May 29, 2023

Do you know what is the best time to take your cholesterol medicine or more specifically satins well you can take this medicine at any time of the day but best time to take these medicines is at night you know the reason why don’t worry we will let you know all this in this video today our video is regarding one of the most common medicine used and also most

Prescribed medicine to reduce cholesterol in body which is lipitor we will discuss what is lipitor how it works in body it’s dosing why you need to take this medicine at night main side effects and many more important information so let’s start the video but before that do like and subscribe the channel for all of you who don’t know lipitor contains the active

Ingredient atorvastatin which belongs to a class of medicines called satins used primarily to reduce cholesterol now let’s see how lipitor reduces cholesterol in the body cholesterol is produced by liver in the body the process is initiated by liver cells when hmg coa is converted to mebalinate hmg coa reductase is involved in this conversion then this mebalinate

Is converted into cholesterol and coq10 lipitor or statin works by inhibiting this hmg coa reductase by inhibiting this cholesterol production is thus reduced do you notice one thing that lipitor or satins also reduces the production of coenzyme q10 actually this is the side effect of this medicine that’s why coq10 supplements are advised along with lipitor or

Other satins you can also watch the video regarding this link in the description and also on i button the dosing for lipitor is once daily it comes in 10 milligrams 20 milligrams 40 milligrams and 80 milligrams the doctor will prescribe you the dose according to your lipid profile now let’s see side effects precautions and special instructions muscle weakness

Because of myopathy and rhabdomyolysis this is because of reduction of coq10 enzyme watch the video if you have missed out liver enzyme abnormalities check liver enzyme tests before initiating therapy drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruit while taking a torvastatin or lipitor can increase the risk of some side effects such as liver disease or muscle

Damage also avoid too much alcohol while taking the medicine do not take this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine there are also other brand of atorvastatin which are easily available in the market now coming back to the answer that why is the nighttime best for taking lipitor or other satins

Well actually it’s because the cholesterol making enzyme is more active at night which means it will produce more cholesterol while you are sleeping and since sleeping you don’t have any activity this cholesterol can build up in your arteries so for that reason it’s best to take this medicine at night the information provided here is by a pharmacist we gather

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