February 8, 2023

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Hello this is dr. ford brewer with state-of-the-art preventive medicine heart attacks stroke and cancer prevention available to anyone with youtube access today we’re talking about live a low orbit habitat in versus chris or or receive a statin patellar tendon has come about recently it was used a lot in japan before it was used here and it’s becoming very popular

Here’s some reasons why like other statins it’s an inhibitor of hmg-coa reductase again pardon the technical terms it’s an enzyme that catalyzes the first step of cholesterol synthesis so it inhibits cholesterol synthesis by inhibiting the enzyme that creates it it’s been shown to increase hdl the good cholesterol especially if that look value is lower than 40

That low lower than 40 value of hdl is what classically happens with diabetes and insulin resistance and so what else does it do it lowers ldl mostly better than other statins at comparable doses so another very positive thing about level oh there is even evidence that it lowers the average glucose at least as measured by hemoglobin a1c so again begin to see why

This is a becoming popular very quickly i’ve had several patients ask me about it but i haven’t even mentioned the thing that was the most most beneficial about this 10 livello or patella statin has been shown to have decreased side effects especially the muscle related side effects so what’s not to like about the type of statin or live alone and why don’t i use it

Why do i use crystal most well here’s why it’s not the cost yes livello is new newer and more expensive but my patients are not that price sensitive it’s the invocation in the logic of the medicine i’m not treating and preventive preventing increase of ldl usually in my patients i’m not treating their diabetes with a statin either my major priority with my patients

Is to decrease and prevent their cardiovascular inflammation level up but have a centon has not been shown to have any impact on cardiovascular inflammation so if your indication is cardiovascular inflammation then live allah is not going to enter the decision calculus there’s another thing too especially for those majority of us they’re getting this kind of care

That have insulin resistance or diabetes doesn’t crust or increase diabetes or push us down that diabetic highway yes but only at the higher doses the lower doses of crestor have a positive impact on inflammation cardiovascular inflammation and zero impact on pushing us down the diabetic highway so again if the indication is to decrease or prevent cardiovascular

Inflammation then crestor or receive a statin in a low dose is the choice level oh is it a would be a great choice if your major focus were decreasing ldl or maybe a combination of decrease ldl and hdl and maybe a combination of those two plus diabetes but again we usually tend to use the drugs for those issues and we usually focus on the priority the thing that

Causes the heart attack and stroke cardiovascular inflammation thank you

Transcribed from video
Livalo (Pitavastatin) vs Crestor (Rosuvastatin)? Benefits, Risks, Price By Ford Brewer MD MPH