March 24, 2023

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Let’s go boy enjoy it oh my god berry’s in red bull how does he do it well that’s how he does it we’re gonna go meet other people in brighton pajamas all right kids ready to leave and oh we caved out hey man how you doing morning morning missions with yarn come on right here small ankle crew oh we’re great oh my god he’s back at it boom yeah nice clean oh

Yeah um take that to the bank informally dead flapping oh my god he’s good you would have made that take the impact on my hip again it’s fine yeah yeah he could have done it okay decent decent you’re almost there slop up your life triathlon over there what what which one it’s a triathlon it’s coming good christine gave me a couple of uh adult tic tacs aka

Ibuprofen yeah oh watch my video instead it’s better boom boom that sounds good yes guys well yeah let’s go mate that’s what we like to see no youtube hey dom’s gonna do a dive roll oh very cool very cool oh tim champion hey hey that was really good yeah boom yeah see it’s nice give the vortex a bang dom’s gonna do the from here vortex roll here it’ll

Be really nice see yes lovely joseph jessica henderson geo sizing up the classic flip-free yes he’s so good nice love that come on come on come on that’s good just another flip down over the gap yeah it’s right in like from one flip free to another ed’s gonna look at this side back hello all right now that’s made nice and easy look at the side way easier to

Transfer right yeah you can really yeah and you’re like i would love for this to feel miles off yeah yeah i’m like oh i definitely can’t do it today and then now it’s like done yeah yeah you did it and it just clicked you yeah it’s now definitely a thing yes let’s go red foreign foreign on monday yes that’s how much he overshot it cruising mate flying

I overshot the out of it it’s scary and he’s so handsome as well i’m so beautiful there it is still steaming out of it white there we go what moved up to this sand pit jump and jan is looking at tumbling down to six meters he’s quite high it is quite high it’s like it’d be the first proper drop anything like over here since you break your hip yeah what’s up

Complete for cool good it’s not that much impact on the on the legs yeah yeah it’s just a big body hit but it’s just it’s a long dive just hold that please hold on hold hello rods there and then um yeah yeah exactly the same she’s got that bush back to it but it’s that i still should have that airtime or air control from you from northern splash diving exactly

All that sin mate this nice dive front spot roll got this yarn five two let’s go boy enjoy it done right there sick let’s go yes mate that was perfect to see it a little time it’s just like i touched it with on the floor sorry but it’s fine but it won’t hurt on that side of the rest let’s go tomorrow is the big wall championship with thorough well this

Is david nettles but for storer right now he’s not going to be here tomorrow so he’s going to try and do it now speed one two three four yeah there you go oh you’re right you’re right yeah yeah nice man almost there don’t rush those steps bro you got it such a consent oh yeah he’s gonna jump right across the wall yeah all right oh you’re gonna do it oh yeah yeah

Exactly right exactly right preparing yourself for tomorrow’s event one two three there it is done come on nicely done man love that one in the bag already stories there you go it’s reaping success briefly the benefits it’s brilliant i don’t know what the going on foreign ties have arrived yes it looks like it’s the end of the uh session to the beachfront

Spoons this is your fault i feel like he reacts to crazy side pre side spot pre easy money i kind of want to watch yeah yeah easy money man dude that’s it that’s it let’s go so scary hello you it’s just here yes let’s go all right guys that is it for today’s video make sure you check out ed’s channel as well because it’s gonna be a video about it

After this one yeah the head of production patreon’s on screen right now then get ready for next week’s episode it’s gonna be their world war i’m doing an outro no you’re right you’re right um bad things tomorrow probably comment upside subscribe

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LIKE HE NEVER LEFT! – Brighton By Dom Tomato