January 26, 2023

In this video I talk about my experience with Losartan. I’ve been on it for 3 years for Lupus Nephritis. Please let me know your experience with the medication as well!

Hey everybody welcome back to my channel my name is tori brain today i’m going to be talking about losartan potassium it’s a blood pressure lowering medication that i have been on for about three years now wait 2019 yeah yeah three years um so i just wanted to talk to you guys about my experience with it just in case you guys are on it or you need to be on it

The reason why i am on it is because of my lupus nephritis so with kidney disease sometimes they put you on a blood pressure lowering medication just because it protects your kidneys um with me that’s kind of sticky because i already have low blood pressure so they were really nervous putting me on it just because they didn’t know how i was going to react to it

When i first got on it probably the first four days to a week were really tough i was experiencing low blood pressure symptoms um feeling faint feeling like my heart was racing feeling hot in the head like if you guys have ever experienced low blood low blood pressure it’s like your head kind of feels like hot like you’re gonna pass out or something um that was

Really tough and i also felt a little bit sick to my stomach when i first got on it i started out with 50 milligrams and after that they checked my kidney numbers and they were still not where they needed to be so they bumped me up to 100 milligrams studies show that anywhere from 50 to 100 there isn’t really that much of a difference with side effects however my

Nephrologist told me that in his lived experience usually people have a much better time handling 50 milligrams then they do 100 milligrams so when they bumped me up to 100 i experienced those same symptoms for about a week only they were a lot stronger like i had severe low blood pressure symptoms once my body adjusted though i felt so good and now like not taking

My blood pressure medication is something that i won’t do like i can go a day without my antidepressants or a day without my lupus medication or even weeks without my ben lista shot but my blood pressure medication i always make sure to take because it makes me feel so good so i’ve heard from people who actually take it for blood pressure which is awesome and you

Should and it’s one of those medications that really is a lifetime medication and they don’t mind putting you on it for a lifetime because the long-term side effects are nowhere close to the long-term effects of high blood pressure so it is pretty benign i honestly haven’t experienced any other side effects beyond that first week of just my body adjusting to the

Medication and i really love it i cannot say enough good things about it it is pretty cheap too i think you can get it for like eight dollars a month with good rx depending on where you go and the most i’ve ever gotten it for was like 15 a month so it is a pretty expensive medication if you need to get on it if you do have high blood pressure that is something

That you really need to check out um there’s a lot of things that come along with high blood pressure like headaches heart palpitations feeling like you’re going to pass out anxiety there are tons of things that if you have them for a really long period of time it can wear down your body it can wear out your kidneys it can wear out your heart so if you do have

High blood pressure or borderline high blood pressure i would definitely recommend talking to a health care provider because lizardine is such a benign medication and it makes me feel so much better so if that’s something you’re looking into talk to your doctor about it and it might be the perfect thing for you i don’t know all right well if you have any other

Questions or you have any lived experience please let us know in the comments that us us my my community my people on here there’s this show um but yeah if you guys are interested in talking about your experience or are you thinking about getting on it or you have things that your doctor said please let everybody know in the comments because it is really helpful

To read through the comments and see other people’s experiences all right well that’s all i have to say about that see ya

Transcribed from video
Losartan Potassium 100mg – Medication Review By Torie Brame