March 22, 2023

Hi jennifer hello my name is jeff on your home health nurse look i please sit down okay um so the doctor ordered a new drug write a new medication for you right yeah i haven’t seen it yet so i’m not even sure what it is i brought it over freesia that’s called lisinopril um do you know what it’s for i’ll tell you anything about it no he hasn’t said the dosage and

Like when i should be taking this too okay well lisinopril is an antihypertensive drug it just helps to lower your blood pressure you just take it orally so it’s just pills you just put them in your mouth and swallow and then right here’s your dosage if you look right here it’s a 20 milligrams twice a day oh so you’re going to take one in the morning and one at

Night and for example 7 a.m. and 7pm i have an interesting thing with this drug is you want to make sure and take it at the same time every day just to make sure it’s effective okay okay okay i brought you a paper that kind of tells you all the things about the drug for example you want to avoid foods that are high in potassium and sodium on this drug you want to

Eat healthy now that will just help to lower your blood pressure you also want to change your body position slowly so don’t stand up or sit down too much okay or too fast because you might get lightheaded okay another interesting thing is don’t drive a car until you know how it works with you because you might get dizzy doing it oh i mean using the drug and so if

You drive a car and you’re dizzy you might get crash okay and then this one is really important for some girl your ages you just want to use contraception while taking this drug that way you don’t get pregnant and okay you don’t hurt your baby because this drug will hurt a baby okay so what are some of the side effects okay well like i said dizziness is one common

One and so is coughing and then so is a hypotension okay so do you know i co tension low blood pressure yep exactly okay okay and then this side effect it’s called angioedema that’s where you get really big hives on your face really yeah that’s a dangerous side effects oh you don’t want that do the eye doctor on the hospital it okay yeah if it did call you know

Call your health provider go to the hospital that type of thing because it’s pretty dangerous so right here it kind of explains how lisinopril works it’s an ace inhibitor so it just stops the angiotensin-converting enzyme in your body and that lowers your blood pressure okay um so it will lower your blood pressure within an hour and that’s when it starts working

And then at six hours is when it reaches its peak ok ok so that kind of watch for the side effects then ok um is there any reason why i should take this medication yeah if you’re allergic if you’re pregnant if you’re lactating those are all times you shouldn’t take it are you pregnant or lactating no okay do you have a history of angioedema know and then the other

One are you diabetic or are you having kidney problems no i’m doing good okay you should be good to take the drug then you don’t have any contraindications um what about are you taking any diuretics okay because you don’t want to take this drug if you’re taking diuretics or any other antihypertensive drugs okay because that might lower your blood pressure too much

It’s it ok to take ibuprofen you don’t really want to take any nsaids either because that might block the effects of the idea of the list in april ok ok you can eat any food though just try to eat healthy ok ok and then there are a few things that i’m going to do before you giving you your first stoves i’m going to monitor your blood pressure in your pulse and then

I’m going to listen to your heart and just make sure that those work ok and then maybe in the future the doctors going to order a lab some labs to be done but do you have any questions for me before i do those no i don’t think so i’m ready to get started okay well let me go get you a glass of water and i’ll grab my stethoscope and then we’ll start listening to

Your heart and stuff and then you can take the drug okay okay thank you yeah i’ll be right back okay thanks

Transcribed from video
Lisinopril By Jeff Farnsworth