June 4, 2023

In this video we are going to talk about loop diuretics mechanism of action (furosemide) animation video. This video is for all medical students and nursing students. The pharmacology of loop diuretics.

Loop diuretics group layer takes act on them thick ascending loop of henle if you see in their thick ascending loop of hindi cells they do have a sodium potassium to chloride transporter where it will takes in the sodium potassium and to chloride inside them tubules whether our blood so if you see even between these two cells they’re very cellular space you will

Get absorbed them calcium and magnesium from the tubules into our blood what happens when we give away loop diuretics it will inhibit the absorption whatever happens in there ascending thick ascending loop of henle so what happens the sodium potassium to chloride and calcium and magnesium won’t be observed from the tibul so what happens is every one of your knows

That the basic concept that if there there is a lots of salt is his excreted means definitely the water is going to excrete along with it so that is what happens so here the lots of amount of sodium potassium chloride calcium magnesium have been not absorbed by our body so what happened everything will be excreted in the urine so when this lots of amount of salts

Are excreted in our urine definitely the water will also will be excreted through our kidneys so what happens there will be less amount of water will be reabsorbed from our body so our body will have a less amount of fluids so due to this it will be very much helpful for the pyramid as patients the innovative state such as the hot filly patient the zero situation

Then if rohtak syndrome patients where the nacional de syndrome patients do have an increased amount of increased amount of urine albumin and the zero suspicion they won’t make enough amount of albumin so everything which leads to a hyper animators state so what happened during this situation if you give the loop diuretics they will the loop diuretics will excrete

Out water from our body through our urine so it is very much fool in the idiot estate patience and you have to know that if the patient is having a situation of hypercalcemia that time we can use them loop diuretics so it will helps for the excretion of the calcium in our body so for them it was a fed that is a widely used mnemonics by the doctors which is a war

Tank where there was chance for the ototoxicity has sense for the hypocalcemia had sense for the hypomagnesemia d stands for the dehydration here stands for the allergy because this is a sulphur drug which can cause an allergic state and nephritic which is intersessional ephrata say this drug can curse and them g for the goat so why gout means which is a hyper um

Exists whether this drugs the loop diuretics will it will compete with the uric acid to excrete out from our kidneys so due to that uric acid will be built up in our body and road can be cursin for the patients and even important is not included in the mnemonics which is a hypercalcemia said patients will use this drugs to its creedmoor amount of calcium in our

Through our urine so what happens due to this increase amount of calcium in our urine in our kidney tubules which will leads to a kidney stone so that you have to remember so as i said

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loop diuretics mechanism of action (furosemide) By Bosco Clinic