March 28, 2023

Lisinopril is a prescription medication used to primarily treat high blood pressure. It’s in a class of medications called ACE Inhibitors (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme).

Hi this pharmacist curtis alexander in this video we’re going to talk about lysinopril this is part of our 101 series where we’re going to take a kind of a 35 000 foot overview of some of these medications and supplements i’ll break down the important points which you need to know as a consumer so you can talk to your doctor and then at the end of the video i’ll just

Give you my big takeaways from the medication before we get going uh thumbs up the video was helpful also subscribe if you want to see more videos like this on medications and supplements from a pharmacist’s perspective so getting into it lysinopril is primarily used to treat hypertension or more commonly referred to as high blood pressure now it’s in a class of

Drugs the moa is a mechanism of action it’s in a class of drugs called ace inhibitors or ace blockers and a stands for angiotensin converting enzyme real fancy way of saying that there’s an enzyme it blocks and that eventually leads to vasodilation it also can increase and does increase the amount of renin and decreases the amount of what’s called aldosterone

The end result of that is with that vasodilation the renin going up aldosterone going down as you get a decrease in blood pressure now as far as side effects go this class of drugs but lysinoprone particular is pretty well tolerated the primary side effect you’re going to see in this is the case with a lot of blood pressure medications is obviously the blood

Pressure can go too low in some cases now your doctor is going to counteract this by starting out with the lower dose and then going up from there but 4 to 11 percent of people can see low blood pressure and the next thing is dizziness uh 4 to 19 percent it varies based off which study you’re looking at but again as the blood pressure goes too low people can get

Dizzy so do be careful um your first few doses when you’re standing up that sort of thing we can see an increase in serum creatinine this i mention it because it can happen in it but it tends to not last tends to be transient tends to go away increase in bun which is basically another lab measurement for lack of a better term it’s not very common two percent

Of folks again doesn’t stick around very long tends to be transient now the side effect that i wanted to spend some time on it’s not really common but when it happens you tend to have people stop taking the medication and that’s a cough again it only happens in about three to four percent of people who take it but it tends to show up as a dry hacking there’s

It’s not a productive cough not something you’re coughing up it’s just an annoying cough and again doesn’t happen in a lot of people but when it does it tends to stop people from taking it and it doesn’t tend to go away if you stay on the medication it usually will show up people will say it’s you know the first couple weeks they’ll notice and then this cough

Pops up sometimes switching to another medication in this class can do the trick but most of the times it’s not going to happen so again it’s it’s a bummer when it does happen for people but uh it usually means you’re gonna have to stop it try something different next thing is um you cannot take it in pregnancy there’s no way around that um in in the black

Population we tend to see the effectiveness of lysine april go down uh we also see the cases of what’s called the angioedema go up so for the black population it’s not a very ideal a very effective medication to be going with the next thing is weight gain and hair loss i mentioned this in a lot of videos because it’s popular question that you get from people

When they take medications lysine april is no different interestingly in most cases people ask about it and it doesn’t happen but with lysine pro we can see some of these things and with weight gain it’s not necessarily weight gain that we see but it can be weight loss there have been studies where people show weight loss it’s not a huge weight loss but again

Two to three pounds tends to be mentioned in the studies hair loss can happen again it’s not common less than one percent of people have seen some hair loss so my thoughts as a pharmacist on my centerpill it’s one of the most popular medications out there based on how many prescriptions are written for it each year so it’s popular it tends to be well tolerated

There’s certain populations where it’s not a great choice but overall it tends to be very popular well tolerated the biggest side effect in my opinion outside of dizziness or low blood pressures you do have to keep an eye excuse me an eye on the cough that might develop again if it does you’re probably going to have to switch to a different class sometimes you

Can get away with switching to another drug in the ace inhibitor class but often that’s not the case it you’re probably going to have to go to a different class of drugs so that’s lysinopril 101 any comments i’d love to know if you’ve taken lysinopril before what your experiences were if you know somebody who was on it what their experiences were so mention that

Just post that in the comments below i’ll do my best to respond but i know other viewers would appreciate feedback as well i hope this video was helpful and again pharmacist curtis alexander until the next video thanks

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Lisinopril 101: Uses | Dosing | Side Effects And What This One Annoying Side Effect Means For You By Curtis Alexander Pharm.D.