February 1, 2023

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Well they have funded it the tame study i was alerted to this by david – he’s a dietician with a does a lot of speaking for health and prevention – mostly to dentists but other groups as well he alerted me to the tame study originally but it the tame study was designed and written up and approved four years before it’s finally been funded you can see this is

September 8th 2017 it’s an announcement on the usa today and the nbc nightly news what is the time study why is it interesting tam stands for targeting aging with metformin i’m gonna go through that study today there’s a lot of interesting components of this this is just one presentation one slide deck you can find on the internet you can find dozens of them on

Tame the principal investigator will be near barzilai dr. barzilai is very excited about the idea of approving a medication for the indication of aging his point is the big pharma pour a lot of money into drug development but none of them are pouring money into drug development for aging because fda has yet approved aging as a disease indication but as you’ll see

Through this slide deck aging is the number one risk factor for most of the diseases that we’re looking at here most of these chronic diseases now then the question comes up why would you look at here’s some of the contributors by the way and here’s a couple of points here’s nir barzilai he’s the principal investigator i think jill crandall is working on the mouths

Study there with the einstein longevity group albert einstein medical school in new york but as you see here number of contributors to this study the national institutes of aging actually developed a study and it wasn’t like most studies where the principal investigator and his or her team develop a an idea than a proposal they write a grant application they send

It to nih or one of the funding agencies they then review it that’s not what happened as you can see here there are dozens of contributors and hundreds of geriatricians doctors who study aging who’ve been behind this study for a long time now why would doctors who’ve been who study aging suggest metformin at age 65 well we’re going to talk about that in just a

Minute but first an introduction i’m ford brewer fo rd b or e wv or with pres med prev m ii d heart attack stroke cancer disability prevention – dementia prevention i do these youtubes to help provide some basic and some a little bit more detailed than basic medical scientific information around prevention and longevity so why would hundreds of geriatricians say

We should effectively put metformin in the water once we’re age 65 and many would say even younger well that’s actually the what i would want to cover in these slides today the first one is if you’re one of those statin haters you may want to cover your eyes this is basically some life tables as we age and this is for people that are not taking statins and people

That are taking simvastatin this was i mean very typical research you wonder why i had a patient once who came in and he’d had some cardiac symptoms he was in his 60s he said i went to the er they couldn’t find anything wrong with me that the doc said you may want to take a statin i went to a cardiologist he said i can’t find anything wrong with you you may want

To take this statin he came to me and i said well i can’t find what’s wrong with you you’ve got some inflammation and you may want to take this statin he got very frustrated but there are reasons why the medical community’s recommending things like statins and metformin is certainly not something that’s non-standard it’s actually the standard for type 2 type 2

Diabetes part of the problem i think is that there’s a lot more of us with type 2 diabetes and at least insulin resistance then we recognize but let’s go back to the tame study age itself is the strongest risk factor for age-related diseases now that’s sort of like so obvious it makes you wonder what are we saying well look at these diseases heart disease cancer

Stroke emphysema pneumonia diabetes and look at these and the list goes on kidney disease alzheimer’s you name it so alzheimer’s for example goes it was a little bit longer but most of these others start cranking up in the 40s and 50s now let me just go back and make this statement hearts don’t have a shelf life of 60 60 years cancers don’t automatically disappear

Between 45 and 60 kidney disease for example doesn’t have kidneys not have a shelf life of 60 years what’s going on here well if you’re looking at me in this graph and saying well duh we’re getting older that’s the point what is it getting older that’s causing these problems well again it’s biochemical and we’ll get there in just a minute but let’s cover another

Issue you remember i mentioned near bars are not bars till i was very interested and excited about basically this was his point he wants to change a major concept out there what we do these days is we target a specific disease remember the last slide we want to target what we’re currently doing is start targeting heart disease brain disease chronic kidney disease

He’s excited about the whole idea of saying look let’s look at aging and its impact on all of our organs in other words let’s put the cardiologists the neurologists the nephrologist out of business because we move back one step prior to all of this and stop the cellular components of aging if we do that we’re at a whole new universe in terms of managing health

And disease again all the splitters out there the specialists let’s put them out of business by decreasing aging or the metabolism of aging now so i mentioned the metabolism of aging a couple of times and we’ve talked about the place that metformin plays in this area now again i know there a lot of metformin haters out there there is no drug that i’m aware of

Oh actually even i’ve spent some time as a toxicologist in industry and that can tell you err i mean too much oxygen has killed people too much water has killed people so any prescription drug has its issues metformin is not alone but it’s actually far more benign than it’s being given credit for don’t want to get into that debate here’s what i wanted to cover

Though you say well what is it that metformin ‘he’s got to do with aging well these dozens and hundreds of jerry traditions throughout the world when they win the institute of national institute of aging says well what’s causing all of this heart disease stroke cancer disa their perspective is duh it’s glucose metabolism cell respiration the ability of the cell to

Generate energy and humans have humans are different from fungi and molds they have a little bit more complicated and far more efficient and effective we breathe oxygen that’s because we use a tca cycle track our tri carb tri carbon cycle as well a tri carbon carboxylic acid cycle as well as oxidative phosphorylation the oxidative phosphorylation gives us about 30

Units or atp units of energy compared to what a fungus does which is just glycolysis this is only a portion of glycolysis that’s actually the area that’s impacted by metformin a fungus which makes wine-and-cheese only has glycolysis it only breaks down glucose we as humans take that broken down glucose the 3 and the 3 carbon we break a 6 carbon down glucose down to

3 carbons take that 3 carbon and burn it for other stuff but way back up in the very beginning where we’re doing glycolysis just like that fungus a lot of our metabolism our cell biology begins to break down as we get old the insulin receptors for example other enzymes and we’ve identified a lot of them ampk mtor mammalian target of rapamycin sirt1 you know and

You see these mentioned in things like nmm other medications that are being targeted for launch so the ability to bring sugar out of the blood into the cell this is the cell membrane by the way bring sugar out of the blood into the cell and then metabolize it do the first components of metabolism before we take it into glycolysis then that tca cycle then electron

Transport all of those begin to age as they do we start to develop plaque in our arteries we start to develop heart disease so that plaque in the arteries then leads to heart disease kidney disease dementia so again we’re going and this team study is going back and say it let’s take a look at the original insults in terms of aging and see if we can have an impact

Now why metformin it’s inexpensive bhagwan odds have been used for years so the worst thing that you can see is the mayo clinic saying lactic acidosis and the mayo clinic’s wrong there look at the cochrane studies it is there is not a significant risk for the general population for i like to casa dosis with metformin maybe the other biguanide but not that one and

Again metformin is already the number one drug being recommended by the american college of endocrinology so again i know there plenty of metformin haters out there look i’m just reporting the the facts we do use metformin we use a lot i’ll be covering some other issues around this in other videos thank you for your interest

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Longevity: TAME study funded! Metformin Trial for Anti-Aging By Ford Brewer MD MPH