didn’t make this medication but that’s what it does and i kept going along with

That it was hard to keep motivating myself to be like right it’s gonna work it’s gonna work it’s been a word and it was hard because time is not with us well where have mental issues or going through something time is irrelevant it’s just a sitting number and it doesn’t go anywhere so every five minutes like an hour every hours like a day and it’s horrible but it

Takes time and it doesn’t work and it does go through you so my knowledge yeah i had dry mouth like crazy like a sandstorm in there and there somebody threw up because i was so nervous and closed and with this whole tunnel vision i would throw up but it would only be like well i’m not eating my appetite was at zero so i had a foresman sawhorse be take protein shakes

And kind of get into that cuz when you have a full stomach you naturally feel better you feel content you feel your nutrition is going through you everything on that but if you’re so scared like i was you don’t eat you’re taking a pill you’re depressed you things i d suicidal whatever it is i mean if you’re suicidal first thing i say to do is to tell somebody right

Tell them how you’re gonna do it tell them that you’re getting this way and you want them to know so they can be with you when people keep quiet about it it’s kind of like you’re trying to motivate yourself but yourself is telling you to do this stuff so it’s not really working so what i did is i went to my wife i went to my mom whoever it was at that time i went

To them and told him i was feeling this way is home feeling maybe watch out for me and help me or just beat it as a person and i needed that and thank god i had some people there thank god i you have facebook youtube you have me comment below i’ll respond to you but you need to take action and know that this is a issue for a lot of people like you think oh my god

No one else knows what i’m going through and everybody that has an issue knows exactly what you’re going through and you’re so isolated and wanting to be alone that you don’t reach out or seek other people you just know that i’m going crazy i gotta focus on me going crazy focus me on going crazy no join facebook groups i’m a part of eight of them and i’m sure to

Help out as many people as i can cuz it’s scary and it’s not a way to live at all and i need you guys to be here i need i need you to say i understand this leave a comment saying i know exactly what you’re talking about you know that whole television like that i take this or i’m breathing like this and this help me whatever your cases on how you’re dealing with it

And you feel better about it let me know like i want to see everybody that’s go through stuff like this and see all the experiences they had with this mental health issue that you’re going through and we all need to be together and stick together because only we know how this feels the english will be like oh it’s all in your head no it’s in my head that’s why

I’m going crazy because i can get it out of my head so don’t tell me to breathe don’t tell me to calm down don’t tell me not to think like this because i can’t help it and when i realized that i couldn’t help it that’s when i seeked out i’m at a maintenance medication and it saved me save my life and the side effects of it it took off for me since i like to do a

Placebo effect and just be like okay it’s working okay it’s working today so what can i do to make me trick my brain ahead of time to say okay it’s working put the pill i said okay i’m going to write down find a journal started writing a journal best thing what do you think today what do you want to feel what are you looking forward to what do you want out of this

Experience for yourself you know everybody’s going to have their own plan mine was to be stable enough to continue working work was hard i don’t want to be outside of my house i thought my beds for sleep and get these thoughts away i don’t want anybody to see me go through this i don’t want everybody back that guy’s weird what the hell with him you don’t need that

You need to be stable and have your life back you know whatever your you think your life is you need to have that but be content and happy with it you don’t want to be content with a life that’s shitty or angry or hates the world because that’s gonna do nothing to make you miserable to you die you don’t live one so find things that make you happy hobbies journaling

Watching movies disneyland anything that gets you active and your brain to keep you motivated on well i’m doing something i’m not just laying in bed crying or trying to sleep as much as i can though because when i’m awake being awake sucks because reality is world and it took me about three weeks for this medication to finally kick in after it kicked in it was a

Relief complete relief i wasn’t changed i wasn’t a zombie i’m like this right i’m talking i’m talking before would be like yeah another one go up mmm no that is ugly right so it all takes to see like where you’re at in your point of your mental health situation or what route you want to take or if you want to try a maintenance or if you want to try to breathe or

You want to reach out to other people and see their opinion please do that because it’s great to get everybody’s opinion take on every single information it’s something hurt you right you can take on the breathing you take on the maintenance you can take on relaxing working out food diets and drinks anything like that that’s going to help you change your state of

Mind to that try them all out because i’m gonna hurt you it’s only gonna make you keep wanting to help yourself and to finally find that niche of like okay nothing else is working let’s try a minion’s medication and that’s what i’m doing and it saved my life and i’m trying to get off of it i think in about two years i’m gonna want to get off but that’s two years

Now some uneven worry about that but i know i’m gonna want to get off and i want to do this right and this helped me get to this point of like i feel normal again and what this allowed me is to keep my job get other jobs that pay more because i feel like i deserve it now right before i was gonna let you know i don’t deserve this much not only do i deserve this

I’m a great worker i’m confident i do my work well i strive every single day to do whatever i gotta do to make your company look better and help me do that interns got me a girlfriend turn into my wife my wife and i had a kid kids gorgeous we have our own place we both have great jobs and this allowed me to accept this and to take on because these are these are

Big things in life marriage a kid living with someone keeping a job to maintain rent you know this helped me get all those and not be so closed about pursuing it further or being like today i have to go to work what if i get fired no like you can’t fire me i’m a great worker you guys need me you need me and that’s what allowed me to feel like like everybody needed

Me because of my work ethic because of my brain saying you got to be the best you got to beat them you got to be better than everybody else but in a humble way you’re not i’m not saying you suck i’m just saying like it gave me that confidence inside to pursue and to get what i want in life whatever you want life you need to figure out how to get that and leave

Me comments share your stories i don’t want other people to read this and read your comments and read whatever it is everything okay i’m not alone cuz you’re not if you need help there’s hotlines to call there’s websites there’s youtube there’s facebook instagram there’s classes there’s people to see people talk to you people there’s endless things to do to help

Yourself and i need you to strive to do that so we can feel better and make differences in other people’s lives because it is so scary so scary i would rather go to a dentist with no numbing and get my drove my teeth drilled and pulled out without any you know pain medication then go through a depressed anxiety lonely mind and i need you guys to understand that

You’re not alone i’m here there’s a lot of people out there that have the same exact thing you just had to have that well to look for it to see it seek yourself and make yourself better because you are beautiful everything you do is amazing you are your own person i need you to show people who you are and how you can do this and how i can be the best that you can

Be for your own benefit not the best you can be for the man on the top you know or your next position or your next i just want to be as good as you feel like you can take it and don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not good enough now that’s that because they are also not right in the head if they can tell it’s somebody else and you got to be like oh wow you need

Help another thing i thing but you know i’m glad i’m not rude like you i’m glad i don’t belittle people you know stuff like that so just strive to find something for yourself i love you very much so i hope you love me if not it’s okay but i love you and hang in there everything’s gonna be okay i promise you okay like subscribe below or do nothing leave a comment

Just be here watch this i’m here and i love you

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