June 4, 2023

After a full week on the meds here are my thoughts and check up. Went from 152/101 to 128/84 today. Still needs to be lower but happy with current results. Sorry about the quality.

What’s up guys i know it’s been a while since i uploaded i was gonna try to do it everyday but it’s a lot harder than looks i guess um just what i’m gonna to do i follow up with you guys it’s monday and it’s been about a week a little bit over a week since i started taking the the meds and honestly i’ve been feeling great actually went with to my checkup this morning

And i had blood pressure 128 over so i want to say 1 128 over 84 if i’m not mistaken which is still a little bit high just a few points i think it was again because i was a little bit nervous anticipation on whether or not the meds were actually working or not but i feel great i’ve actually lost about 4 pounds since starting on it changing my diet doing everything

That i needed to do so hopefully i mean i can keep it down i am gonna be trying to lose a lot more weight of course just to make it easier to handle and make it easier to now continue to take the meds and stuff and i don’t know i guess we’ll see it’s not as bad now we’ve seen how much it helps me and i know it’s not something that’s permanent so that also makes me

A little bit happy and i’ve just made it my goal to lose a lot more weight i’m hoping to do at least 16 pounds in the next two months i do go back for a checkup in july so so i’m hoping for at least 16 pounds hopefully no more meds after that but we just have to see it does run in my family so i just gotta learn to control it other than that i’ll try to keep you

Guys posted probably every week i can’t say every single day just because i know how hard that is now but i will do one every single week and let you know how my bp is doing and if you have any questions just put them on down in the comments try to answer them just based on my experience other than that thanks for watching and i hope this helps or at least puts

You at ease i mean i remember i did start at about 150 s / 101 102 and saw immediate results with the the meds even though the first few days it was a little bit getting used to so not doing any of the side effects anymore i get the cough once maybe once during the day i believe i had it once today but that’s pretty much it you just need to focus on taking it at

The same time because it does have about a 12 hour time frame before it kind of starts wearing off a little bit so i’ve taken mine about 10 between 10 and 12 every single day just so i can get that full effect right before i go to bed and before i go to bed of course i mean it’s gonna come down some more so by the time i wake up i do feel a little bit but it’s

Actually not as high i’ve taken it in the morning or i’m numb i’ve taken my blood pressure in the morning a few times and it’s in the 117 is 125 so it’s not too bad actually and hopefully with more weight loss can be even better anyway thanks again for watching and i’ll see you guys in the next video

Transcribed from video
Lisinopril Week 1 By XHG0m3ZX