March 22, 2023

Lisinopril Educational Video featuring Mike M and Valentina T

Hi mike what brings you in today hi um i was prescribing you medication i think it’s called like cinderella or something okay and you had some questions about it yeah can you tell me what it’s for yeah so this medication the generic name is lysine pro and then the one you were prescribed the brand name is printable and it is used to reduce high blood pressure

You’ve had a couple of consecutive high blood pressure readings and that is why your physician ordered it did they go over how to take the medication or how it works in your body not really do i just take it orally you do take it orally so it looks like you were prescribed 10 milligrams a day so what this medication does is it lowers your blood pressure and it also

Reduces aldosterone and aldosterone is a hormone in your body that naturally raises your blood pressure so we want to block that from happening in your body and you can take it um you’re taking it every day before you take it you do want to monitor your blood pressure and you have a blood pressure cup at home no i don’t where can i get one okay you can pick one

Up at your local walgreens or cvs or go to walmart you want to take your blood pressure before you take the medication and you want to hold it if your blood pressure is low so if your systolic which is the number on top is 100 then you want to hold your medication and you can take it without regards to food so whether on an empty stomach or if you’ve had food

Already it doesn’t matter but you do want to avoid foods that are or potassium supplements do you want to avoid also any salt substitutes because these contain potassium and if you ever are prescribed any potassium sparing diuretics you want to let your physician know that you are taking lysine pro okay um do you think that maybe i have high blood pressure

Because of what i eat or drink um yeah would it so in order to achieve the best effects you want to make sure you keep a healthy lifestyle so we want to make sure we stay active that you’re eating a healthy diet and along with the medication that’s going to achieve the best effects okay i mean i’m pretty active i go to the gym all the time but i drink a lot of

Energy drinks does that have any effect do you think um yeah we might want to cut out and increase our water intake instead and let your body like naturally take care um you do also want to watch out for certain side effects that you want to be aware that can happen so it can lower your blood pressure a lot and you might start feeling a little dizzy lightheaded

So you just want to sit down drink some water and rest for a bit you also want to be careful when you’re switching positions so from laying to sitting or sitting to standing it might cause something called orthostatic hypotension where your blood pressure will drop significantly when you’re changing position so you want to do this slowly you also might experience

A dry cough a lot of patients find this difficult to deal with but you do not want to discontinue the medication on your own if it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live with the dry cough talk to your provider and then they can talk about switching the medication if need be there could also experience hyperkalemia that’s where your potassium in your body is

Raised and you might not um necessarily feel the symptoms of hyperkalemia right away on so it’s extremely elevated but if you start feeling like muscles are tingly or some weakness that could be some signs of hyperkalemia another um side effect could be angioedema and this is like the swelling around like your mouth your tongue and this would be a medical emergency

So you want to make sure you get help right away for that any other questions regarding medication um i mean i take a bunch of supplements for the gym do you think i should maybe cut back and just go more natural just in case it has any interactions with our center problem okay you can talk to um your provider to see if anything specifically is contraindicated

For that medication but what you could look at is if they contain any potassium okay and if they do then you might want to switch to something that does not have potassium in it you don’t want to add any potassium supplements okay and the doctor also mentioned something about eating a heart healthy diet what would that what does that mean like what should i eat

So we want to cut back on some sodium so not so much table salt we want to make sure your fat intake is lower you want to make sure you’re working on your cholesterol levels as well drink plenty of water and make sure you’re always adding your fruits and vegetables to your diet so basically drive by mcdonald’s when i see it instead of stopping exactly what not to do okay perfect

Transcribed from video
Lisinopril By Mike Murphy