June 1, 2023

This video explains the blood pressure medication Lisinopril and examines lisinopril 10 mg long term side effects. Also in this video, you will get to know tips to avoid side effects. One of the most common side effects of lisinopril hctz is the dry cough. This video will also look at the most common other side effects. This video will cover 11 MUST KNOW tips to avoid side effects

Hello i am your pharmacist ashwini if you or any  of your family member is on lisinopril then stay   tuned and watch the video till the end for all  lisinopril is a prescription medication  it is used to treat high blood pressure   that is hypertension in both adults and children  6 years of age and older lisinopril belongs to a  

Class of medications called ac inhibitors that  is angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors   ii thereby relaxing arterial muscle and enlarging  arteries when the blood pressure is lower the   heart including the failing heart does not have  to work and as hard as to pump blood the arteries   supplying the heart with blood also

Enlarge during  the treatment with lisinopril this increases   the blood flow and oxygen to the heart further  licinopril is used to treat high blood pressure   strokes heart attack and grit kidney problems   many brands of licinopril are available such as   licinopril is available in tablet form of  strength 2.5 mg 5 mg

10 mg 20 mg 30 mg and   like any other medicine licinopril can cause side  effects in some people but many people have no   side effects or only minor ones these common side  effects happen in more than one in hundred people   the common side effects are a dry and trickly  cough that does not go away feeling dizzy or  

Down quickly this is more likely to happen   move to a higher dose other common side   effects include headaches diarrhea or vomiting  itching or a mild skin rash blurred vision   it happens rarely but some people may have  serious side effects when taking lisinopril   call a doctor straight away if you get yellow 

Skin or whites of your eyes turn yellow this can   be a sign of liver problem if you have painless  tired feeling fainting or dizziness any sign of   bleeding for example bleeding from gums bruises  can that can happen more easily than usual a sore   throat fever getting infections more easily these  can be signs of blood or bone

Marrow disorder   and tightness in your chest then these can   be signs of heart problem if you have shortness  of breath wheezing and tightening of the chest   then these can be the sign of lung problems a  severe stomach pain can be a sign of inflamed   your urine or not urinating at all then these   can be the

Signs of kidney problems if you have  weak arms and legs or have problems speaking   does not contain all the possible side effects   for additional information about side effects   if you have diabetes monitor your blood sugar  that is glucose more often particularly in   the first few weeks this is because lisinopril 

Can lower the blood sugar level in your blood   to make sure listen apple is safe to you   tell your doctor if you have an allergic reaction  to lisinopril or any other medicine in the past   pregnant or are already pregnant or breastfeeding   of blood filtration if you have heart liver or   low blood pressure if you

Have diabetes   if you are going to have a major operation or  surgery or general anesthetic to put you to sleep   also if you have recently had diarrhea or vomiting  or you are on a low salt diet or you are going to   insect stings or if you have blood problems such  as low white blood cell please talk to your doctor  

In pregnancy or when breastfeeding but it   there are some medicines that may interfere  with the lisinopril works tell your doctor if   you are taking anti-inflammatory medicines such as  ibuprofen indomethacin or aspirin for pain relief   safe to take with lisinopril tell your doctor   if you’re taking medicines to treat low

Blood  pressure heart failure asthma or allergies such as   ephedrine noradrenaline or adrenaline or medicines  to treat high blood pressure such as eliscarin or   other medicines that can lower your blood pressure  such as some of the antidepressants nitrates for   chest pain baclofen that is a muscle relaxant  anesthetics or

Medicines for an enlarged prostate   gland also inform your doctor if you are taking  medicines that weaken your immune system such as   make you urinate more that are diuretics   such as furosemide tell your doctor if you are  on medicines that can increase the amount of   potassium in your blood such as spironolactone 

Triamterene amyloride potassium supplements   trimethoprim that is for infections and heparin  for thinning blood tell your doctor if you are   allopurinol for gout procainamide for heart   rhythm problems medicines for diabetes reschedule  for diarrhea or lithium for mental health problems   lisinopril interacts with foods

High in potassium   lisinopril can cause increased blood pressure  levels so using salt substitutes or eating   high potassium foods may cause problems foods  to avoid in excess includes bananas oranges   potatoes tomatoes squash and dark leafy greens  lisinopril can decrease sweating and increase   heat stroke risk so

Patients should drink more  water and avoid becoming overheated or dehydrated   the very first dose of lisinopril may make you  feel dizzy so it’s best to take it at bedtime   this medication may make you more sensitive  to the sun so avoid prolonged sun exposure   and we are protecting protective clothing   when outdoors

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lisinopril side effects pictures – lisinopril side effects – lisinopril By Pharmacist Ashwini