February 8, 2023

This video is about my experience with using lexapro for social anxiety as well as using lexapro for anxiety in general.

Using lexapro for anxiety or using lexapro for social anxiety this is what we are going to talk about today so stay with me to the end because there are some important things to learn here but first a disclaimer this video is not a recommendation whether or not my viewers should be using lexapro for anxiety i will simply share my own experience the video is not

Medical advice if you need medical advice please through your doctor scandinavian bob here hi as a former anxiety sufferer myself my goal with this channel is to make hundreds of videos with all kinds of tools and tricks on how to cope with anxiety so if anxiety is something that you struggle with consider subscribing click on the little bell icon and let’s get

Going as some of you may know i no longer really suffer from anxiety but back when i did i tried everything and i do mean everything and so i also tried using lexapro for social anxiety lexapro or escitalopram is a prescription drug that goes under the ssri category which is short for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and the idea there is that by blocking

The reuptake of the lingering serotonin around the synapses we are left with more serotonin okay so what did it do for me well let’s start with lexapro for social anxiety unfortunately i have to say i did not find lexapro to be really helpful for my social anxiety it was still helpful in that it did lower my worry and anxiety in general to some degree before going

To an event where i used to be anxious but then when i was in the midst of that event i was always almost as anxious as i was before i started taking the lexapro i was still there with my shaky hands fear of blushing and all those fun things so i will give the lexapro what two out of ten in this department but let’s keep going lexapro for generalized anxiety as i

Already alluded to about lexapro did indeed work pretty well for generalized sorry for me meaning it did dial down my worrisome thoughts i was less anxious at home and i had less anxiety about what might happen for example tomorrow at work or in the future in general so yeah for me lexapro did work pretty well for generalized anxiety i’ll give it a score of 7 out

Of 10 here lexapro for anxiety attacks back in the day i was also blessed with having horrible panic attacks yep i had it all anyway so does lexapro work for panic attacks well for me it did not not at all in fact i have to give it a score of 0 out of 10 here so for me lexapro produced anxiety in general but not my social anxiety i was still highly anxious when

Eating and drinking in front of people which has always been a big fear of mine for example and it did absolutely nothing for my panic attacks however i did find that it stabilized my mood a bit and i was having less deep dips and also it did increase my general self-esteem a bit so that was a couple of other good things right there but then it also made me gain

Weight pretty significantly however i did discover after some tweaking and messing around with my body how to get around that with a bit of hacking my biology but that will be a subject for a future video also if you’re interested in how to not gain weight while on antidepressants you might want to consider subscribing for that one ok so that was my experience with

Lexapro for anxiety and i hope you found it informative in some ways and all guys check this out i have written a book called discover anxiety solutions from anxious to warrior and it’s a book full of natural tools and tricks and how to reduce anxiety overcome shyness and become your most badass self and i would like to give that book away for free that’s right

It’s 80 pages full of helpful tips and tools and you can download it 100% free by clicking the link under this video where it says ebook now these are all tools that i have discover during my own journey when learning how to cope with anxiety and shyness and i wish i had that book 25 years ago when i was starting to develop anxiety problems myself as it would have

Saved me from so much pain anyway just click the link where it says ebook and download it 100% free of charge alright that’s it for today consider subscribing for more tools and tricks on how to cope with anxiety and i will be back with a lot more this is candy navin bob signing out for today and remember just keep discovering more tools and tricks and never ever

Give up if you’re going through hell keep going

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LEXAPRO FOR SOCIAL ANXIETY | My Experience&LESSONS LEARNED-Escitalopram By How To Cope With Anxiety