June 4, 2023

Lexapro has been a miracle for me. After suffering from anxiety and depression most of my life, I decided to give perscription meds a try. The first one I was perscribed was Lexapro (escitalopram). Lexpro has been an incredible medication for me. If you’ve been on it, let me know how’s it worked for you…

Hi kids hey everybody welcome to joey talks my name is joey and this week we’ve been going through a series on depression and anxiety i did an intro video and then i did one on depression one on anxiety and then today i want to start a series talking about the different medications that i have been on ones that have worked and ones that have not worked for me just

To give the disclaimer i’m not a medical doctor and so this is not medical advice this is just simply my experience my anxiety started peaking almost about two years ago and one of the examples i gave was i started to notice a very heightened sense of panic in all areas of life so one night just waking up in the middle of the night and being completely drenched

In a cold sweat my heart is racing i’m having chest pain over signing my son’s permission slip for the next morning obviously everyone experiences different levels of anxiety anxiety just a part of the human experience it’s a part of stress and having to deal with all of the different influences in our life for me i noticed that it was starting to become more of

A disorder when that level of panic or that level of anxiety that it was associated with things that typically would not cause that level of anxiety so for example signing here kids permission slips should not have you wake up in the middle of the night having cold sweats and having a harp application so the first medication that my doctor put me on was lexapro

Which i think is one of the most prescribed antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications that’s out there most of the time the doctors start to at five milligrams you can go in for five to up to 20 milligrams and for me i didn’t really feel anything at five then he put me up at ten at ten it was like the miracle drug and i could not believe the way that my life

Felt with reduced anxiety in it it was like i could actually see clearly i used to call anxiety like static there’s like static in my inner vision it was static in the way that i was perceiving the world but lexapro basically decreased that static to a place where i could actually see clearly and hear clearly which was amazing now a little caveat to that it didn’t

Make me feel energetic it didn’t make me feel hyper it didn’t you’ll know meow none of those things all it did was make me feel more myself and made me feel more normal this type of medication is an ssri and it takes a few weeks if not a few months to really build up in your system and to really have an effect so the first few weeks i was on it i think two weeks it

Really made me super tired like i was sleeping in the middle of the day all the time i couldn’t keep my eyes open once i got through that initial two weeks then it was like the sun is shining and things were clearer for me for the past few years i have up to the lexapro i just recently had went and saw a psychiatrist and so now among 30 milligrams which a general

Practitioner can’t prescribe you only a psychiatrist can so on 30 milligrams of lexapro take it once a day i take it in the morning and i have seen a significant improvement in my overall disposition one thing my doctor told me that i think is worth saying is that if you have underlying anxiety coupled with depression that lexapro tends to work really really well

For people like me another question in that science seriously another question that a lot of people have is about side effects now i didn’t really experience any side effects aside for those first two weeks after i got through those first two weeks of taking it the side effects completely went away i did not feel tired i did not feel numbed out i just felt very

Much myself – the anxiety it also didn’t help improve my overall mood which then helped me with some of my depressive episodes and so i really really like this drug i think it’s worked really well for me i plan on being on it for a while as i continue to see a therapist in seaside go to a psychiatrist two other things that i’ve heard multiple doctors say is that

Women tend to start on a higher dose i don’t know why but they do this they tend to start them at 10 or 15 milligrams whereas men usually take a lower dose and in some men it can cause a decrease in sex drive that was definitely not my case i think my anxiety was causing my sex drive to be skewed and so once i got rid of the anxiety everything was a-ok but that

Is one side effect that simply we’ll say so yeah if you are experiencing anxiety and it has become uncontrollable i would highly recommend you go talk to your general physician because he or she can prescribe lexapro for you but if it is something that continues to be bothersome i highly highly recommend to go see a psychiatrist because your general physician

Will have a general understanding of depression and anxiety but a psychiatrist has been learned in brain chemistry and has a much broad and deep understanding of different medications that are used for mental illness so the next video that i’ll be putting out there is on the drug dwell featuring that was the next drug that i was put on and it’s typically used

For depression i did not have a good experience with hope matrons so stay tuned for that review of that medication if you feel like any of your friends would benefit from watching this please feel free to share and i encourage you to comment below because i do these videos to have conversation i want to hear from you i want to hear your thoughts i want to hear

Where you’re at so please do that so next time i’ll see you later

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Lexapro (escitalopram) – Lexapro Review By joeytalks