March 22, 2023

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Hey hey guys it is alice gordon your business mentor here and welcome back to my channel today i’m going to be talking about something very very different that has nothing at all to do with business or marketing or making money online this is a video that i’ve really been trying to record guys for some time about my journey with hs hydradinitis superativa hopefully

I said it right but we’ll just stick with hs um it’s a condition that i had been diagnosed with some years ago and it’s something that i’ve really been able to overcome in my own life so it’s something that i wanted to come out about and speak about it and really really share my story so just a little bit about me guys if you’re new to my channel once again

My name is alice gordon i’m a business mentor and marketing consultant and what i normally share on this channel is how to make money online marketing strategies and motivation so if you’re looking to do those things you can definitely subscribe to this channel or if you’re looking to learn more about my journey with hs and how i’ve been able to overcome hs

You definitely also want to hit subscribe to turn on your notification bell so you don’t miss any of these videos now guys i’ve tried to record this video at least three times this is my third time trying to record the video which is why i decided to just get in the car on my coffee break okay before i get started with business today and go ahead and record

The video um the first time the video had no sound the second time just was glitchy and i’m sure it’s because this is information that i really do need to get out there into the world there are plenty of people out there who are not doctors who put information out on the internet that has really helped me so i want to make sure that i pay it forward and also

Share my journey for anybody that it might help with this condition so first of all guys um hs let’s start with this hs is a kind of like a rare um disorder um and a lot of the facts that have been gathered about the disorder are not necessarily scientifically proven i don’t know that it’s officially known what it is it’s just kind of like they’re trying to pull

Information together about it a lot of this stuff just hasn’t really been medically proven um so with hs it’s known to be a disorder with your sweat glands or your hair follicles um for me personally i’ve noticed that it’s triggered when i’m overheated or i’m sweating and things like that over the years so for me i believe that it in my own body it’s been an

Inflammation of my sweat glands okay so um i can’t really put a like a permanent definition on it um for those of you who don’t know what it is i would suggest that you read up on it and just kind of look it up to see what it is but i do want to share my story and my journey with it because i know that if you have it you understand exactly what i’m talking about

Um so first of all i want to put out there guys once again i’m a business expert but i am not a medical expert so i’m gonna try to explain my experience with it as much as i possibly can just to help others and whatever you try guys is at your own risk if i share anything on this channel that has helped me and you try that thing it’s at your own risk i’m no one

To be giving medical advice but i am allowed to share my own story and experience with it so first of all guys um as a teenager i can say that um after using my deodorant for and i don’t even know if the issue was really my deodorant but as a teenager every now and then i would get little small lumps under my underarms and um so i would go to my mom like i have

A little lump under the arm my mom’s like okay i’ve experienced that before as a young adult when’s the last time you changed her deodorant so i would tell her and she would pretty much just buy me new deodorant and then it would go away so i just kind of grew up with the understanding that this is what um you know it is it’s just when your deodorant needs to be

Switched out you need to get new deodorant and then you can prevent getting any kind of lumps under the arm and as a teenager hanging out and stuff like that um teenager approaching early adulthood i went to a friend’s house and shower before we went out for the night and i left my deodorant home so she was like no problem i have plenty of deodorant this one

Was barely used you can use this one and you’ll be fine so as a young adult something i would never do now but as a young adult i was like okay no problem put deodorant on under my arms moved on well i noticed after doing that that i developed big boils under my arms like larger than i had ever seen before after borrowing that person’s deodorant and um you know

I really didn’t know what to do with that but it just kind of really went away and it didn’t resurface until after i had my middle child who is now seven years old okay um so when i have my middle child um my little girl my body and as most women know when you have a child a lot of the times it takes a lot of things out of your body you have to start to put things

Back in so for a while getting myself back to me um different things in my body were breaking down but one of the main things that i noticed was i was getting these frequent frequent boils under my arms and it would be like i would have one lump under one arm i would have another lump under the other arm but they would be in the same exact place so for those

Dealing with hs you may not deal with it under your arms you may deal with it between your thighs or somewhere else where they’re shed where there’s dark whether it doesn’t get a lot of light um for me it would be under my arms so the boils would be really really painful a lot of the times i could do like some natural stuff to get them to go away but then they

Would resurface again so i was at least getting a boil once a month which were really really painful for me and so i went to a doctor to see if someone could diagnose me and tell me what was going on so number one for those of you out there who are having symptoms of hs it is not because you’re unclean it’s not because you necessarily caught it from someone it’s

Not known to be contagious it’s not known um to be something that you struggle with because of hygiene um i really really do believe it is an autoimmune disorder okay so the doctor i went to told me that i um had hs and he started to tell me some different things that i could do to help to prevent it but he did suggest eventually thinking about surgery it was

Just kind of like up in the air whether or not it could really help me you know he told me there was no care for it so i really really guys just left there feeling hopeless so in this video i’m really not going to share yet any of the things that i’m doing to help with me with it and how i’ve been able to eliminate eliminate it from my life i’m gonna come back

And do more videos on that but i really just want to share my journey okay so after that guys it just started to get worse it was normally bad over the summers but not bad over the winters um over the winter i was usually able to keep it down to like one to two boils per winter but summer it’s like constantly every single month back to back and it got to the

Point where i had my youngest child who was now five where i couldn’t lift the baby i would be in total pain because here you are with a lump underneath of your arm where it doesn’t really get a lot of air under your arm and it really doesn’t get a lot of light under your arm so it’s hard for you to heal in a place where there is no light where there is no air

Um so i had like bandages under there if the boil would pop i had to go to the hospital multiple times and they just kept putting me on antibiotic after antibiotic after antibiotic which those of you who are into natural things know that that’s not good that’s not a good balance for you either um so hydrogen hs we just say hs is a very uh it’s a condition that

Really really does harm you know and mess with your quality of life it is embarrassing because you don’t really want to wear tank tops somebody might see that you have bandages or you could have leakage and things if the boil pops um you can’t you know run around and play with your children as normal or have fun with your children or even lift your children

If you have a small child because it is just that painful and it is very hard to deal with that going on under both arms under arms at the same time um and so honestly it could be a very depressing stressful place to be dealing with it um and that’s kind of where i was with this condition so with um changing my eating habits with different natural remedies that

I have found by reading researching studying and trying different things i’ve come up with a combination that works for me and i want to come back and share different things that have helped me um with the condition i plan on doing a book putting together a little ebook for people to be able to download and read um with my experiences with the condition but if

You are listening to this and you have struggle or are struggling with hs i would love to hear your story um in the comments and i would just love to hear from you um i just wanted to put this video out there to tell you that you are not alone um there are other people out there who have struggled with this condition there is hope for this condition you know i

Can’t tell you that i’m 100 i would go to a doctor and i wouldn’t be diagnosed with this condition i don’t know but i do know that i am completely 100 symptom-free so i know exactly what to put in my body i know exactly what not to eat um and i’m able to get it to the point where i get zero boils or anything under my arms the areas that i had those things

Happening are healed so i’ve been able to live years now without that happening and it has just been amazing so i want to pay that information forward to you but i just wanted to first tell my story with the condition and how it’s happened for me okay so i would definitely love to hear from you guys if this is something that you’re struggling with or if you

Know someone who’s struggling with this definitely share my story out and i can’t wait to hear from you guys in the comments be blessed see you in the next video you

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