June 4, 2023

Teri has DMII managed with Metformin and has recently been diagnosed with HTN. She sleeps in her car or in a shelter.

Hey terry this is shannon from the shelter clinic here to talk to you today as promised about your lycinapril go ahead grab your lysine april bottle should say you take it once per day and um because this is a video feel free to stop pause rewind take notes as needed um so let’s start by talking about why um we’re here in the first place like cinepril is to treat

Your high blood pressure blood pressure is the force of blood against vessels in your body now when you have high blood pressure you don’t notice signs and symptoms just like what hap what happened with you um but what can happen is your heart has to work harder to pump blood throughout your body other organs in your body could be damaged and the blood vessel

Walls that force against them can damage them and that can cause problems as well so what we’re going to be talking about today are the ways you can manage high blood pressure um there is no curing it just like your diabetes but there is working with it and there are medication and lifestyle changes that you can make in order to be healthier so you’ve already

Been doing some of this work because you have been having a healthier diet to manage your diabetes which is wonderful diet and exercise are both important things with high blood pressure as well new for you is going to be considering salt also called sodium so it’s in a lot of things because it’s a wonderful preservative and it tastes good however it can cause

Your blood pressure to go up just to give you a sense this salt here one quarter teaspoon has 590 milligrams of sodium in it we’re recommending that you have 1500 milligrams or less of sodium per day so that would be less than three quarters of a teaspoon of salt you can look um at different items on the back their labels will say how much sodium they have so this

Can of garbanzo or chickpeas has 140 milligrams of sodium in it ways to cut back on sodium include rinsing canned items and eating more fresh fruits vegetables um and just being a little more aware of it so something to check when you’re in the grocery store is how much sodium is in something and you’re not going to be able to reduce it but to sorry to eliminate

It but reducing it is really important um one thing that people have done is go into i know you go to the day center sometimes and they have a microwave there you can put broccoli in a bowl with some water and cover it with a wet paper towel and steam it in the microwave so there’s all sorts of different things we can talk more about hidden salts and different

Dietary options one other thing to talk about is um you’re prescribed not prescribed but you take melatonin to help you sleep and you also smoke marijuana to help you sleep so one thing to do would be to start taking your melatonin more often marijuana can raise your blood pressure we don’t want that so as much as possible take this instead of smoking to help

You sleep one other thing to consider is stress management of course we can’t eliminate stress but there are some different ways of breathing visualization practices um and other things that you can do in your day-to-day life to manage stress and we can talk through some different strategies so what is your lysinopril medication going to do lysinopril makes you

Hold on to less water and sodium so that will help reduce your blood pressure it also makes the vessels in your body bigger so it dilates your blood vessels so i have here two syringes of different sizes a tiny one and a big one it is going to be easier for me to press water out through the big one as just happened here it’s a lot easier i have to work harder to

Press water out through the smaller one your heart has to work harder to press to push blood through smaller blood vessels so your medication will make your blood vessels a little bit bigger so your heart doesn’t have to work as hard um there are a few things that i want to tell you about this medication so starting off in terms of taking it you want to take it

Every day at the same time if you miss a dose take it as close to possible as when you normally would take it but don’t double up on doses if you miss one if you can’t afford it at some point your insurance stop covering it or you lose it talk to us we’ll be able to help you um figure out a plan because we don’t want you to abruptly stop taking this medication

As it can cause your blood pressure to go really high uh if you stop abruptly and if you ever notice that you are having heartburn and you want to take antacids take your antacid two hours after or before you take your lysine pro the antacid could prevent the life center pill from working in your body your body wouldn’t absorb it as well now this medication can

Cause your potassium levels to go up so pay attention if your legs feel unusually weak or your heart starts beating oddly call your doctor right away you’re at higher risk of higher potassium levels because of your diabetes also call your doctor if you notice swelling in your lips around your eyes any stomach pain that doesn’t come with nausea or vomiting or

Because you ate something weird like you have a bug those can all be signs of angioedema which would be swelling and um this is this is an emergency and you should call your doctor that day about it similarly call your doctor if you notice a rash or um having any difficulty breathing it could be a sign of an allergic reaction just like with your metformin it’s

Important to have a good amount of water in your body when you are taking this sorry not water in your body it’s important to pay attention to your kidneys when you are taking this so if you notice that your urine is really dark or you don’t have urine call your doctor i know you have been good about keeping a water bottle in your car because you don’t have access

To running water overnight and you’ll have something to drink that’s perfect keep doing that and when you start taking this medication there are regularly labs that will be doing when you go to your doctor appointment to monitor things like your kidney function like your liver function like your potassium levels you’ve also learned about low blood sugar because of

Your diabetes and i want you to just pause recall the symptoms and how that feels in your body and just know that this medication can cause low blood sugar um it can put you at a higher risk so just think through what your plan is when you feel that you have low blood sugar um keeping your fruit juice on you to take really quickly or um glucose tap tablets the

Great thing about this medication glycenopril causes your blood pressure to go low sometimes it can cause it to go too low this is more likely to happen if you have been drinking alcohol more than one drink so if you’re having three or four drinks at one time then your blood pressure can get too low you might also notice your um blood pressure gets really low

When you go to stand up after taking this medication for the first time um that is pretty common this would feel like being woozy lightheaded dizzy um and we want you to not be feeling that on a regular basis so if you notice that happening call your doctor finally this medication can cause a cough um the cough is not a problem it’s a common side effect however

It could be a problem for you if it interferes with something like sleeping so just know that if it doesn’t bother you then the cough is fine but if it starts hindering your ability to sleep to function during the day then let us know we don’t want that to happen and we can change things so i will talk to you next week and this has been great to see you again and take care terry

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Lisinopril for Teri By cogansh