March 28, 2023


Hello this is tu i’m a pharmd candidate class of 2021. in this video i will talk about the medication’s name losarin one of his trait name is cozar i will be going over some patients counseling points introduction about class and indications mechanism of actions for the drugs formulation dosing and administrations adverse event and drug interactions some warnings

And monitoring parameters so let’s begin with patient’s counseling lozarn is used to treat high blood pressure it is also used to lower the risk of stroke in certain people with heart disease and this medication is also used to slow long-term kidney damage in people with type 2 diabetes who also have high blood pressure low sun is usually dosing once a day you

Can take this medication with or without food take a dose as soon as you think about it and it’s close to the time for the next one skip the misto in general lozarn is a very well tolerated medications however there are still some side effects that patients may experience while they on low starting including signs of common cold dizziness diarrhea feeling

Tired or fatigued back pain or stuffy nose if you get pregnant or plan on getting pregnant please contact your doctor immediately and stop taking this medication there are some other side effects can be serious if you experience any of these symptoms please call your doctor immediately they could be any side of high potassium level like abnormal heartbeat

Feeling weak or lightheaded any signs of kidney problems like unable to pass urine or blood and urine lusarna belongs to the class of angiotensin ii receptor blocker as known as arp these drugs can be used alone or in combination with other medications to treat and manage hypertension lolstar is also indicated for protein urea chronic kidney disease in diabetic

Patients as well as patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction losartan works by interfering with the running angiotensin’s aldosterone system it binds to the specific at1 angiotensin 2 receptor and exert some biologic effects the drug prevents angiotensin 2 from biting to its receptor as the result will block the vasoconstriction and addostrian

Secreting effects of angiotensins and eventually will decrease the blood pressure unlike the drugs from angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor as known as ace inhibitor lossarin does not affect response to bradykinin thirst is less likely to be caused a non-random angiotensin effects like dry cough or angioedema this medication is available as tablets for oral

Administration containing either 25 milligram 50 milligram or 100 milligram of glossary and potassium for most indication low sodium can be start off at 25 to 50 milligram by amount once a day for treating or managing the hypertensions maximum dose is 100 milligram a day in one to two divided doses the maximum dose for treating protein uric ckd patient and heart

Failure reduce ejection fraction is 100 milligram by amount once a day and 150 milligram by amount once a day respectively there is no dosing adjustment required for patients with renal impairment however if patient has mild to moderate hepatic impairment patient can be start off at 25 milligrams once a day for losartan there is no specific in dosing adjustment

In label for severe hepatic impairment patients however patients still advise to reduce the dose initially lolstart is a well tolerated medication in general but there are a few things that we need to watch out for some adverse events of losartan are angioedema hyperglycemia hyperkalemia increased level of triglyceride and urea dyspepsia dyspnea and increase

In serum creatinine patient is taking low certain with lithium concomitantly should be monitored for lithium toxicity low sodium should be avoided with any angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors such as lysinerabil and nalibrium since it will increase risk of hypotension and angioedema patients should also be monitored closely when they taking low surgery

With nsaid because nsaid tends to increase blood pressure and cause nephrotoxicity one of the contraindications that needs to be evaluated prior to prescribing losarin is angioedema related to previous treatment with arp if patients experience any angioedema in the past with ace inhibitor they can receive arp agents such as losern at least six weeks after ace

Inhibitor is stopped another contraindication is avoid taking low sudden with ace inhibitor or any other direct running inhibitor some precautions that we need to be pay attention to while giving patients low siren is patient has aortic mutual stenosis bilateral renal artery stenosis black patients or patients who is pregnant monitoring patients who is on low

Sign for efficacy and safety is very important some of the parameters including baseline and periodic blood pressure renal functions electrolyte lab values including serum potassium especially in patients who is atrial fibrillation or heart failure

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