March 24, 2023

Is my medication administration for lisinopril fare my orders so before i do anything i want to do my first check so i’m going to check that it’s the right orders for the right patient right medication lisinopril right dose 20 milligrams right route vo and that’s the right time oh nine hundred i’m also going to look at allergies so patients allergic to stole things

Morphine dilaudid and codeine none of those are like center pills were okay and the medication that the patient is taking is not interacting flight center pills so we are okay to go ahead inert and dispense our meds i’m going to wash my hands i’m going to get the medication now i’m going to do my second check now so once again i want to make sure that it’s the

Right orders that i’m dispensing or the right patient the right medication by clinical the right dose 20 milligrams right route p oh it is the right time oh nine hundred i also want to make sure that my medication is not expired and it is not and so we are opening to go ahead and go into the patient’s room and administer i’m here to do your medication leave you

Ready sure now can you tell me your name and date of birth in room 14 1984 so i’m gonna scan his bracelet to make sure that this matches the records so i’m here to give you your blood pressure medication i know that you’ve got high blood pressure this is going to help to lower that can you tell me if you have any allergies and so like simple one of those so we

Are okay to administer medications so before i do that i want to tell you some things to note so it is nine o’clock right now i want you to take this medicine at nine o’clock every day and then some side effects that you might notice you might have a headache you may need to have some abdominal cramping you may have a cough and you may notice some swelling under

Your skin so just let me know if any of that happens so i’m gonna go ahead and dispense the medications now i’m going to wash my hands i’m going to get them at bottom wall i’m dispensing them i’m gonna do my third check so i have the right orders i have the right page in here i checked that this is the right medication lisinopril it’s the right dose 20 milligrams

The right route pio and it is oh nine hundred so that’s the right time so i’m going to go ahead and get a citation the medication so you’re just going to swallow this this is just a pill so when you go ahead and think it’s above water real quick so i can make sure that you’re a paid to swallow and now here is your medication go ahead and take that pill okay thank

You so i repeat hilton’s and side-effects to look out for and then ask the nurse some things that i want to look out for i want to monitor blood pressure and heart rates i did monitor blood pressure before coming in it was 135 over 99 so we’re looking for an improvement on that i want to monitor that it’s improving but not going to loose or not hypotensive i also

Want to monitor because it’s metabolized and kidneys i want to monitor renal functions and then i want to monitor for angioedema which is that’s falling under the skin okay so i’m going to be coming back in about an hour to see how you’re doing i’ve got your bed down the side rails are up i’m gonna go ahead and give you your call bell so let me know if you need

Anything and then i’m going to open up this part and i’m gonna document before i leave or when i’m all done here and then i’ll be back with an hour to check on you like i said let me know if you need anything before that hey there i’m just back to check on you after taking your hot your blood pressure medication how are you feeling okay so i’m gonna do a quick

Blood pressure check just to make sure that we’ve not gone hypotensive we’re seeing some improvement okay so blood pressure is 130 over nine that’s animal so i’m gonna go ahead and document that and you’ve got your call down your bed still down five riddles are up i’m gonna open this curtain wash my hands and i’m going to document my assessment

Transcribed from video
Lisinopril Medication Administration By Heather Carpenter