June 4, 2023

Hi Guys!!! Long time no see!! Here’s a quick update on where I’ve been the past few months! Sorry I left without warning but I just wanted to take a break! Thank you for sticking around!!

Hi guys and welcome to my channel my name is brennan joanne and you oh wow i changed my intro deny this is not britain’s great anymore wow okay hi guys and welcome to my channel my name is brynan joanne and welcome it’s been a long time since i have filmed a youtube video and it’s been a long time since i’ve been on social media all together i’m sorry i don’t

Know if my lighting is weird or not okay i have been on a social media hiatus i completely i think it was at the end of march i believe i kind of just stopped with social media i had gotten to a point where she was like scrolling through it way too much and i it was making my brain just kind of feel numb i couldn’t remember things and i was having like a hard

Time just like focusing on anything so um i’m just my brain was just it was getting the social media numbness that i didn’t want to have i never wanted to be that person you know that’s just got like dumb so i felt like i was getting dumb and it just clicked in my brain that focusing on real life so i was in my family my boyfriend you know my immediate close

Important people in my life you know really focusing on them and less focus on you know everybody in the world so i really really wanted to just get off of everything take a breather and then so that’s what i did and it feels really really good i really have enjoyed not being you know just like glued to social media oh so it’s just it’s been really nice and i

Have some pointers that i wanted to cover in this video i wrote down just a couple things that i can update you guys on so i wanted to just let you know where i’ve been what i’ve been doing um so i mentioned i was off social media that one of my bullet point i also have been traveling my boyfriend alan he lives in seattle washington i live in florida so he’s

Lay up here and i’m way down here so i’ve been traveling to see him and it’s been so fun i really really love going and seeing him it’s really incredible and it’s been such an adventure i mean he has come to see me so it’s really been that’s been really really important in my life seeing him and spending time with him and just traveling back and forth has been

So fun i have posted on instagram some of our excursions together you know we’ve bought into canada together i’ve been all around seattle and it’s been the best so i go every other month and he has come here to florida and it’s just been that’s been a really big part of what i’ve been doing lately so that’s been really incredible when he was here i took him to

St. augustine the alligator farm and to st. george street we went to orlando to islands adventure and that was so fun i hadn’t been there in a while so that was really fun i took him up to georgia we spent a little bit of time in thomasville which is just the cutest little like quaint town it’s really really sweet so when he came here he got to go to florida antin

Georgia which when i’m traveling i like to go and see as many places as possible just so i can say that i’ve done it you know it’s just cool to like check off the list i kind of have posted a little bit of an update on my instagram and i show so this pictures of some of the things that we’ve been doing recently so if you do want to see some of the videos that

I’ve not videos i guess i put two videos up with my nephew that’s not my child that’s my nephew um and then i put up a bunch of majors of allen and i so so that’s part of where i’ve been and then another part of where i’ve been is i started a new job i went two months ago i started an office job at my sister’s office and so i’m full-time i am very busy working

And traveling it’s been really fun it’s been a great experience and so i’m i’m actually looking into a separate job part-time just to get a little experience doing a different form of work because kind of what i’m thinking along the lines of what i want to kind of do is separate from what i’m working on full-time right now so i’m kind of thinking i want to

Get a part-time job so i’m i’ve just been very busy i’m about to be a little bit busier so that’s part of the reason why i haven’t been uploading any youtube videos i just have not had a time and i needed a little break you know oh okay so my acne i know a lot of you do follow me for not a lot but i do know some of you have followed me because of my sprout a

Lactone videos and those are acne videos so i do have a series of three or four acne related videos where i talk about this for a lactone and my face was actually written and um so i i do know some of you follow me for that reason and i wouldn’t let you guys know that i have completely waned myself off of sprott a lactone so i started on 50 meg’s awhile ago my

First started spray locked when i was on 50 meg’s i was bumped up to a hundred meg’s i stayed on 100 meg’s for a while um and i say makes any milligrams right next isn’t low grabs okay so so i was on 100 meg’s for a good while i dropped myself down to 75 i stayed on 75 for a while i dropped down after i was on that for a while 250 all the while going and seeing

