November 29, 2022

This commercial for Lisinopril was done by Tawney Koch and Meghan Prible for their Pharmacology class!

Breaking news just in the drug lisinopril has yet to be talked about on the pharmaceutical news center hi i’m megan provo and i am here today with tiny cook she is here to discuss with us the medication lisinopril tony my dad is on the center pearl he takes it for high blood pressure what is high blood pressure high blood pressure is when you’re out of a normal range

Of 120 over 80 hypertension can be classified into two stages the first stage is 142 159 over 90 to 99 and the second stage is greater than 160 over greater than a hundred do you know what your dad’s blood pressure was before and after he was put on lisinopril well you know um after he was done the medication and it was controlled he had a perfect blood pressure

Of 120 over 80 before i want to say it was like 180 or something okay well then the medication is obviously working for him i’m just going to give you some information about the drug so that you know a little bit more about it he then became um it’s ace inhibitor also an antihypertensive so it’s the management of hypertension ace inhibitors block the conversion of

Angiotensin one to the vasoconstrictor angio tension to some side effects that you might want to be aware of our hypotension tachycardia an increased potassium level a dry cough and maybe some chest pain the onset of this medication is an hour the peak is six hours and the duration is 24 hours this medication is twenty-five percent absorbed after it is consumed

Orally this drug is then converted by the liver all ace inhibitors cross the placenta with lisinopril there is a minimal penetration with the central nervous system and it’s excreted one hundred percent by the kidneys the nurse would want to monitor blood pressure and pulse and your dad could also do that at home okay i’m some lab values that they might do before

They put him on it as well as routinely for follow-ups would be a blood urine nitrogen also known as fun okay i’m a creatinine a complete blood count and electrolyte levels the nurse might also assess for angioedema and urine protein just to make sure you know there’s no complications okay great thank you for sharing that um some things i would want to teach my

Dad or any other person with high blood pressure is to take this the medication at the same time every day even if you are feeling better still need to take it yeah also you don’t want to double dose so if you happen to miss a dose as long as you it’s close to the time for your next dose or sometime in between there you just want to make sure it’s um it’s a it’s a

Good time to take the dose you just want to be cautious of that i also you want to make sure you don’t consume too many salt substitutes in foods that are high in sodium and potassium yeah those are all good things to inform a person who has hypertension if you would have any more questions you could just contact the position okay and thank you for having me today

Thank you for being on the new center show we are still glad to have you um you inform the community and told us about the drug lisinopril thank you thank you and our resource was the davis drug guide for nurses

Transcribed from video
Lisinopril Pharm-270 Commerical By TawneyKoch