March 22, 2023

Nottingham and the reason why i chose the cinepril was because i actually have high blood pressure um i don’t know how long i had it before i was diagnosed but the doctors assumed i’ve had it since i was 13 but i didn’t go to the doctor often so when i went i was usually sick so they just assumed my blood pressure was high because i was sick um the center parallel

Is an ace inhibitor a stands for angio tension converting enzyme it treats high blood pressure congestive heart failure and also helps with survival after a heart attack um so the center barrel it was derived from canto preel and in a lapral um it was created by altering building blocks of the active form of energy then with the addition of lysine which helps

To give it a long lasting effect um give me one second after many good trials um the fda approved it and then called it frenevil um it also treats hypertension also a really cool fact about listen to pro is that um the center proline and other ace inhibitors were actually developed by the venom of a poisonous brazilian snake i thought that was really cool did

Not know that um does it just kind of different so like initial dosage is like 10 milligrams 5 milligrams once a day and then maine is like 20 milligrams to 40 milligrams early once a day um then the max dose is 80 milligrams daily orally actually i didn’t put this in the powerpoint but earlier this morning i found out the different colors so five milligrams

Is white so the tablet would be white and then 10 milligrams is blue 20 milligrams is pink 40 milligrams is yellow and 80 milligrams is also yellow um there’s only two forms of listener pro that i know of and that i’ve looked up and seen tablet and solution are the two forms of center pro no matter what form you do take though you should take it once a day every

Day as a doctor prescribed metabolism um the center parallel is actually not metabolized and it’s also not escritus and and it is not excreted as an unchanged drug it’s illuminated through the urine actually um the bioavailability for the center barrel is 25 so bioavail bio availability is actually the proportion of a drug that enters enters the circulation

And then when it’s introduced to the body that makes it able to have an active effect um also the absorption of the centerpoint is not affected by food um side effects of pros um some of the less severe side effects include upset stomach drowsiness dizziness anxiety insomnia um nightmares weight and changes in your appetite but then there’s also more severe

Side effects that could include blurred blurred vision slowed speech irregular heartbeat fever chill sore throat yelling at the skin and eyes also tremors and not being able to sit still and also trouble walking at times um it works by block so how centrifugal works it works by blocking a substance in the body which then causes the blood vessels to tighten and

Then the centerpro relax the blood vessels and then that helps lower the blood pressure which then increases supply of oxygen and blood to the heart um duration of the effects it actually begins lowering blood pressure within hours of taking your first dose but even though you’ve took your first dose does not mean that you might feel different when you’re first

On the medication it also can take up six it also could take up to six hours after the first days and then also at times it could take two to four weeks before you can see your blood pressure drop until the right range that needs to be now when it comes to addiction to the center pro um there’s no potential addiction when it comes to lisinopril also it there’s

No potential addiction when it comes to any kind of ace inhibitors for that matter um and that is because the medication cannot cross the blood-brain barrier and then without being capable of acting on this cns there’s no result in addiction um these are my works cited pages that i chose to use if you have any questions feel free to email me thank you guys for listening

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Lisinopril Nicole Nottingham By Nicole Nottingham