May 29, 2023

High blood pressure medication can often become a way of life in order to lower your blood pressure to a health level. In this video, we will review the purpose of Lisinopril and most importantly, learn about the side effects. Knowing which side effects are mild verses the more serious side effects will keep you healthy and connected with your doctor for best results.

Hello all you healthy blood pressure warriors my name is ingrid and i want to welcome you to channel there are a number of effective medications you can take to reduce blood pressure depending on your unique situation your doctor will prescribe the medication he or she feels would help you the most and be the safest for you to take

One of those prescription medications is called lycinopril lisinopril is used to treat high blood pressure but it’s got many side effects some side effects are mild and go away with use but other side effects can be serious so in this video i’d like to talk about the side effects of lysinopril as well as how it actually works and its recommended dosages so what

Is lisinopril lisinopril is commonly given to hypertensive patients it’s an effective medicine to lower blood pressure doctors may also prescribe it to treat heart failure sometimes it’s given to those who have had a heart attack it improves your chances of living after such an attack lisinopril is available in tablet and oral solution forms it goes by brand

Names printaville ancestral but it’s also available as a generic drug how does listen a pearl work lysinopril is an ace inhibitor ace means angiotensin converting enzyme too much of this enzyme can cause your blood vessels to narrow this obstructs the smooth flow of the blood and that’s when your heart has to work harder to get blood to all the cells thus your

Blood pressure rises lisinopril prevents it by blocking this enzyme it helps in relaxing your blood vessels and your blood pressure comes down typical dosages your dosage depends on how high your blood pressure is it also depends on your age and other medical conditions typically adults take 20 to 40 milligrams of lisinopril every day for high blood pressure

For heart failure adults take less than 40 milligrams daily of licinapril a five milligram dosage is given to adults in the first 24 hours of a heart attack and then it may increase to 10 milligrams daily these are typical dosages but by no means should you self-dose this drug always talk to your doctor if you have symptoms they will decide what dosage is right

For you common side effects here are some of the common and mild lysinopril side effects dizziness you may feel lightheaded when you start the medication this could also happen when you try to stand up quickly while on the drug a cough a dry irritating cough may bother you for a while low blood pressure your pressure may suddenly fall while on this medication

This could mean that your dosage needs some adjustment diarrhea you could have bowel problems when starting with this medication rashes itching skin rashes and minor allergies are common with lycinopro vision and headaches you may have blurry vision and headaches while on this drug serious side effects some side effects may cause you to visit the emergency room

And you may need to stop the medication altogether here are some of the more serious lysinopril side effects severe allergy you may experience your mouth lips throat or face swelling you may also notice swelling in the abdomen you could have trouble swallowing and breathing kidney disease lysinopril can cause damage to your kidneys in rare cases you may notice

Swelling of ankles you may also see blood in your urine if your kidneys are affected liver failure your skin and the white parts of your eyes may turn yellow you could also experience abdominal pain and nausea these indicate that the drug may be affecting your liver high potassium lisinopril can increase your potassium levels they could be so high that they begin

To affect your heart rate very high heart rates can cause an emergency so who shouldn’t take lysinopril side effects may not occur in everyone but some groups of people should avoid taking the cinepril if possible let’s see who belongs to these groups pregnant and breastfeeding women lisinopril can be fatal to an unborn baby so pregnant women should avoid taking

This drug it may also cause some side effects in a newborn if you’re breastfeeding older people those above 65 may process this drug slowly they could still take the medicine but they should be careful of the dosage children children younger than six years shouldn’t take this medicine kidney and diabetic patients those with kidney issues can suffer from some

Serious side effects of the drug lisinopril may affect your blood sugar levels too tell your doctor if you’re diabetic to prevent the drug severe side effects in summary lisinopril is a well-known drug for hypertension most people do fine on it but some may experience side effects most side effects are mild and go away after some time but severe side effects

Could result in emergency always keep your doctor informed if you feel any side effect symptoms they will either adjust your dosage or put you on a different drug hi there if you suffer from high blood pressure like i do and you want to receive my educational videos about how to lower your blood pressure i’d like to ask you to do three simple things right now

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