My cardiologist if she knew she knew what was happening i stayed off of birth control for a very long time she did not know recently i did get on before my first control the iud so now i actually is really ridiculous now that i don’t need to be on birth control for my medication now i’m on it and i’m off the medications but so that i drop down to 50 every day

And it slowly i started taking 50 every other day um she did not give me instructions to do that i just figured that i would try that myself i it is a blood pressure medication so i don’t know if that was the healthiest way to go about doing it every day but i did it every other day and then two weeks ago actually while alan was here in florida i stopped taking

It all together and then i went back with him to seattle i didn’t even bring it with me so i i completely kind of cold turkey to it after i was doing it every other day i did not wind down to 25 and then i didn’t like i just kind of stopped after 50 i’m really day and while i was in seattle i ate really bad i had a lot of ice cream which is not good i like candy

And junk food so my skin actually would it was kind of crazy i went a little bizarre when i was in seattle i am healing up from a couple of spots that i had form in seattle a little bit around my mouth and um considering i have stopped a spray lactone and i had a lot of junk food my face is clearing up by itself like really nicely like it is such a relief for me

Because i was really nervous about how am i gonna react with me stopping this brought a lactone and then when i was in seattle and i just kind of was ridiculous with what i ate um i was a little nervous and then when it started breaking i was like man i probably got to go back on for a lactone but then when i came home i was like you know what i’m just gonna eat

Really clean i’m gonna flush this out and just see what my skin does and so far it’s healing really really well and the acne is going down and it’s just even and its really really nice so i almost brought a lactone and that’s the update right now i did um while i was on spent a lactone notice hair loss not so much on this side if you’ll notice this side is pretty

Full but this side over here i was actually losing a lot of hair right in this area from this brown lactone i’m not sure why i was just but i overall i lost hair from this rock turn like i would get one of hair out of the shower when i watched shower at night so that it was a side effect i did experience from spurlock and i will keep you updated on that whether

Or not the hair loss continues or if it comes back we’ll see hopefully cuz like my dermatologist said it should come back fine i’m excited to be off of spray lacto and that is an update for you guys i will let you know and future videos how it’s going i did also want to mention my what is it my skin care my skin care my makeup and decluttering so along with the

Social media detox i kind of wanted to detox my make you know i had too much for one person i had way too much makeup you know so i have really decluttered i declared a lot of things that i notice are not healthy makeup and as i’m slowly incorporating new makeup into my beauty routine and my skincare routine also i’m just really really focusing on all natural

Products i can actually do videos on that i will do it get ready with me using natural makeup and i can also show you guys my natural skincare that i have been using and it’s really working out nicely with my spread a lactone free face so it’s been really nice it’s just that’s a quick update for you guys there’s not been anything crazy happening i just want to

Get off of social media and kind of detox my mind and detox some of my makeup just really really focus on real life so that’s where i’ve been i will continue to upload youtube videos um just so i can keep connected with you guys i have missed it it has been something that i have wanted to do for a while now kind of off and on since i have been on this detox so

I’m gonna try my best to get them up when i can there’ll probably be more casual style videos and before i quit my channel for that little while before i took the i hey this i had said i wanted to be a little more casual with my channel not be so sit down makeup tutorials but i kind of want to make this just more like let’s hang out when i’ve got time let’s hang

Out so that’s kind of my goal and i really have missed you guys i am back on instagram off and on you know i’m not just completely on instagram but i will be posting here and there and just kind of seeing what’s going on and um as of no i’m not on tik-tok but when i got off tik-tok it just it was so different and then how it was when i first started tick tock

So i’m pretty much off tick-tock i have not looked at it in months i have not logged in it i would have to find my login information to even get back on the app so i’m not on tick-tock which is funny because i was my largest following i had like a hundred and forty six thousand followers on tick-tock so but it wasn’t as fun anymore you know who cares about the

Numbers life is more than numbers you need to have fun with what you’re doing and i was not having fun on tic tocs so instagram and youtube will be the two places you can find me and i just i’m happy to hang out with you guys again so i’m happy to be back and thank you guys for watching this video if you have any questions or any future video requests please

Let me know down in the comment section below and i’m glad to be back so i don’t see you guys next time and i don’t remember what my outro was bye guys oh okay

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LIFE UPDATE!! (Where I've Been/ Spironolactone Update) | Brennan Juhan By Brennan Juhan