May 29, 2023

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Hi guys welcome to the channel here i have some as the teleprom 20 milligrams that i have been prescribed and um i just want to talk about my story with these pills and i’ve actually just started taking them again so originally i got prescribed citalopram normalcytalapram 10 milligrams i started taking it and it just made me a hell of a lot worse i felt absolutely

Terrible anxiety was worse i felt awful i’ve done a bit of research online i read up about different medications and i read that essay teleprom is like a cleaner version of cetalopram and a lot of people had a lot more success using esotelopram so i told the doctor about this he decided to give me acetal prime i think it’s more expensive than to teleprom i think

That’s why they don’t like to dish it out first of all i’m not sure that’s what i heard so it did improve everything quite a lot actually i went from being completely housebound i was housebound for like one year and a half um never left the house in a year and a half this was back in 2016. and i went from that to being able to travel alone all the way to the

Philippines and i got a job and i was working in the philippines and i was pretty fine actually i mean i had the odd symptoms here and there but overall i was pretty fine and what happened was i actually ran out of medication while i was in the philippines i ran out of escitalopram i realized as the teleprom is mega expensive there it was like you’re talking

About over a hundred dollars a month and um you know i was just english teaching i wasn’t earning loads of money so i thought that was i can’t afford that what i’m gonna do is i feel fine now i’m just gonna come off it you know so i kind of tapered myself off it just by cutting the pills down to five milligrams and then when i ran out that was it just stopped

And uh actually i didn’t really notice a change i thought oh maybe i’m okay maybe i’m fine anyway the coronavirus thing happened i couldn’t stay there anymore lost the job there i got stuck in my um apartment building for like four months trying to get a flight home because there was no flights at the time it was pretty horrific um so basically i was just stuck

There indoors for four months and that took its toll on me a little bit to be honest you know coming up coming out of anxiety and depression and all that getting the job finally and then all this stuff hit and it’s almost as if i went back to square one in a lot of respects and anyway i’ve been back in england now for like now on a year and um my anxiety over time

Over this period of being stuck indoors again has just gradually come back and i’ve started getting really bad with it again the depression is there the anxiety is there um i’m even getting a little bit agoraphobic again and uh i thought you know i can’t deal with this again so i just started on the escitalopram again i called the doctor um i mean i think i’m even

Getting some dye as a palm even though i don’t like taking diazepam but um that’s another story i’m only going to take that in emergency situations anyway but yeah i’m starting off on the esotelopram again this time you give me 20 milligrams um because of my history and everything with with anxiety and the found that 20 milligrams works best for me little do they

Know that i never take 20 milligrams i always cut them in half and take ten and i’ll sometimes cut them into quarters like this if you can capture that i cut them into quarters like that when i first start off taking them right this is a tip the doctor when they give you these medications at least in england that don’t tell you the tape are under the medication

They’ll just give you 20 milligrams and say take them so people are just going from 0 to 20 and for those who don’t know 20 milligrams of acetal prime is the equivalent of like 40 milligrams of normal zutalipram because this is so clean in the way that it’s made it’s a lot stronger and potent than norman sultalopram so yeah i’ve heard that this is the equivalent

Of 40 milligrams of normal to teleprom which is a very very very high dose for an ssri so if i’m taking this five milligram i’m actually starting off on 10 milligram if you take the 20 actually starting off on 40 if that makes sense it’s kind of like that so if you just go neck and a pill of 20 milligrams of of um acetal problem from zero i reckon you’re going to

Have some major side effects in most cases i’m not saying everyone because everyone’s different but i know from my experience that when i was first told to do that by the doctor it hit me like a ton of bricks i felt like i was going insane i felt like i was going crazy my anxiety went through the roof um i felt really uncontrollable and it scared the vegetables

Out of me so i stopped taking them i was like oh whoa no i’m not taking these i’ve done a little bit of my own research and i realized if you taper onto them as well as tapering off them it’s really got much less of a impact on that initial sort of dose when you when you first take it so i tried it and i started off with five milligrams and it really worked you

Know i felt a little bit like more anxious than that but it wasn’t really that bad it was not much more than usual so that’s how you do it guys don’t just go taking the full dose at first i’ll take five milligrams for about a week and then then i’ll start taking 10. i doubt i’ll ever go up to 20 honestly i think 10 done it for me last time and i think 20 is a bit

Overkill i think if i was taking 20 milligrams i might be really zombified and i just think that’s too much when i’m taking 10 milligrams of ester teleprom that’s like 20 milligrams of normal to teleprom basically so it’s quite a high dose and i think that’s enough for me i don’t really want to go to the the the heights of taking 20 milligrams of acetal prompt i

Think that’s too much personally um but anyway yeah i started taking five milligrams about four days ago um i’ve noticed a little change already in the in the the severeness of the symptoms of anxiety the physical some symptoms and uh yeah but i’m gonna keep taking them again and hopefully you know they do take a little while to work that’s the problem with these

Ssris although sometimes you can take one and it will kind of have a sort of immediate effect or you feel as if it does they actually usually don’t start working properly for at least a few weeks the doctor tells you usually like four four weeks to six weeks sometimes eight weeks it really depends on the individual but um yeah they do take a little while for the

