March 22, 2023

Hi I just wanted to share my experience on Lexapro 🙂

Hi so my name’s nikki um i’ve i can’t talk i was just sitting here reflecting on my life and thinking about certain things going on right now i’m not sure how i feel about and it all led me back to thinking about how well i’m handling it all and um which is what this video is going to be about um i’m not a medical professional this isn’t advice everyone’s

Experience is different so this is just my experience um but i have been on flexipro while the generic exotelopram 10 milligrams for i don’t know six months now um for anyone out there that’s scared to try medicine um i’m right there with you i have been contemplating taking meds for well let me back up i’ve had anxiety pretty much as long as i can remember

Um and like mild depression um i didn’t even know that there were like long term meds you could take that can help you i just thought it was like you take xanax when you’re anxious well what if you’re anxious every day like i was um and i actually tried the xanax root and i would say i definitely got addicted to them so i did some more research and i found that

There’s actually a whole bunch of different drugs that can help anxiety and depression that you just take maybe they’re all different but like lex pro i just take it once a day um and go on my day so um for those of you that are scared i mean everyone’s reactions and experiences are different so like don’t base it only off of my experience but i started at five

Milligrams so half a dose um i actually stay on that for a few months because um i just didn’t i was scared but it was very smooth honestly um i actually tried zoloft in the past i only made it seven days it gave me horrible restless leg syndrome which i never even heard of that being a side effect before but my legs would hurt so bad through the night that it

Would wake me up throughout the night and i was like i can’t deal with this anymore um i really liked lex pro in the beginning right away because it it was like a sleeping pill to me um which i found out fast because i took it to start i would take it in the morning and i could barely make it through the day but then i started taking it at night and for those

Of you who have trouble sleeping um like i do sometimes it was amazing i would take it i’m like okay well i guess i’m going to bed now and like very soon afterwards i was out um that effect pretty much went away um i still sleep pretty good though so that’s good so the thing is lex pro is classified i guess as an antidepressant but in a group called ssris these

Meds can take like at least four weeks to feel their full effects um which i didn’t know when i first started taking it and i got a little discouraged at first like why am i not feeling that much better like it can actually make you more anxious at first which i also didn’t know and i was starting to freak out like why am i feeling more anxious what’s the point

Of being on this so yeah the beginning can be hard like you can have stomach upset increased anxiety um probably increase depression to um all sorts of things like i don’t even know the list unfortunately i’m sorry um but the thing i want to say is that stuff does go away i feel so much better now like those effects only lasted maybe like one or two weeks um

The thing is that the pill works so gradually that i didn’t couldn’t really tell though like when exactly it started working um and it’s not like a magic pill like i still get anxiety um but i think when i really realized it was working um i’ve always been scared of taking pills i it’s crazy somehow i got myself to take this one every day for over a year a year

Now i guess um when i realized it was working was when i actually suggested to my doctor that i increased the dosage and for me there was a huge step and i was like wow it must be working i’m not scared to increase dosage i actually want to increase the dosage being on 10 milligrams which is like the suggested dosage um i feel it didn’t have the same effect

On my sleep which i was kind of hoping it would that it would like put me right to sleep again um but like anxiety and depression-wise i just feel like overall i’m just in a better place i really hope it stays that way um so at least for me like i still do have anxiety but islam easier to handle now um instead of like thinking of something like i used to think

Something would make me anxious and that anxiety would last like even days or even weeks depending on like what it was about um and like i still get anxiety but it’s a lot easier to just like brush things off or like even if it’s an ongoing thing i can like calm myself down and come back to it when i’m feeling ready to handle the situation um it definitely has

Made my life easier so people who are scared of pills i’m just making this video um this is a positive experience for me um oh weird side effect i just remembered i it actually gave me acne um but that’s also gone away so like any side effect that you that i’ve gotten at least is pretty much gone now like even the acne probably took longer than the rest like

Um maybe it took like a month instead of two weeks to go away but yeah i’m very happy with these pills so just to reiterate i had a super great experience on exit exotelopram also known as luxpro 10 milligrams or any milligrams um don’t be yourself up if you’re not ready to try meds that’s okay i was there for a long time even in those cases like things still get

Better and there’s always options there’s always therapy meds with therapy are actually supposed to be like the best combination um i’m in the process of finding a counselor to work with um so i hope that pans out if anyone has any questions or wants to talk i will listen i’ll be here thanks for listening to me and my story i hope that it gave some insight and

Maybe helps someone out there alright thanks bye

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Lexapro/Escitalopram Review By fran cene