Feel the full effect of them but sometimes they can’t have an immediate effect um or at least to feel like they do um and i’ve certainly noticed a difference since i just started taking five milligrams a few days ago i’ve already noticed that the the physical symptoms like the the heart palpitations and the feeling dizzy and the sort of nervousness i’ve got this

Constant nervousness and irritability irritability and almost as if i’m shaking but internally sounds weird but that’s how it feels um that has died down a lot already which is very good i’m over the moon about that and um yeah right now my anxiety problems are really just up and down you know a lot of the times i’ll feel fine you know i’ll not feel too bad and

I’ll just be thinking oh well there’s not much to this anxiety stuff and then other times i’ll be literally like completely grounded with it i feel as if my throat is closing up globus hystericus we call it um i get that quite regular i get out of breath very severely and when i get out of breath i feel very lightheaded almost as if i’m about to pass out but i

Never actually do pass out um sometimes it comes with a lot of fatigue um just fear intense fear intense intense fear almost as if a terrible thing is gonna happen i’m on the i’m on the last legs of me life and i’m gonna be executed type of fear um pains chest tightness uh all sorts of things all sorts of weird weird and wonderful things but yeah i’m on the

Old esoterm path again which i don’t really want to be on i don’t really like taking medications especially things like ssris that can’t have side effects diazepam is even more dangerous like don’t really get involved with benzodiazepines are very very dangerous um i usually have them as an emergency procedure like if i’m having a very very terrible panic attack

Uncontrollable to the point where i’m like my body’s freezing up physically and all that maybe i’ll have a two milligram pill just to chill me out but it’s very very seldom like in the past probably like 14 to 16 months i’ve probably had four diazepam pills two milligrams very low dose so that is a pretty safe way to take them if you take maybe one two milligram

Pill every three months you’re not really going to get addicted or have any long-term effects from that but people that rely on them and take them daily or weekly or anything like that the highly addictive highly dangerous um a lot of research recently has found the cause alzheimer’s and all sorts of things like they were very very dangerous truck actually they

Can make anxiety much worse in the long run um but the way i take them i find them very useful because it’s like you’ve got something there in your pocket i keep them in my wallet and i’ve got them there for an emergency and it’s almost like a it’s almost like a comfort blanket you know it’s like if i do have a really bad panic attack that i feel i’m totally out

Of control i’ve got me little friends there in my wallet pop one of them and i’ll feel better and i know i’ll feel better and just knowing that a lot of the time without even taking one calms me down uh it’s got this like calming effect just knowing that you’ve got that there’s an emergency you know so i very very seldom take them but i just like having them there

I don’t have any at the moment but the doctor’s gonna give me some um yeah so i will make a log of this journey on the essay teleprom uh hopefully it will have the same effect as last time where i felt basically completely better to a degree i would never say completely better because i don’t believe that you can cure anxiety just with the medication i don’t

Believe that acetal prime is a cure um what i would say is a lot of the times of anxiety i struggled with just not being afraid of the symptoms like the physical symptoms like i’ve just been mentioning the the tightness of the throat the breathlessness all this stuff scared the hell out of me and what these do is to kind of subdue those physical symptoms to the

Point i barely notice them and i find it a lot easier to cope and bearing that in mind i found it a lot easier to like get back to some sort of normality and figure things out for myself and get into a better mental state without the constant nuisance of the physical bodily sensations always reminding me if that makes sense that’s that’s how i found the work for

Me and um i’m just hoping they’ll have a very similar effect this time i don’t see why not i mean it should should work the same way as before um but yeah it’s pretty bad right now struggling quite a bit i mean i don’t know if this epidemic thing has got a lot to do with it overthinking overthinking of what’s going on in the world right now i don’t know if this

Has brought up a lot of it um of course being imprisoned in our own homes right now for someone who’s i literally had just gotten out of agoraphobia like agoraphobia was the one probably the worst time of my entire life i was trapped in this room for like over a year and a half actually just trapped here and it was absolutely awful and i got through that and

I got back on my feet again and i just managed to travel all the way to the philippines on my own and get a job and everything seemed to be going well i had my own apartment in a beautiful complex had a beach resort had a pool everything i was just like thinking this is great this is amazing and then just as you think you’re getting back on your feet and life’s

Like dealing your decent hand the coronavirus thing happened set everything back destroyed me job um so i lost my income and um yeah i was forced into coming home and stuck home ever since again and this cycle of being stuck in my bedroom i don’t have any friends i don’t have anyone to talk to i don’t know every anyone to confide in um and it’s just a very lonely

Existence and i think i think the fact that i am alone and i don’t have any friends and stuff to be one of the major contributors in my anxiety and um depression and stuff although i don’t like being around a lot of people so it’s kind of a never-ending cycle um i think this coronavirus if it hadn’t have happened if none of this had ever happened there’s a huge

Chance i could be still in the philippines now working saving money and in a very good position and not having a relapse of anxiety and i could be very happy right now if none of this ever happened but i guess there’s many people out there that can say that i think this is uh this has had a huge impact on a lot of people’s lives and it’s very very um unfortunate

That’s happened is this an attack on the mental state i don’t know there seems to be a huge rise in depression and anxiety and mental disorders you know you’ve got to wonder at the end of the day what’s more dangerous to human society a virus that kills less than one percent of the people are an epidemic of mental illnesses and depressions and suicides and

Anxiety and all the rest of it you know anyway that’s it guys thanks for watching peace out much love

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